No, The Queen Of England Is Not Dead

When Queen Elisabeth dies, the news will be announced according to a particular protocol. No risk of leaking to the tabloid press. His private secretary will be informed first. He will then telephone the Prime Minister (currently Boris Johnson) and tell him the codename 'London bridge is down '.

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By Deni Porter | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) February 23, 2021

Death Of Queen Elizabeth II At 95: This Information Which Announces Her Dead Has Been Denied

An American site has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who has been suffering from Covid-19 for a few days. This information has been denied. The monarch, who will turn 96 next April, is alive. Back to this rumor that ignited Twitter.

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On the evening of this Tuesday, February 22, the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced by an American site. The media relays the information via an Instagram post still online today. “ Sources close to the palace have exclusively announced that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. She was due to attend the wedding of British Vogue editor Edward Enninful, but was found dead. More to come ,” reads the caption that accompanies a photo of the monarch.

On Twitter, questions abound and reactions multiply: “ London bridge is down ”, “ What is going on? Queen Elizabeth? “, “ Is it true for Queen Elizabeth II? ".

Death of Queen Elizabeth II? An American news site makes the painful announcement.

At a time when the health of the sovereign is at the heart of the news, an information site across the Atlantic has announced her death...

STUPOR! A few minutes ago on Instagram , the American media Hollywood Unlocked announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “Sources close to the Royal Kingdom have exclusively informed us that #QueenElizabeth has passed away. She was due to attend the wedding of British Vogue editor Edward Enninful, but was found dead.”

Information to be taken with tweezers since no British tabloid has echoed such news which would cause a real shock wave in the whole kingdom but also in the whole world.

However, for the past few days, the sovereign's health has been of concern given her advanced age and her health problems at the end of last year. On Sunday February 20, Prince Charles' mother tested positive for Covid-19 but "shows only 'mild' symptoms comparable to those of a cold" , as Buckingham Palace announced.

She was forced to cancel her scheduled video conferencing engagements as she would still be suffering from these "mild symptoms". The 95-year-old Queen "still having mild cold-like symptoms, she has decided that she will not be keeping online engagements scheduled for today, but will continue with light duties," the palace added. According to CNN, these "light duties" are consistent with her responsibilities as head of state, such as reading and responding to documents and letters she receives daily. Whether or not the monarch will attend her scheduled engagements in the coming days will be determined in due course, Buckingham Palace said.

Death of Queen Elizabeth II: the terrifying predictions of a royal expert

Queen Elizabeth II is about to celebrate her 96th birthday in April and her 70th birthday next June. But in the columns of the Mirror, a royal expert made terrifying predictions regarding the death of Her Majesty.

Triple vaccinated, Elizabeth II, who passed the milestone of 70 years of reign on February 6, will celebrate her 96th birthday next April.

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There are days that we dread living. And the death of Queen Elizabeth II is one of them. The monarch will be 96 years old on April 21, and is currently preparing for her platinum jubilee , scheduled for June 2 to 5, 2022. Because 70 years of reign is worth celebrating! But behind the scenes, there is a much sadder event that has been planned for years. Her Majesty's death. An event known by the code name “London bridge is down” , or “the London bridge has fallen”. Several scenarios have been considered, but we already know that the Prime Minister will be the first to be informed, via a secure line.

He will be responsible for announcing the sad news to Parliament, and then to the press. The flags will be lowered and a national mourning will be put in place for a period of ten days. As soon as the death of Elizabeth II is announced, Prince Charles will tour the Commonwealth , in line with his newfound role as King of England . Disturbances will be expected in the cities, and the police will be deployed to avoid terrorist threats. The question of the funeral will also arise , but we already know that Her Majesty will be buried with her late husband , Prince Philip, in Windsor.

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Experts in crowned heads deny the information. The one who will celebrate her 96th birthday on April 21 is certainly diminished, but it is precisely to preserve her health that she renounces certain official commitments.

Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II has had Covid-19 for several days. Moreover, last week it was with a cane in hand that she received in Windsor , Major General Eldon Millar... "As you can see, I can't move , ”she says while pointing to her left leg. Nothing to worry too much about when she suffers from a slight stiffness.

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70 years of reign

Despite the denied rumor, the American site persists and signs by publishing a second post announcing the establishment of London Bridge , the " precise and precise operation of the 10 days which will follow the death of Queen Elizabeth II ", we said. on .

As a reminder, London Bridge is falling down refers to a children's nursery rhyme chosen in the 1960s to designate the large-scale plan relating to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

This weekend, the Queen of England was the victim of a morbid hoax announcing her death.

She is not the first to be the victim of this kind of hoax. Yesterday, Internet users were taken by a wave of panic when they learned of the death of the Queen of England. Except that Elizabeth II is alive and well, since she attended a mass the same morning at Sandringham with Prince William and Kate Middleton . It was on the Reddit site that the rumor appeared, claiming that the queen had died on Saturday, December 5. The original post was deleted, as was the account that started it, but the information went viral and went viral very quickly. Of course, Buckingham Palace did not comment on the hoax, not having the habit of responding to this kind of rumour.


Aged 92, the Queen of England is very active, continues to honor many commitments each year, proving that she is almost immortal. But across the Channel, at each of her outings, we watch for the health of the monarch. When the day comes, it's not on Reddit that the world will learn the sad news. According to the protocol, it is first the Prime Minister who will be informed of the Queen's disappearance through the Queen's personal secretary. The Prime Minister will then have to inform all the heads of state of the Commonwealth countries, of which she is also the queen. In history, it was the BBC that announced the disappearance of the monarchs, but with the new means of communication, the announcement could be made officially on the social networks of the royal family and by press release. Twelve days of mourning will then be observed, the flags will be at half mast, and the whole country will stop working on the day of the funeral. The new king, the PRINCE CHARLES – who may choose another name to reign – will have to address the country on the evening of the disappearance. And even if he will officially become king when his mother dies, he will have to wait a few months before his coronation.

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When the monarch dies, the news will be announced according to a particular protocol. No risk of leaking to the tabloid press. His private secretary will be informed first. He will then telephone the Prime Minister (currently Boris Johnson) and tell him the codename 'London bridge is down '. The head of the government in place will then understand that the queen has just disappeared. The news will be discreetly relayed in stride to the members of the cabinet, then to the press agencies. The flags will be lowered to half-mast, before the Prime Minister and Prince Charles address the people. Prince Charles will then be king but his coronation will not take place for months.

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For now, Queen Elizabeth II is preparing for her Platinum Jubilee . Indeed, the year 2022 marks his 70 years of reign after his accession to the throne on February 6, 1952, at the age of 25.

The festivities will take place over an exceptional bridge weekend scheduled from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June 2022. They will be launched with the Queen's birthday parade, (Trooping the Colour), on 2 June.