The Cars Used In “Need For Speed”, We All Wish We Had For Real

The game is currently developed by Criterion, the developers who brought Burnout to us back in the 90s. The game received popularity for it’s exciting missions, which involved highly illicit speed-racing in streets. The game even hit the big screens in 2014, starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.


By Deni Porter | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) December 4, 2021

NEED FOR SPEED Movie : the multi-million dollar SuperCars !

As long as you weren’t living under a rock growing up, its more than possible that if you were a gamer who enjoyed racing games; Need For Speed was probably a game you played at least once in your lifetime.

A large and popular franchise that released numerous games beginning in 1994, with it’s most recent addition released only November 2020.

The game is currently developed by Criterion, the developers who brought Burnout to us back in the 90s. The game received popularity for it’s exciting missions, which involved highly illicit speed-racing in streets. The game even hit the big screens in 2014, starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.

Top Richest Formula One Drivers Of All Time
Formula 1 is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, however, it truly is a spectacular sport that is loved by millions all over the world. For many decades, highly prolific and extremely talented drivers have been produced.

Despite all it’s commercial success however, we often find ourselves reminiscing about the cars that we drove on these games. There was no greater feeling than reaching the “boss level” and winning their car.

I still think about the Audi Le Mans Quattro that I eventually won on Need For Speed Carbon. Read through the article to take a trip down memory lane for the cars you wish you had now, for real.L’amour, le mariage et les dangers inévitables des tentationsIl ne fait aucun doute que les progrès technologiques ont rendu la communication par le biais des réseaux sociaux plus facile que jamaisAd By linkreduce See More

Car Interior

Audi Le Mans Quattro

Okay so we have a slight obsession with this car, hence it being named twice already. It was a stunning car though.

The Audi Le Mans Quattro only appears in the Carbon game of the franchise, and is an early version of the Audi R8, which was released some time after the game. Driven by the boss, Darius, it has rapid acceleration, great handling and reaches the highest speeds. It was a beauty, and with the attractive red paint job, a car we all wish we could have right now.

Mazda RX-7

The Mazda RX-7 was a rotary engine powered sports car which was actually largely successful in sales during its time. The series 6 version of the car, produced from 1992-1995, was the most successful in terms of sales, especially in countries like Germany where restrictions prevented later series of the car from being imported.

The car itself appears in over ten separate Need For Speed games, making it largely popular with fans. It’s pop culture popularity surely helped it’s real-life car sales. The car was popular to use in-game due to it’s low weight, great handling and ability to reach top speeds.

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

A track-oriented model of the fifth generation Camaro, this car was highly popular within the Need For Speed franchise. In the game titled, Need For Speed (2015) the car had the ability to go from 0-60mph in 4.03 seconds.

When upgraded, this was decreased to 2.39 seconds. A speedy car to say the least! American Muscle cars have been extremely popular in the past, and this one definitely fits the rhetoric.

Aston Martin Vulcan

A high-performance track car produced by Aston Martin, the car was released in 2015 in the United Kingdom and is still being produced to this day.

The car has a top speed of 224mph and has appeared thus far in three separate Need for Speed games. Named after the god of fire in Roman mythology, the Vulcan is somewhat a godly car to own, and was certainly a fun car to drive in the Need For Speed games.


An American car produced by SRT, the series lasted from 2012-2017, This beauty was the successor to the Dodge Viper and had a top speed of 208mph. This was helped by its lightweight feel and rear-wheel drive.

Sales of the model were actually quite poor, and in 2014 altered its name back to Dodge Viper (with a few changes) in hopes of rescuing the series.

Eventually it ceased production in 2017 after failing to check all the relevant boxes for approval by the US federal safety standard. The car appeared in many Need For Speed games however, including the popular Need For Speed: Most Wanted, 2012. The car was the fastest muscle car when accelerating and was more useful than its competitors, like the Ford Mustang Boss 302 due to its easier steering.

Koenigsegg Regera

A Swedish electric-hybrid car, only 80 units were built and it’s value is $1.9 million. The car can get from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of a whopping 255mph.

The car is a beauty and appears in three Need For Speed games. The car is famous for being the luxury alternative to other mega-cars, for having a 5L twin-turbocharged Hybrid V8 engine, three electric motors and for it’s weight; yet ability to reach high speeds. An Amazing car.

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CT7 years agoim so surprised that people really expect a movie like this to use the real cars. think about, do you guys really think a company like koenigsegg or bugatti would really give a car that they would have invested alot of money in to build, to crash for a scene that only last about a minute or so?556REPLYView 34 replies

de than

de than4 years agoBest replicas ever778REPLYView 32 replies

joe Anderson

joe Anderson7 years agothere should have been a pagani in the movie630REPLYView 28 replies


Agent_Jah8 months ago7 years ago and we still love the movie30REPLYView 3 replies


Dantheman7777 years agoI never knew they were replicas 217REPLYView 11 replies

Muhammad Kamran

Muhammad Kamran1 year agoI am Speechless. Marvellous Work of Art and Passion. Unable to make the faintest guess that they all were replicas.17REPLY

Rujimary Soto

Rujimary Soto1 year agoThere can be any reason why a Saleen should be real: 1. Saleen is made in america2. A Supercar can be a replica if rare20REPLYView 3 replies

Hashiriya Sagaru

Hashiriya Sagaru8 months agoPretty sad that the Saleen S7 only shows up in the movie, but not in any of the game series..58REPLYView 3 replies

Vash Spiegel

Vash Spiegel7 years agoAnyone complaining about not using the actual cars doesn't know about the cost of insurance on these films to do so [The Wraith had the same issue].  Probably the one of the few things done right in the film, in my opinion.9REPLYView 5 replies

BWAITigers Unknown

BWAITigers Unknown3 years agoAll of those cars are replicas? The real ones must be too expensive and rare.171REPLYView 13 replies


StevePro3 years ago (edited)Вот почему, стрекаловский начал делать реплики)12REPLYView reply


WontedwithAcomb4 months agoThe fact that petes koenigsegg caught ln fire easily and we could see the inside the koenigsegg filled with fire1REPLY

Eloy Andrade

Eloy Andrade7 years agoWhat company made the supercar replicas?64REPLYView 2 replies


derobotlab8 months agoMade sense now why the "P1"s active wing didn't deploy.7REPLYView 3 replies


GameNews7 years agonice !45REPLYView 2 replies

Matthew Atanacio

Matthew Atanacio3 years agobest replica ever ....😍 Love It😍i wish i have of 1 those😍😍😍5REPLY

Ian Dris

Ian Dris3 years agoBest replica I've ever seen18REPLY

Eryk W

Eryk W8 months agoI knew something was wrong with the cars, diffrent headlights and Stuff. Especially the agera r rear5REPLY

Arlene Hernandez

Arlene Hernandez7 years agoonly excited for the graphics and sound efffects regardless i wanna see the turn out since playing the game on both ps3 and psp2REPLY

Luke G Brown.

Luke G Brown.1 year ago“Siesto Elemento” 😂🤦‍♂️143REPLYView 8 replies

ewduard sandobal5 months agolas mejores replicas que e visto.REPLY

Arjun Sujith1 year agobest replica ever build 👍👍👍👍2REPLY


AlphaValiant8 months agoAs being a car enthusiast it still hurts that these cars were destroyed in the movie replicas or not I don't care I don't like when cars are destroyed in the moviesREPLY

Elvis Hendrix

Elvis Hendrix8 months ago“It’s called Need for Speed. We need to have real speed and real action.” But not real cars apparently.1REPLYView 5 replies

AAdastroyer GG

AAdastroyer GG8 months ago (edited)I thought they were real hypercars 😂2REPLY

Gary bielstein

Gary bielstein2 years agoI really think that these are close to the real replicase2REPLY

Josaphat Febrian || J.F_Works

Josaphat Febrian || J.F_Works1 year agothat explains a lot1. Why the Sesto Elemento has traditional windows isntead of polycarbonate slider windows2. Why the Veyron SS has intakes showing instead of being integrated to the body3. Why the P1's spoiler doesnt rise up despite being in high speedEA charges us with expensive games and DLC, but they use replicas instead of actual ones. LmaoRead moreREPLYView 2 replies

Ali Cina

Ali Cina7 years agoI swear when I saw the first trailer I said to myself how can they ford to destroy real cars like agera and it happened to be replicas so I m ok now lol 27REPLY


p7 months agoOnly true car enthusiasts noticed the cars were replicas once they saw the movieREPLYView reply

Humphrey A

Humphrey A7 years agoWhat company makes these cars?29REPLYView reply

Shakir Abdul

Shakir Abdul4 months agoThe only car that wasn't a replica was the Agera. The reason why is because they never had to use it for any crash scenes or had to damage it, but for white Agera R and red Agera R they did have to make replicas because they were damaged in the movie.REPLY

アロlla sas

アロlla sas10 months agoIf they are replicas which engine they put the same or like, if someone explains to me I would appreciate it very muchREPLYView reply

Mr 5Skippa

Mr 5Skippa8 months agoI knew that Koenigsegg was a kit car... The fitment showed it1REPLY


D4NNY1 year agoA Pagani huayra would have been nice but I’m glad to see the spano in thereREPLY

big man

big man8 months agoi want to see a need for speed movie based on nfs mw2REPLY

Amir Rahmati

Amir Rahmati11 days agoI Love Need For Speed Film. I Love Imogen Poots and Aron on that movieREPLY

xtreme 8

xtreme 88 months agowait so it was a replica sesto elemento that exploded? if it was then i can peacefully watch the movie again, hope even the mustang was replicated1REPLY

Subscribe to me if I made your day a little better

Subscribe to me if I made your day a little better8 months agoimagine thinking that you bought a real Koenigsegg till you find out its a replicaREPLY

Justice Warrior

Justice Warrior7 months agoThese guys could literally make money selling these2REPLY

Stefandi Citrajaya

Stefandi Citrajaya4 years agoi'd drive thse cars anyday without any regrets...4REPLYView reply

Delta Hazard

Delta Hazard1 year agoIf only they add BMW M3 GTR M.W version. That will become a legendary movie3REPLY


DKM7 months agoThis feels like an illegal import montage1REPLY

JD Poquiz

JD Poquiz8 months agoother people builds replicas for decades they do it in 6 months that's cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool1REPLY

Murphy Madrigal

Murphy Madrigal1 year agoimagine riding on the streets with this replica super cars1REPLYView reply

Sebastian Johansson

Sebastian Johansson8 months agoThe only bad about this is that you could clearly see that the ageras were replicas in the movieIt ruined the whole koenigsegg scenes for me1REPLY

Nermoid boy

Nermoid boy7 months agowas a great movies it was a shame that it the franchise did not produce more of sequels of this movie1REPLY

Edu Hard

Edu Hard10 months ago7 years to know that they were replicas, but i can say what a fucking replica i wanna make one now wtf2REPLY

alejandro santos

alejandro santos8 months agoI thought they actually used the real ones.1REPLY

Strike In

Strike In6 months ago(my opinion)agera R: front looks weirdveyron: nos7: very accuratesesto elemento: quite goodspanno gta: i havnent seen alot of spannos so i cant rlly say anything bout this :/P1: also pretty goodRead moreREPLY


Eduardoffx3 years agoCadê os Br fã de need for speed?1REPLYView reply

mariusz pudzian

mariusz pudzian1 year agoAll the cars look realExcept the koeniggeggs lol5REPLY

Shaun Tree

Shaun Tree1 year agoBest car movie for a whileREPLY

Sandeep Desai

Sandeep Desai1 year agoI thought they destroyed real sesto elemeno ,agera ,by a spano ,bugati veyron , saleen S7 , mc larren P1 and then found out about replicas5REPLYView reply

Hoffy C.H

Hoffy C.H7 years agoKoenigsegg Agera R <352REPLYView 5 replies

Jonas Delos Santos

Jonas Delos Santos3 months agogenious Move  Great SuccessREPLY


YeaImBad4 years agoWow never new the cars are replicas1REPLY


ThePoortographer4 years agoI want to buy one of agera replicas. lol4REPLY

Kyle Crane

Kyle Crane8 months ago (edited)This is my most favorite super carA Koenigsegg Agera RREPLY

EL Brico

EL Brico5 years agoSo all super cars was replicas?So that why the Bugatti Veyron SS design was not like the real Veyron SS.2REPLY


i.aaa0022 years agoThese replicas look bad in the movie. Especially the Koeniggseggs. There's something wrong with it that I cannot really point out. Also, they should've invested in fender liners to hide the panels from within the wheel wells. Still impressive thoREPLY

Imad S

Imad S8 months agoBut what engine's they are running? Of supra & gtr?1REPLY

vidyak shetty

vidyak shetty6 years agoI need an replica of an agera how much does it cost.please respond33REPLYView 8 replies


Unique7 years agoSomeone knows what company made those replicas ? There killing me ! --.--Could those be products of SR ? they say its a scam .REPLYView reply


AFIQ ALZAM1 year agoAll replicas aside, this dude talking looks like Neville from NFS Carbon5REPLYView reply

Mini Red

Mini Red1 year agoDonde se compra uno de esos1REPLY

Dude The Mike Offish

Dude The Mike Offish3 months agothe Saleen didn't look half bad tbhREPLY

Czear Vx

Czear Vx1 year agoThey smacked 2 mustang on the jump⚡🤣🤣😂😂REPLY


Nathaniel1 year agoWho got triggered by the windows of the sesto elemento rolled down4REPLY

Manoj P

Manoj P7 months agoMy whole life was a lie, hence proved😂😂REPLY

Jacopo #FREE-MAN# Michelini

Jacopo #FREE-MAN# Michelini3 years agoWhat’s the price of one of these replicas??4REPLYView reply

Lee Lee

Lee Lee1 year agoIf that's real supercar.. who want's to be broken?REPLY

raptor lovers official

raptor lovers official1 year agoI need one of those1REPLY

Chad Kennedy

Chad Kennedy8 months agoI want these replicasREPLY


やみつきセロリ1 year agoI want that P1 replica3REPLY

Cesar Lucho Tatad

Cesar Lucho Tatad2 months agoYour koenigsegg agera's carbon fiber hood is like a jeans garment..REPLY

Marto 🅥

Marto 🅥1 year agoThe replica ricers are so jealous2REPLY

lakmal yasantha
SVTBird 96

SVTBird 967 months agoI wonder if they take civilian orders..REPLY

Mr pro channel

Mr pro channel8 months agoThose cars are replicas aren't they1REPLY



Horris CC 2001 x 2001

Horris CC 2001 x 20014 years agoYes.that's why I feel something wrong in agera r shape in rear. I was not sure when i saw agera race in the movie.but after i watch this iam completely sure!!2REPLY

Rory Dahlsrud

Rory Dahlsrud1 year agoCheck out a norwegian movie called "Børning 2" they drove a koenigsegg agera r on snow and iceREPLY


ZEPHYR8 months agoAnyone get nfs the run vibes from this film cuz i do.REPLY

John Carlos Batusan

John Carlos Batusan9 months agoI want to buy it🥺REPLY


MW297 years agoSomeone Know the company who build the cars ?2REPLY

Ntr Htp

Ntr Htp7 years agoReplicas build by:

OH 51

OH 516 months agothat’s vynal carbon tho 😂REPLY


FinRoc8 months agoWaiting for nfs 2?!!REPLY

Humphrey A

Humphrey A7 years agoWhat company makes these cars?2REPLY

Melon Berd

Melon Berd1 year ago (edited)Nobody: Need For Speed Movie: KoEnIgSeGg2REPLY


Chaeden7 years agoSo THATS why they used replicas2REPLY

Old Skool Song Mix The Best Type Of Music

Old Skool Song Mix The Best Type Of Music1 year agoEveryone who says these replicas suck guarantee all of you given the chance would happily take one of these and drive it and after all the head turns and compliments you get on street you would be worshipping these people who make the replicas shits not easy they did an outstanding job all things considered aREPLY


Hapyxl8 months agoI thought the car was real..2REPLY

souradeep paul

souradeep paul7 months agoYou forgot the cover car of the movie the gt500 shelbyREPLY

Hanoi Menace

Hanoi Menace1 year agoProbably use LS enginesREPLY

jishnu reji

jishnu reji10 months agoWhaaat. Those cars weren't real?REPLY

Heri Isanto

Heri Isanto1 year agoBang proses pembuatan mobil yang keren di duniaREPLY


SirTurnip8 months agomy guy over here pronouncing every single one wrong3REPLYView reply

johnalbert cantada

johnalbert cantada8 months agoHey bro thats not a super car its a hyper carREPLY

Amirul Ashraf Mazlan

Amirul Ashraf Mazlan1 year agoahhh i want that agera rREPLY

Suwat Saksri

Suwat Saksri7 years agoIfo you dont want to crash multimilliondollar cars then use affordable cars that are fast like the nissan gtr its tenth the price but really fast or a BMW M3 e46 tuned up like most wanted REPLYView reply


Sir-Flex7 years agoHow can I get some, do they come in right hand drive...REPLY

Dorsalis Penile

Dorsalis Penile8 months agoYo when sequel?REPLY

Kunal Sharma

Kunal Sharma3 years agoI like it this idea2REPLY

Turb Plays

Turb Plays6 years agoHow much does it cost for a replica?1REPLYView 4 replies

M Viray

M Viray1 year agoI want oneREPLY


Zaiden8 months ago (edited)So thats the reason why the cars look different compare to original.. they were replicas...REPLY


nobody7 months agoDid they just call a Koenigsegg a super car ...REPLYView reply

Bini Capone

Bini Capone7 months agoLamborghini from Wish 😂😂😂😂😂1REPLY


BoneGiorno8 months ago (edited)They literally took the name to make the movie but not the meaning of Need For Speed or even what the fans really wantedREPLYView reply

Exotic Performance Vehicles

Exotic Performance Vehicles8 months agoFOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT FENDERLINERS IN THE WHEEL WELLS, I don’t like to see the inside of the wells, you can’t see that in the real carsREPLY


Somerandom3 years agoPeople are gonna hate me for this but I like the fake looking agrea r than the real looking one2REPLY

Rasmus Krüger

Rasmus Krüger5 years agobugatti and P1 was not in race mode. It was ovies3REPLYView reply

Ichzie aquino

Ichzie aquino1 year agoThere should be ferrari or corvetteREPLY

Syed life

Syed life6 years agobut which company made these cars. any idea ??4REPLYView reply

isa rezkian

isa rezkian1 year agoits a hypercar1REPLY


BaconBladez1 year agobut why did the koenigsegg last? well i like that car tho but why?REPLY

24 Reypaldo Pandapotan Siagian

24 Reypaldo Pandapotan Siagian7 months agoCan i have that replica?REPLY

T _sy

T _sy8 months agolmao after 7 years youtube recommedREPLY


RYAN C00P3R8 months agoI see they use the RCR Superlite Car chassis for this movie.REPLY


Sven3 years agoMega coolREPLY


MrHushCrush8 months ago (edited)Ok I just bought it in nfs heat 😂😂2REPLYView 7 replies

Nguyen Khang Pham

Nguyen Khang Pham6 months agoBugatti, lamborghini, seleen, koenigsegg, spano gta & mclaren p1REPLY

Kerry Vega

Kerry Vega7 months agoi love the sesto elementoREPLY

blue mop disaster

blue mop disaster1 year agoWe're can I get one of these replicas?REPLYView 3 replies

Old Skool Song Mix The Best Type Of Music

Old Skool Song Mix The Best Type Of Music1 year ago@TDK7  the sesto elemento is such an wesome replica how much do you think they cost yo build and out of which car i want that sesto replica from movie so bad i think i could fool tons of people i would never afmit its fake i want itREPLY


GaudelioCarlos8 months agoPeople being "surprised" by these replicas... If you ever payed attention in a real Koenigsegg Agera, whether in real life or youtube vídeos you can clearly see poor quality on those car's rear and the shitty front lights, that is pretty obvious watching the movie.REPLY

SuperCar Kingsman

SuperCar Kingsman5 years agoI could really use a replica, how much ?2REPLYView 4 replies

isa rezkian

isa rezkian1 year agosome of it are supercarsREPLY


mansterlimo1 year agoThe mustang realREPLY

Ntr Htp

Ntr Htp6 years agoDestroying Million Dollar Hypercars?On Set With Need For Speed BY Sean Klingelhoefer

ThatPenguiny Rblx

ThatPenguiny Rblx1 year ago (edited)The Agera is the bestREPLY

Autobahn Speed 99

Autobahn Speed 991 year agoKukira asli, ternyata replace :O1REPLY


Deku37 years agoI would have enjoyed the movie a little more if I didnt know this little piece of info1REPLY

Vader...You Seek Vader!

Vader...You Seek Vader!7 years agoWhat's the name of the company?4REPLYView 2 replies

Hoàng Bii

Hoàng Bii4 years agospeed 180?REPLY


ᴍᴀʀᴋᴍᴀʟʟᴀʀɪシ7 months agoso this just popped up in my home pageREPLY

jan haugen

jan haugen5 years agoi what that koenigsegg replica:)7REPLYView 4 replies


Manyx1 year agoHyper car1REPLY

Ethan Mineblox

Ethan Mineblox7 months agohumans we have science so we can build a car but hard reading and mind it to your selfREPLY

Adrian Frail

Adrian Frail1 year agoWhat’s the name of the company that made the replicas?REPLYView reply

Colonel Mael Radec

Colonel Mael Radec1 year agoWait they were replicas?REPLYView reply

Jev fot

Jev fot8 months ago😐🤯 😍1REPLY


A4iQ7 months agoMy life was a lieREPLY

Harry Cooper

Harry Cooper8 months agoWhat company makes the cars1REPLYView reply


BaconBladez1 year agoYou guys messed up the bugattiThere isn't supposed to be classic intakes on the super sport there the new ones not oldREPLYView reply


Vietnam0011 year agoI’m confused because of the Bugatti veyron is not the same in the movieREPLY


AugGust7 years agoShould have built those with movable spoilers in the "up" position. Got kinda annoyed...REPLY

Wise Gaming

Wise Gaming3 years agoLol I think its real car its only a replicaREPLY

Leo Fernandez

Leo Fernandez1 year agothe movie is better than newest NFS games lolREPLY

Chknnugget 9857

Chknnugget 98571 year agoThe Bugatti replica looked kinda cheap1REPLYView 2 replies


jasminemyfirst7 years agoCheap :)1REPLY


남김호TV8 months ago맥라렌!!!!P11REPLY

Sonny Nguyen

Sonny Nguyen1 year agoWas the white agera really crashed?REPLYView reply

suhdudhd USUSHSUS

suhdudhd USUSHSUS8 months agoAnyone here after 7 years?REPLY

Thanveer Ahmed

Thanveer Ahmed1 year agoDisappointing to know they were replicasREPLYView reply

Abi Labudo

Abi Labudo6 months agoMy life is a scam1REPLY

ZERO [6] ゼロ

ZERO [6] ゼロ8 months agoWhy dont we build ourselfREPLY

ZERO [6] ゼロ

ZERO [6] ゼロ8 months agoWhy dont we build ourselfREPLY

Mitchell Couchman

Mitchell Couchman5 years agoI was honestly really disappointed with the agera, it looks off, quite a bit, its to square on the side and the center of the bonnet looks off.1REPLY

Benjithegoat24 YT

Benjithegoat24 YT8 months agoMy life have been a lieREPLY


HENNEYMODEPAPI8 months agoOne of the worst movies ever made and was a big let downREPLY


Danyoo9 months agoMy life is a lieREPLY


epicgamer2 months agoNiceREPLY

Siren Head87

Siren Head878 months agoSaleen S7 #1REPLY

Kutay Arıcan

Kutay Arıcan5 years agoThey were terribly executed tbh. Especially the wheelsREPLY


FariTubbies7 years ago1:08 that replica looks very cheap at lease for that close -up part just use the real agera r1REPLYView reply

Maxon Dimber

Maxon Dimber8 months agoI was lied to 😭😭1REPLY


PitiedMold1 year agoLamborghini Siesto Elemento :PREPLY


zero1 year agoreally easy to spot these are replicas in the movie lmao. These are shitREPLY


stix_fn5 years agothe bugati veryon is not super sport its grant sport vittseREPLYView 2 replies


Xenomorph21661 year ago*Hypercars1REPLY

Riku Janatuinen

Riku Janatuinen10 months agoAwful replicas, they doesnt look like real at all 🤢REPLYView reply


Thenoirαngel8 months agoBut the movie is BADREPLY

Sharif Haque

Sharif Haque1 year agoThese replicas are soo bad. They look soo unevenREPLYView reply

Yane Adams

Yane Adams7 years agoExactly4REPLY


Dylan8 months agotorpedoREPLY


jasminemyfirst7 years ago"Substantial less" aka cheat and fake REPLYView reply

Mohammad Haider

Mohammad Haider7 months agoSo it was all a f*cking lie1REPLYView 2 replies


Praneeth3 years agoWait...isn't that illegal...???I mean wat about the copyrights and stuffs...??1REPLYView 3 replies


ICE STATION ZEBRA ASSOCIATES7 months agoProbably the worst movie ever.REPLY

Ainav Vallejo

Ainav Vallejo1 year agoNo les entiendo1REPLY

Radulescu Alexandru

Radulescu Alexandru1 year agoworst replicas everREPLYView reply

Shahriar Sadik

Shahriar Sadik7 months ago (edited)Are those super cars real or fake in the movieREPLYView 2 replies

Duo Maria

Duo Maria7 years agoI hate finding this out ... Shit you spoiled the movie1REPLY


jasminemyfirst7 years agoThat's so dum. Need for speeds got nothing on fast and furious. Fast and furious has really cars. Such a disappointment. 10REPLYView 8 replies

Muhammad Rafay

Muhammad Rafay1 year agoTfREPLY

Mr. Emerson

Mr. Emerson7 years agoThis is like finding out wrestling is fake... Knowing that the cars in the movie will be replicas and not the real deal, is just disappointing.5REPLYView 4 replies


Isho5 years agoBugatti has the wrong scoops on the roof and the agera r is missing a front spoiler they did a shitty job i mean use google