Style Made Easy: 23 Best White T-Shirts For Women

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Style Made Easy: 23 Best White T-Shirts For Women

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By   Sophia Ava YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) March 11, 2022


Never underestimate the power of a good white t-shirt. We don't call it a daily essential for nothing.

Dressed up with a sleek skirt or dressed up with skinny jeans and flats, the women's white t-shirt is both timeless and versatile. In short, it's the OG of effortless chic . Just ask Kate Moss.

With such a simple garment, selecting the best quality is paramount. So it's worth investing in the best white t-shirt you can find.

Of course, a good market could do the trick. For a moment. Until the opacity fades, it's no longer a crisp white (admittedly, sometimes unavoidable), and it's more ill-fitting than fine-tuning. No, the best solid white t-shirt for women will stand up to wear and tear, prevent unintentional indecency, and be ready to go when you need it.

From deep Vs to slouchy boyfriend vibes and everything in between , our guide explores the best white tees on the market. Read on to find the perfect white t-shirt brand for you.

23 best white t-shirts for women

RankBrandBest for
1Cuyana T-shirtBest overall
2Brunello CucinelliBest designer
3Hanes NanoBest value
4James perseThe best long leaves
5Ninety percent rubiesBest V-neck
6Cuyana PimaBest round neck
7Rag and boneBest round neck
8Amazon EssentialsBest classic
9Ninety percentThe best equipped
10SAMPLEBest oversized
11TwentyBest cropped
12Cuyana tank topBest tank
13Cuyana silk t-shirtBest Dressed
14Isabel funnyBest tied in front
15Amazon Essentials CamisoleBest tank top
16MANGOPOPBest bodysuit
17MIHOLLThe best rolled up sleeves
18RE / DONE + HANESBest white cotton
19Nili LotanBest white linen
20James Persé VintageThe best boyfriend
21DickiesBest thick
22HanesBest budget
23Alexandre mcqueenVery expensive

Cuyana Slim Crewneck Tee: Best White T-Shirt For Women

If you're looking for a durable opaque white tee that will match virtually any outfit, the Cuyana Slim Crewneck Tee is the durable basic you need.

Crafted from super soft and durable Peruvian Pima cotton, this solid white tee features a flattering high crew neck. The fitted silhouette is chic tucked into jeans or a midi skirt, under a structured jacket or paired with culottes.

With fast fashion becoming a quick misstep, the Cuyana Slim Crewneck t-shirt promises longevity. Boasting an impressive list of certifications, it's as kind to your skin as it is to the earth (and the people who made it).

Obviously, Cuyana goes to great lengths to make sure that this white t-shirt really is as pure, clean, and innocent as it looks .

Best for: Those who have grown weary of constantly replacing their substandard white t-shirts and are on a mission to find the ultimate simple white t-shirt once and for all.


Brunello Cucinelli Jersey T-shirt: Best White T-Shirt for Women

The Brunello Cucinelli Jersey T-shirt manages to be both simple and luxurious at the same time. The soft, slightly loose stretch cotton jersey feels dreamy against the skin, while the rolled up sleeves offer just a hint of je ne sais quoi .

A tasteful fusion of relaxed glamor, the tee features the brand's signature Monili pearls that embellish the chest pocket. This thoughtful detail will give you envious glances as the tiny pearls catch the sunlight, radiate elegance while remaining completely discreet .

Crafted in Italy from 93% cotton and 7% elastane (for that luscious, stretchy feel) the fabric is crisp white and thankfully non-transparent. Rest assured, you will be an eye-catcher for all the right reasons.

In essence, the Brunello Cucinelli Jersey t-shirt achieves what all good white t-shirts set out to do: look and feel effortless.

Best for: Those who want a touch of class in their wardrobe essentials; this premium quality white t-shirt epitomizes simplicity, while providing a nod of luxury.


Hanes Nano t-shirt for women: white t-shirt with the best value for money for women

If you are looking for a classic white t-shirt that won't burn a hole in your pocket, go for the Hanes Nano t-shirt for women.

The ribbed crew neckline and cute short sleeves create a clean, versatile aesthetic. Liven it up with a funky lower half, or channel the vibes of the off-duty model with classic skinny jeans and RayBans.

Made from 100% cotton and with a slightly skin-tight fit, the Hanes Nano Women's Tee just needs a simple chain necklace or chic earrings to elevate this simple Jane tee to participant in London Fashion Week. That said, even worn alone, this t-shirt makes Jane look pretty cool.

Plus, the minimalist price tag means you're free to hoard as much as your wardrobe can fit. After all, can we really have too many white t-shirts? We don't think so.

Best for: Those looking for a stylish, flattering white t-shirt that is super budget-friendly and offers more expensive options for their money.BUY NOW

Top James Perse Slub Cotton: Best White Long Sleeve T-Shirt For Women

Inspired by West Coast life, James Perse's slub cotton top oozes laid-back SoCal style .

With its long sleeves and crew neck, this white t-shirt is a particularly good choice for the off-season. So whether you're anticipating summer or grabbing the last of the rays, this white tee has got you covered.

The 100% slub cotton is semi-sheer in a totally intentional way , and it's been specially washed and softened, so you can slip into those laid-back LA vibes the moment you put it on.

James Perse has the soft feel of a 't-shirt' with the slub cotton top, and it's easygoing: the slim design is perfect for tucking into a high-waisted skirt, or wearing loose leggings or jeans for just relax.

Best for: Those who love the ease of a clean white t-shirt, but want to extend the spirit of summer into the colder months ... So you can keep the style, but lose the goosebumps.


Ninety Percent Ruby T-Shirt: Best Women's White V-Neck T-Shirt

A good V-neck t-shirt will go well with anything . V-necks are super flattering for all body types - just slip them on and go (well, maybe put on some jeans first).

Ninety Percent's Ruby T-Shirt as philanthropic as t-shirts get : 90% of profits go to charity, and you can check which ones by taking a look at the unique code on the label. So you get to look awesome and be pretty happy with yourself too.

It's possible 90% charity , but you can be sure the fabric is 100% organic cotton : Yes, it's also good for the planet. Only try on and wear this t-shirt without feeling so shiny and righteous.

Thanks to its loose and loose fit, paired with the clean V-neckline of the Ninety Percent Ruby t-shirt, this t-shirt goes amazingly well with both casual and tailored looks.

Best for: Those who are looking for the best white v-neck style womens t-shirt that will make you look and feel gorgeous.


Cuyana Pima Scoop Neck Tee: Best White Scoop Neck T-Shirt For Women

Halfway between casual and sophisticated, the Cuyana Pima Scoop Neck Tee is a great choice for those who love the classic style.

Entirely made by a family collective in Peru, the Pima cotton t-shirt manages to be beautifully light and soft, yet resistant at the same time.

Plus, the graceful drape of the fabric and flattering scoop neck make this tee a friend of all body shapes and sizes .

The lightly styled sleeves and subtly slim silhouette are an absolute winner for those who have yet to discover the “perfect” white t-shirt: the Pima Scoop Neck Tee is quite simply the epitome of classic style .

Best for: Those looking to upgrade their wardrobe essentials, who want a classic white crew neck that feels irresistible and stylish. All without effort.BUY NOW

Rag and Bone The Tee: Best White Round Neck T-Shirt For Women

There's something so calming about slipping into a feather-light slub shirt.

The Rag and Bone tee is cut from 100% slub Pima cotton jersey, topped with a universally flattering crew neck.

Designed with a slightly loose fit, this t-shirt will cover your body in all the right places. Just slip it into mid-rise jeans with trainers for a college vibe, or spruce it up with a tailored blazer for that Monday morning get-together.

The Rag and Bone T-shirt strikes the balance between lively and relaxed . Essentially, it has the power to be whatever you need; cool and relaxed or suave and sophisticated, it is truly versatile.

Best for: Those who love a nice white crew-neck t-shirt and want to infuse a little comfort and a touch of carefree into their basic wardrobe.BUY NOW

Amazon Essentials regular fit t-shirt: best classic white t-shirt for women

Although the trends are constantly changing, you can be sure that your white t-shirt will always be a winner. They just don't go out of style.

Featuring a crew neck and a flattering straight hem that just skims the hips, the shape of the Amazon Essentials regular fit tee is as timeless as the white tee itself.

Probably the best white t-shirt Amazon has to offer, this classic t-shirt comes in a 2-pack (much to the relief of those prone to accidents).

The cotton blend gives a soft yet slightly structured finish that's perfect for layering or wearing on its own.

For those who are worried that their white t-shirts will get a bit see-through, fear not: the regular fit t-shirt is as opaque as the East Antarctic ice cap (i.e. very ).

Best for: Those looking for a classic fit (or two) opaque white t-shirt that will look effortless no matter how much time you've really spent choosing what to wear ...


Ninety Percent linen jersey t-shirt: the best-fitting white t-shirt for women

Maybe your wardrobe is already chock full of cotton t-shirts, or you prefer the fresh and airy feel of 100% linen instead. Either way, Ninety Percent's Linen Jersey T-Shirt is a splendid choice.

Being in linen, it is a bit more fitted than its cotton counterparts, which allows for a nice, shapely silhouette. The high (ish) neckline doesn't require any accessories , and it's great to slip into a pair of your favorite jeans for a preppy look.

To top off what is already a gorgeous linen t-shirt, Ninety Percent focuses on social and environmental responsibility. With every purchase, 90% (did you get that?) Goes to a charitable cause of your choosing. Read the label to find out who you can help (preferably while relaxing and feeling classy in your brand new t-shirt).

So, in addition to looking totally fashionable in your Ninety Percent Linen Jersey T-shirt, you also get the right to brag about your new philanthropy.

Best for: Those who are looking for a new white t-shirt that is a bit fitted, to add a little structure to your lounge.


SAMPEEL with short sleeves and V-neck: the best oversized white t-shirt for women

Every woman knows that the trick to feeling cool with a generous dose of daring is wearing an oversized t-shirt. Especially if he's white. Yes, there is just something intrinsic about an oversized white t-shirt that screams confidence.

So, if cool and casual is what your wardrobe is missing, SAMPEEL will come to the rescue with its short sleeve V-neck.

The loose fit of SAMPEEL's short-sleeved V-neck is perfectly oversized and certainly more boyfriend fit than loose. It's soft and light enough to pair with shorts in summer, with breathable rayon fabric that's great for sultry afternoons at the beach. Or, pull it on under a fall coat for a understated look that will keep you warm.

Best for: Those who hate going about their clothes, who crave an oversized white t-shirt that just exudes a laid back, laid back, carefree vibe.BUY NOW

Twenty Mackay t-shirt: the best short white t-shirt for women

Twenty Mackay t-shirt: the best short white t-shirt for women

Cropped t-shirts have been all the rage for years and show no signs of going anywhere. If you don't have a solid selection of cropped t-shirts in your wardrobe yet, it's high time you jumped on the bandwagon. They are incredibly versatile, and nothing more than the Mackay T-shirt from Twenty.

The shiny white ribbed t-shirt is super stretchy thanks to the small but crucial injection of spandex, the main material being viscose. It's made to fit your skin like the painted leggings Olivia Newton-John wore in Grease (and wouldn't look too shabby in those leggings, either).

The beauty of a simple, white cropped t-shirt is that it will literally go with just about anything: High waisted jeans? To verify. Under overalls? To verify. Relaxed joggers? Hell yeah.

The polo-style collar compensates for the generous belly exposure, giving the Mackay T-shirt (and yourself) a classy air that cropped tops often lack.

Best for: Those looking for a cropped white t-shirt to wear with anything that will give a sleek, defined silhouette.


Cuyana Slim Scoop Tank: The best white tank top for women

A good white tank top will live on the fine line between stylish and useful. The Cuyana Slim Scoop Tank is definitely both.

Stylish, because the U-neckline at the front and back make this white tank top a little more special than the others, and the slim fit helps to create a beautiful silhouette.

Useful, because every woman needs a white tank top. Clear and simple. Whether you're the layering queen in the colder months , or want a hassle-free option for those warm summer days, a white tank top is simply the staple of a thoughtful wardrobe .

Not to mention, the Cuyana Slim Scoop Tank is made in Peru from the softest Pima cotton that promises both durability and breathability.

Best for: Those who desire a premium white tank top with an eye-catching neckline that is incredibly lavish to wear.


Cuyana Silk Tee: Best Dressy White T-Shirt For Women

White t-shirts can be dressy too, you know. All you have to do is select the correct one. Enter: The Cuyana silk t-shirt.

Of course, cotton and soft linen are great for casual wear. But sometimes you need something with a touch of glam, whether it's for an upscale lunch or a night out.

With delicate keyhole details in the back and fluid high-low hem for an easy fit or loose wearing, this piece from the Cuyana 'elevated daily' collection is the best silk t-shirt there is.

Made from Chinese silk, the silk t-shirt is luxurious to the touch. Not to mention, with the light dancing across the fabric, it looks vaguely shimmering , and has a subtle sheen that sits safely on the sophisticated side.

Best for: Those looking for something special in their white t-shirt, who want to feel indulgent, draped in graceful Chinese silk.


Isabel Marant White Belita T-shirt: Best Women's White Tie Front T-Shirt

If anything breaks the mold of your standard white t-shirt, it's the Isabel Marant Belita t-shirt.

Featuring an eye-catching tie waist , the tee is crafted from crisp cotton. So, even if you get through the toughest days, you can be sure that it will keep its shape and that you will stay fabulous (unless your bad day results in a coffee spill…)!

In addition, the tie is fully adjustable, so you can tailor it to your personal preferences.

With the Belita, a solid structure is key. This tee takes it a step further, with its chunky shoulder pads , creating a powerful silhouette and a total #girlboss vibe.

Don't panic, the mid-weight fabric of the Isabel Marant White Belita T-shirt is not transparent at all . In fact, we would go so far as to say that this t-shirt is impenetrable, with an opacity rated 10/10.

Best for: Those looking for a versatile white t-shirt that really stands out; a t-shirt that will make you feel strong, powerful and, above all, chic.BUY NOW

Amazon Essentials Slim-fit Camisole: Best Women's White Tank Top

Behind every great woman there is a great swimsuit. A white tank top is the cornerstone of every woman's wardrobe, no matter who she is or what she does. The Amazon Essentials Slim Fit Camisole is the perfect choice if you are looking for the best white camisole to complete your wardrobe .

It's made from 95% cotton with a touch of spandex for a stretchy feel, with adjustable spaghetti straps that make it a slim layering hero .

The scoop neckline of the bright white slim fit camisole is very flattering and will slip easily into your new jeans or high waist skirt. Oh, and the best part? You get four of them in a pack, so you'll always have one on hand.

Best for: Women who love layering and those looking for a basic piece of clothing that every day a garmy day.


MANGOPOP bodysuit: Best white bodysuit for women

Bodysuits are no longer confined to the bright lights and sparkling balls of retro nightclubs. These little beacons of style and convenience have happily reintroduced themselves into our wardrobes with their recent revival.

The MANGOPOP bodysuit deserves a place in the basics of your wardrobe. The round neck, cute short sleeves, and slim fit make it ideal for layering or wearing alone with your favorite skirt, shorts or jeans. Of course, a practical snap closure also makes it super easy to put on and take off.

The MANGOPOP bodysuit is designed to be tucked in seamlessly, totally eliminating the hassle of wrinkled fabric (if you know it, you know ). So you can enjoy seamless contours all day long.

Best For: Women looking for a high quality, affordable bodysuit that you can pair with just about anything in your wardrobe, without the risk of getting lost.


MIHOLL V-neck: Best women's white t-shirt with roll-up sleeves

With rolled up sleeves and a chest pocket, the MIHOLL V-neck radiates utility chic. Slightly oversized fit, the lightweight fabric falls gracefully to the hem for a crisp feel.

For women whose style leans a bit on the bohemian side , this opaque white t-shirt is an excellent choice.

The relaxed rolled up sleeves, deep V-neck and pocket details work together well to create an easygoing, easy-to-wear and easy-to-wear look. spice up with your favorite jewelry if you like.

The wide arms of the MIHOLL V-neck allow great freedom of movement. So while clingy and fitted looks gorgeous, sometimes flowing and easy is the order of the day . No fuss, no fuss, just pure casual style .

Best for: Those looking for a well-made white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves and a casual look, for days when comfort is king.


RE / DONE + Hanes cotton jersey t-shirt: best white cotton t-shirt for women

In this collaboration, RE / DONE has teamed up with t-shirt connoisseur Hanes to create a stunning t-shirt that will slip right into the 'most loved' section of your wardrobe as if it was born. the low.

The real beauty of this tee is in its simplicity. 100% cotton jersey brings the most irresistible touch, finished with a flattering crew neck and ribbed finishes.

The slim fit is guaranteed to fit all body types and sizes, with the cropped hem that simply brushes your hips. Essentially, the RE / DONE + Hanes Cotton Jersey T-Shirt is pure quality, and you can wear it just the way you want.

Dress it up or down, making the most of the clean white to offset your summer tan . Or, just laze around the house. Just because you're home, it doesn't mean you can't look and feel beautiful.

Best for: Those who would love to own a 100% pure cotton t-shirt with a luxurious, super-soft feel, whether you stay inside or go.BUY NOW

Nili Lotan Irving Linen T-Shirt: Best White Linen T-Shirt For Women

OK OK. Nili Lotan's gorgeous linen T-shirt is maybe a little creamy from white. But, for those who adore a natural color scheme, this tee is truly delicious.

The loose 100% linen t-shirt says a lot, while saying very little. The dropped shoulders, classic crew neckline and #idc silhouette are sober in the coolest way.

The t-shirt is deliciously light, falling beautifully into a cascade of pure, natural linen.

Not only is linen revered as one of the strongest natural fibers, it is also completely breathable. This makes the Nili Lotan Irving T-Shirt a number one choice for a hot summer day, or as a key piece in a fall overlay. Plus, the light creamy shade makes a perfect duo when paired with a deep summer tan.

Best for: Ladies who love linen, love luxury, and want to infuse a little naturally into their daily dressing room.


James Perse Vintage Boy cotton jersey t-shirt: the best white boyfriend t-shirt for women

Yes you can enjoy the inherent comfort and slightly casual style of a boyfriend t-shirt, without looting your boyfriend's wash basket. Which, of course, is great news for you and your boyfriend.

So rather than "borrowing" your favorite boyfriend / brother / friends white t-shirt with perks, you can keep the peace and just buy one of James Perse's Vintage Boy cotton jersey t-shirts at the place.

A label's best-selling style, this boyfriend tee features an archetypal relaxed fit and a clean crew neckline. Plus, the combed cotton jersey makes sure it really feels like that tee your boyfriend loves (and you've had your eye on…) - comfy and nonchalant.

Best for: Those who would like to enjoy all the comforts and style of an oversized boyfriend t-shirt without a) looting your boyfriend's wardrobe or b) having a boyfriend at all. Yay.


Dickies Heavyweight T-Shirt: Best Heavyweight White T-Shirt For Women

For the best chunky white tee that will get you through the chills and chills of fall and winter, check out the Dickies Heavyweight Tee.

The 100% cotton is super thick, so it's perfect for adding an extra layer under a wool sweater or cozy puffer jacket . And it's white, so you really can't go wrong with what you pair it with.

Really, this tee packs a huge punch. Cotton, while super thick and warm, is also lightweight and breathable. So you really get the best of both worlds.

The chest pocket is a nod to utility style, while still being completely versatile and comfortable. The Dickies Heavyweight Tee is literally perfect for those days when you just want to get things done.

Best for: Those who appreciate the strength and durability of their t-shirts and want one simple thing from their white women's t-shirt: not see-through.BUY NOW

Hanes v-neck t-shirt: the best budget white t-shirt for women

White t-shirts are something that we often have to buy over and over again. Of course sometimes it's not our fault, and an erratic driver wanked your coffee, well, that wasn't good.

Sometimes we know each other well enough to know that when it comes to white t shirts we might just need more than one . In case. Hey, white is just hard to maintain.

Say hello to the Hanes V-neck t-shirt. It's incredibly affordable, but actually offers a whole bunch of cool features.

UV protection, moisture control technology and Hanes X-Temp technology are just a few of the hidden talents of this simple looking white t-shirt. It works hard to keep you cool when it's hot, and vice versa. Awesome, isn't it?

It's not all work and no play though, the V-neck is beautifully playful and flattering. Plus, it's tag-free, so you can get through your day without that all-too-familiar itchiness.

Best for: Those looking for a cheap white t-shirt that you can buy dozens (uh, hundreds?)


Alexander McQueen poplin t-shirt: the most expensive white t-shirt for women

There are the white t-shirts, then there are the white Alexander McQueen t-shirts. As you might expect, this one might turn a few more heads.

Taking the white tee to a whole new level, the famous designer's ruffled poplin tee takes simple clothing to dizzying new heights . It's feminine, it's eye-catching and guarantees plenty of comments at your next brunch.

The layered ruffles give way to a flattering asymmetric hem, and the soft cotton jersey is pleasant to the touch while having the appearance of a much more structured fabric.

Pair the Alexander McQueen Poplin Tee with stylish pants and chunky shoes for the ultimate wow factor.

Best for: Those looking for a white t-shirt that will set you apart from the crowd and make a splash (in a really good way).


Guide to buying your favorite new white t-shirt

Since the humble white is often the most worn item in a woman's wardrobe, it's certainly worth taking some time to figure out what type of t-shirt is right for you.


When it comes to white t-shirts, their simplicity leaves little room for error . It goes without saying that unsightly sweat marks are your worst enemy when trying to rock your T-shirt.

So choose a fabric that is both resistant and breathable. The best choices are unequivocally cotton or linen , and try to find a t-shirt made from 100% of one or the other.

Of course, if you prefer a bit of stretch to your tee shirt, find something that offers a bit of spandex or spandex in order to achieve that tacky effect.

Find the perfect neckline

While there are as many necklines as there are styles of t-shirts, the main contenders are usually the crew, the scoop or the v-neck.

Crew necks are very popular because they are flattering for all body types. Pear shapes in particular will benefit from a crew neck, as t-shirts in this style tend to draw the eye to the neck and shoulders, balancing out a juicy pear shape.

Round necks are fabulous for rectangular body shapes, as the plunging, rounded neck adds the illusion of curves to an angular or athletic frame.

V-necks are a funky, relaxed style that suits all body types. However, they become particularly suited to those who have an inverted triangle shape. Vertical lines will help lengthen the upper torso and create more of an hourglass figure.

Frequently Asked Questions About White T-Shirts For WomenWhich brand has the best white t-shirts?

There is a whole sea of ​​amazing t-shirt brands out there. However, Cuyana is a clear winner. Offering a myriad of fits, fabrics and necklines, Cuyana believes you should have "fewer but better" clothes. There are loads of choices, so you are sure to find your perfect white t-shirt.

What are the best white t-shirts for women?

No matter how or where you plan to wear your white t-shirt, our list provides the ultimate guide to white t-shirts for women. Check it out for boyfriend t-shirts, v-necks, classic crewnecks and shovels.

Are white t-shirts attractive?

There's a reason white t-shirts are a favorite among the high fashion world. The models, actresses and performers all dressed in a classic white t-shirt. They are super easy to style, are suitable for everyone, and are fun to play with. Plus, crisp white tends to brighten your skin tone, and plain white t-shirts are known to create a laid back style.

What are the best quality white T-shirts?

Brands like Cuyana and RE / DONE + Hanes are known for their incredible quality of white t-shirts, in addition to Isabel Marant, James Perse and Ninety Percent. You can always browse Amazon Essentials for good quality and affordable plain white t-shirts.