Best Fade Haircuts For Men : 38 DIY Styles By World Class Hair Stylists

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Best Fade Haircuts For Men : 38  DIY  Styles By World Class Hair Stylists

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Home Style Don't be afraid to fade: our guide to the best faded haircuts for men

By Sophia Ava MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) September 30,2023

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Don't be afraid to fade: our guide to the best faded haircuts for men

38 Best Fade Haircuts: Evert Fade Style for Men (2021)


Not hot on haircuts? Don't worry: we promise you'll have encountered the fade many times, even if you don't know it. This slightly daring, yet totally smart style found its way onto the heads of men all over the world after becoming popular in the 1950s. But what does a “fade” actually mean? It's simple: a fade haircut simply denotes a fade in length, creating a fade effect - sometimes on the skin, sometimes on very short hair.

Go for a high, medium, or low fade, each offering its own unique look. In essence, the lower the fade, the more coverage you have left . So while a high fade leaves you with a mop and nothing else, a low fade will taper subtly along your head, with the shortest cut just around your ears. And the medium? Naturally, it falls somewhere in between.

Generally speaking, the higher the discoloration, the more maintenance required. However, if clean cuts are high on your agenda (we get it), you'll need to commit to (very) regular trips to the hairdresser to freshen up. In fact, a fade only really is at its best for 3 or 4 days, so schedule your date/job interview/meet the parents for your fade's honeymoon period. So what is the best faded haircut for you? Without further ado, let's take a look.

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Best Fade Haircuts for Men in Order of Popularity

  1. Low Fade Buzz Cut with alignment
  2. Buzz Cut with Quick Fade
  3. Low Fall Fade with Pompadour
  4. Low taper fade with textured top
  5. Low bald fade with curly bangs
  6. Box Fade
  7. Burst Fade
  8. Discoloration of sideburns
  9. Low fade with hair design
  10. Low bald fade
  11. Bald Drop Fade
  12. Side Part Fade
  13. Bald Low Fade (Skin Fade)
  14. Short hair discoloration
  15. Buzz Cut with Line Up and Low Temple Fade
  16. Classic Tapered Haircut
  17. Comb Over Medium Fade
  18. Medium Fade with Side Parted Haircut
  19. Faded sides with faux hawk and design
  20. Fade half-bald with spiky hair
  21. Medium Faux Hawk Fade
  22. Fade Mohawk
  23. Curly Hair Bleaching
  24. Shaved sides with buzz cut
  25. Fade Undercut with a Textured Comb Over
  26. Discoloration of long hair
  27. Long Quiff High Fade
  28. slicked back hair with medium fade
  29. straight hair bleaching
  30. Medium Pump Fade
  31. Mohawk Burst Fade
  32. Cropped Medium Fade
  33. High Razor Fade with Hair Design
  34. Undercut fade with hard part and textured tips
  35. High Fade With Pompadour
  36. High Bald Fade with Comb Over Pompadour
  37. High Fade Haircut
  38. Comb Over High Fade

Low Fade Buzz Cut with alignment

Channel your inner GI Joe (honestly, it works), with a low-fade buzz cut with a line-up. This relaxed hairstyle is a great choice for the low maintenance among us, although you should refresh it every few weeks.

Buzz Cut with Quick Fade

Suave, sleek, and full of satisfying angles, the buzz cut with quick fade is worn by the likes of Zayn Malik, among others. Short all over, this fade haircut is ideal for hassle-free mornings.

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Low Fall Fade with Pompadour

A stunning union of the 50s pompadour and the emphatically 2020s low fade, the low fall fade with pompadour makes anyone a gallant gentleman. Seen on famous heads like Elvis Presley's, it's a sure winner every time.

Low taper fade with textured top

Are you hesitating to let go of your thick mop? Save those strands with the low taper fade and a textured top. Smart enough to get to the office but totally ready for Friday night, this is a cut for the man on the town.

Low bald fade with curly bangs

Blessed with curls? Don't give it a shot: instead, opt for the low bald fade with curly bangs. A lot of men would kill for a head full of curls, so show yours off with this fade with a (very rounded) edge.

Box Fade

A flowing choice for afro hair, the box fade lets your hair go wild while staying neat, tidy and tied around your neck and ears. While the traditional “box” is super angular, you're free to be as precise or laid back as you want.

Burst Fade

The burst fade: where the undercut steals the show. Yes, draw attention to your neck and shoulders with this eye-catching faded haircut, and go as messy or as smooth as you want.

Discoloration of sideburns

Burn baby burn -burn side , that is. If you're rocking burns like a boss and there's no way you'll let them go, check sideburn fading . Making sideburns somewhat miraculously, this continuous fade pairs well with a beard for a rugged vibe.

Low fade with hair design

Make your mop a work of art with low fade with a haircut. By using a “0” on the clippers, your hairstylist will etch a sleek pattern into your fade, while you keep the braids messy on top. Step aside, misguided tattoos, we're all about temporary hair art.

Low bald fade

Ever wanted to look like every English footballer? Check out the low bald fade, a tight cut developing into a longer chop on top. A suave haircut for men of all colors and creeds, try this one for size.

Bald Drop Fade

Go as high or low as you want with this short fade haircut, going from (slightly) longer on top to bald as you want towards your neck and ears. We love the freedom to play with this fade, opt for a hair fade design for extra points of quirkiness, or keep it simple.

Side Part Fade

Reminiscent of the Peaky Blinder crew, the side part fade proves that side partings didn't die with the Roaring Twenties. A fresh take on retro style, the side part fade brings that dashing asymmetrical look into the 21st century.

Bald Low Fade (Skin Fade)

Save your precious locks (hey, not everyone has one) with the bald fade or skin discoloration. A messy top descends quickly into a close shave, and you can rock it forward or sideways, depending on your mood.

Short hair discoloration

Be “that guy with the big haircut” with a short hair fade. A tight fit through the back and sides, it crescendos into a little mop to play with on top. Offering a polished look, this versatile haircut will take you from the office to the dance floor.

Buzz Cut with Line Up and Low Temple Fade

For a fade cut as neat as your school geometry workbook, opt for this nifty twist on the classic fade. Ensuring all eyes are on you (for the right reasons), this look is close-fitting, with a pronounced design curving from your temple.

Classic Tapered Haircut

Ask your barber for this chop and you might find yourself fighting the ladies (warning: not guaranteed). This beautiful cut makes the most of your existing locks, tapering in for a clean shave around your neck.

Comb Over Medium Fade

Sported by JT (don't worry, post-NSYNC) and Brad Pitt, this red carpet-worthy fade haircut is a smoking pick. Longer on top for that all-important comb, and tapered quickly to barely there hair.

Medium Fade with Side Parted Haircut

Want to rock a secondary part but avoid looking like Jack Dawson ( so 1912), the medium fade with side haircut is another Justin Timberlake special (would you believe it?!). Yes, comb through if you want or keep it tousled with this versatile fade.

Faded sides with faux hawk and design

Yes, it turns out faux hawks are cool again. Try this amalgamation of styles and you're sure to steal the show no matter where you're headed. Combining low-cut, faded sides with a sharp, bold faux hawk, the cut-out design pulls this look together.

Fade half-bald with spiky hair

For that “women want me, men want to be me” vibe, go for the medium-hot fade with spiky hair. This boyishly charming haircut is a great choice for men looking for a playboy look, perfect for getting from meetings to margaritas without further ado.

Medium Faux Hawk Fade

This subtle fade haircut is balanced out by messy braids on top, which you can twist or not twist as you wish.

Fade Mohawk

A great medium haircut, the mohawk fade is similar to the medium fade, but much more pronounced. A statement cut, this low fade cut is both striking, suave and somehow, smart .

Curly Hair Bleaching

Do you have curly hair but want a faded haircut? Blacks: get together. The curly hair fade maximizes your mane, while keeping things tidy with a shaved fade. Twist the top and spritz a suave cologne for a debonair feel.

Shaved sides with buzz cut

Tom Hardy, eat it all: Go for shaved sides with a buzz cut, and you'll let your chiseled features and smooth skin do the talking. Exuding bad-boy charm (irresistible, we assure you), this high fade lets everyone know you mean Business .

Fade Undercut with a Textured Comb Over

Ah, we love a clearance. Especially when topped with an attitude-by-the-bucketload textured comb. Naturally, this fade will need some styling in the morning, but the results are there, so it 's worth the effort.

Discoloration of long hair

What if there was a way to rock a short and long haircut simultaneously? Well, like Schroedinger's (unfortunate) feline, there is is : long hair fades. Continue to drop the braids on top or thin them out with a top knot and show off your natural figure with a fade below.

Long Quiff High Fade

Show off a high forehead with the long quiff fade, the ultimate marriage of two of our favorite styles. With an (extremely) short back and sides, this fade haircut maintains a long top that you can blow dry, style or style as you see fit.

slicked back hair with medium fade

#OMG. Love the slicked back look? Your wish is our command with slicked back hair with a medium fade, creating a clean look as a whistle and together. For a fondue cut as refined as you are, look no further.

straight hair bleaching

Equally striking on Caucasian, Black, or Asian hair types, the straight hair fade is the tux of the barber world. Almost bald around the ears and nape of the neck, there's plenty of room to play with the tufts left wild on top.

Medium Pump Fade

For smooth talk volume (plus an extra inch at your pitch), the medium pump fade is The One. Grease without the grease (assuming you don't forget to shampoo), this fade requires a quick swipe of a good styling product on top, while the fade is good to go without interference.

Mohawk Burst Fade

This cool haircut is one that lets your 'fro' sing, while still being neat and cut with the quick fade underneath. Offering a stylish alternative to the mohawk past , this bold fade is at home on afro, straight and curly mops.

Cropped Medium Fade

For those who love balance, the Cropped Medium Fade is a must. With a glamor from the longer top, combined with a smooth, short medium fade, this cut is for the man who wants it all.

High Razor Fade with Hair Design

We're all about tribal designs mixed with a high razor fade. Complete with a quasi-faux-hawk on top, you need to be warned: the design will develop quickly, so have a hair appointment handy.

Undercut fade with hard part and textured tips

If one style is guaranteed to make an impact, it's this one: With a military-style fade and gravity-defying spikes at the top, this haircut is a show-stopper. The sky-high fade fades to skin long before your ears, letting this sculpted figure really shine.

High Fade With Pompadour

Dramatic, remarkable and authoritative, the high fade with the pompadour haircut is not for the faint of heart. Nope, this voluminous cut strikes gold, putting a contemporary spin on Jazz Age chic.

High Bald Fade with Comb Over Pompadour

The contrast in this fade haircut makes it a winner in our books. A nearly bald, ultra-high fade ends abruptly at the top of your head, where slicked back (or back) locks next take center stage. Paired with a wax stroke, you can't go wrong.

High Fade Haircut

A high fade without the histrionics of a pompadour, the high fade haircut gives off a polished and polished vibe. The high fade ends with a short mop on top, which will be ready to roll as soon as you, well, roll out of bed.

Comb Over High Fade

A modern twist on the classic comb over, the comb over high fade is a style that doesn't discriminate. Young, old, short, tall, black or white, your locks will look smarter than ever when arranged this way. Keep it sharp with regular TLC and experiment with the comb over it.

The Different Types of Fade Haircuts

Low Fade Haircut

The low fade haircut was popularized during WWII and has remained welcome ever since (in the best way). This military cut has many variations, the common denominator being this: they are all lively, intelligent and suave . Low fades are easier to maintain because the transition from short to long is more gradual. So if booking a hair salon every other week sounds like a hassle, go for a low fade.

Medium Fade Haircut

A tapered cut that ends around your temples and ears, the medium fade is exactly that: a happy medium . Creating a more dramatic mood than a low fade, but less noticeable than a high fade, the medium fade is ideal if you're just getting started in the general fade life. Then, if you want to make waves, you can go for a higher fade. Or, if you miss your fluffy mop, just let it grow without an obvious "in between" period.

High Fade Haircut

High fade haircuts are the most demanding, but also the smartest. Oh, what a puzzle. Since this cut relies on a clean transition from long to short, it is crucial that the contrast is pronounced. So make a fortnightly appointment with the hairdresser to stay on top. What's more: if you're going for a more statement fade variation (there are countless of them), you'll want to schedule a three- or four-week appointment with your stylist.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Bleached Haircuts For Men What should I tell my hairstylist for a faded haircut?

Start by familiarizing yourself with the difference between low, medium, and high fades. Next, we recommend you think of a celebrity whose hair you admire and refer them to your hairstylist. This will help them understand the look you're hoping to achieve.

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What is a fade number 1?

Also known as the "1 fade", the number 1 fade features a very short back and sides (we're talking about 3mm long), which gradually lengthens higher in the head. These cute fades are striking, of course, but equally suitable for work and play.

Is the cut or fade better?

Undercuts have more impact if you have naturally long hair. The dramatic transition from almost bald to long at the top is the allure of the undercut. A fade, however, can be worn successfully regardless of your hair length.

What type of haircut is there?

There are three main types of fade haircuts: low, medium, and high fade. However, within that there are countless variations to experiment with. Check out our guide to the best fade haircuts for inspiration.

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