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Meghan is always stunning and her long dark curls are always on top.

It's hard to imagine the former Duchess of Sussex with a different hairstyle or color. Yet a few years ago it sported a different color than it is today and many ask why does meghan markle straightens her hair.

Reddish brown hair

Meghan proves every time that she looks beautiful with any hairstyle. The former Suits actress has now had the same hair color for years, but that hasn't always been the case. In 2012, Harry's wife showed up on the red carpet wearing a gorgeous blue Diane von Fursterberg dress. At the time, Meghan had brown / red hair that she had curled for the occasion.

Meghan markle

Blond curls

It's the only drastic difference we've seen in Meghan's hair. However, a fan decided to photoshop her with blonde curls. The result ? We agree ! View the image using the link below.

Meghan Markle in blonde, can you imagine?

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