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Year of TikTok: How Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Hype House Took Over The Internet. Read article here

By Erica Boldrin.

In the span of just a year and a half, 16-year-old Charli went from Connecticut high school student to a household name. After being urged to join TikTok by friends who wanted Charli to teach them trending dances in the summer of 2019, things almost immediately took off.

Her first viral video, a duet in response to a choreography challenge, was posted in July and by November Charli had already passed five million followers.

Most of us are familiar with the big names in the creator economy - David Dobrik, Charli D'Amelio etc.



♬ Who killlin them in the uk - january 3 2021.

The top 10 creators of 2020 made $7 million collectively. However, only 2% of all creators made a full-time minimum wage salary.

With micro creators/influencers becoming one of the fastest growing trends for marketers, the creator economy will see a "middle class" emerge.

Gen Y, Gen X...

You've been put on notice...

Gen Z aspires to be Youtube stars the way my generation aspired to be Hollywood stars, recording artists, and professional athletes.

The biggest difference between today and 25 years ago is the gatekeeper. It's no longer about being discovered by an agent or talent scout.

No, it's about the ability to develop a framework that allows content to go viral consistently, or, to put it another way, the ability to understand the factors that will lead to content being amplified by 'democratized' media platforms (Tik Tok, Youtube, IG, WeChat, QQ pick your poison).

Mr. Beast, Charli D'Amelio, and Addison Rae are the first in a coming parade of Gen-Z mega-influencers and copycats that have spent large part of their youth developing this 'sixth sense' for what works and what doesn't.

I'm looking forward to seeing what this generation does as they start their careers, found companies, and rally behind the political causes that are important to them.

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Who is Khaby Lame, the hilarious new star of the social network TikTok?

Star in Italy, he has more followers than Mark Zuckerberg and has become a social media icon ... without ever saying a word.

Khaby Lame, Senegalese living in Italy is the new star of TikTok.
Khaby Lame, Senegalese living in Italy is the new star of TikTok. 

At a time when everyone is giving their opinion on everything on social networks, he succeeds without saying a word. In recent weeks, it was difficult to escape one of the satirical videos of Khaby Lame, real name Khabane Lame, a young Senegalese living in Italy for 20 years. Almost anonymous TikToker among many others two months ago, his pastiches, in which they notably mock the tutorials he finds on the network, are now followed by 62.3 million people around the world. Including 700,000 new followers on the only morning it took to write this article.

His subscriptions started to skyrocket two months ago. 6 million on Monday April 12, 14 million three days later, then 23.8 million, etc., until today to be part of the worldwide Top 100 of the network dominated by the influencer Charli d'Amelio , and to be the first Italian "influencer" ... although he does not even have the nationality yet, as he himself emphasizes.

Who is the real avenger? Bro @arthurhmelo you need my help 🤣 Chi è il vero Avenger? Bro hai bisogno del mio aiuto! 🤣 #learnfromkhaby♬ original suono - Khabane blade

It was the Covid that indirectly threw this 21-year-old young man, born in Senegal but living in Chivasso in the Turin suburbs since his parents immigrated there when he was one year old, on the road to success. The health crisis has indeed caused him to lose his job in a digital equipment company: confined and idle, he threw himself headlong into TikTok during the first confinement, with a proposal both simple and extremely funny: to make a fool of himself the challenges faced by other users of the platform.

His most popular video to date is a response to a tutorial on how to cut bananas with a knife by a Tiktoker. The young man's solution is much simpler: peel it with your hands. The mere expression of his disillusioned face provokes hilarity and not only from the other side of the Alps.

Ig: @ khaby00♬ original suono - Khabane blade

Khaby Lame, silent in these videos, prefers to bet on his facial expressions and gestures close to mime. A Marceau mime mixed with Commedia Dell'arte in a way. At the end of a year, he already had a million subscribers, an already very honorable success ... before the counter literally exploded this spring, thanks to the shares.

"My goal is simply to entertain people"

“To be honest, I wasn't expecting this worldwide success at all,” the Piedmontese told Corriere della Sera. “The channel has experienced a boom and now I'm trying to keep it at that level. However, the ranking for me is just a number. Of course, I'm happy to be the first in Italy, but my goal is just to entertain people, ”commented the Senegalese.

How does he analyze his success? “Even before the explosion, the chain was doing well, reminiscent of the Tiktokeur. One million followers is a very respectable number. But then I posted a video which went even more viral and noticed that people liked my facial expression. So I continued ”he laughs.

Newsletter The list of our desiresOur favorites for fun and culture.

Always attracted by comedy, our star is now at the gates of the jet set, and appears alongside other stars of the peninsula in his small videos, as here with the model and singer Oriana Sabatini, companion of the star player of the Juventus, Paulo Dybala.

please tell me it's a joke! Thanks @orianasabatini for your help dimmi che è uno scherzo.🙏🏿😂Ringrazio @orianasabatini per aiuto 🙏🏿😂♬ original suono - Khabane blade

Or the legendary star of Italian football, Alessandro Del Piero.

Its success is such that even on another platform, it breaks records. Khaby has thus surpassed the “boss” of Facebook, Instagram's parent company, on the latter. It has 16.7 million subscribers against 7.5 million to Mark Zuckerberg, to whom he also sent a teasing message: "Boss, in just two weeks". No prank, Zuckerberg replied with the thumbs-up emoticon, "fair play".

The young man intends to capitalize on his success to make it his profession "It is my great desire, I already have several projects in mind" he advances to the daily transalpine, eager to "measure himself against other platforms like Twitch and YouTube ”. Ambition but feet firmly on the ground for those who have not forgotten their working-class neighborhood: “it's a place to which I owe everything”. But also his relatives and his parents. “They gave me an education and allowed me to cultivate myself. I also think of the friends I grew up with playing soccer in the playground. Through TikTok, it would be a dream for me to be able to help them one day. ”

#influencermarketing #tiktok #viral #video #followers



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These are the 40 biggest stars on TikTok - yeet magazine.


These are the 40 biggest stars on TikTok - yeet magazine.

Year of TikTok: How Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Hype House Took Over The Internet. Read article here By Erica Boldrin. In the span of just a year and a half,



Fashion TikTok is booming. Can it last?


Fashion TikTok is booming. Can it last?

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The internet has opened up possibilities for earning money. To you to discover them !

How to start YOUR online business172  subscribers · 3  new publications this monthHere we see together what type of business is suited to your objectives, skills and constraints.

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What are your biggest challenges in getting more subscribers and making money on TikTok?


At the beginning like you and even a lot of people I could not increase my visibility on tiktok so I learned about guides and sources that clearly pushed me to be successful on tiktok I now partner and I am paying between 1000 € and 5000 € for the partnership.

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Hamidou Bougma TikTok response

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Ray comeau

Does the US offensive on Tik Tok, WeChat and Huawei represent a threat to Chinese technologies?

In fact, it is a threat to any technology that proves popular and that the US government does not control through a US corporation, which it can access for its own purposes.

Tiktok is a simple short video platform accessible to everyone that has proven popular with segments of society and can be used in e-commerce.

WeChat is a far superior social media platform than Facebook which includes free worldwide video calling and image sharing with a plethora of mini-programs (apps) that enable a plethora of e-commerce apps. in one great app.

Huawei is China's answer to Apple and Samsung smartphones. It is also the leader in low-cost 5G equipment, and the developer of artificial intelligence technology, and a local operating system for computers and tablets, without Android or Apple.

The United States tries to hold back technological progress until its companies are able to catch up.

Despite the efforts of the United States, Chinese technology will progress anyway.

All of this done is to question the value of investing in the US market when you cannot rely on government stability in business.244  viewsShow 1  positive vote1

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Comment this content TikTok

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Walid Soualmia

How do I make money with TikTok without necessarily showing my face?

Hello, it's simple even if it takes a little time

first of all you have to know that you want to earn money directly or have traffic with tiktok

well not to show your face it's simple you need copyright free content (on YouTube use the creative how filter) these videos are reusable and editable

little + prove you also earn money thanks to that on youtube

Tim sercanet

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Comment this content TikTok response (mobile app)

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Loïc Roy

How many views do you need to make money on Tiktok?

Hello I invite you to read the answer I wrote for a similar question on Quora Response from Loïc Roy to How can I earn $ 10 per day on TikTok? hope this can help you.

Profile picture for Alexis Patel

Alexis Patel

Can you become a millionaire by posting videos on Tik Tok?

Millionaire I do not know my there are stars who win a lot, example Lea Elui Ginet

Profile picture for Hamid Sam

Hamid Sam

Law student and in search of knowledge

Why does Bill Gates want to buy TikTok?

Bill Gates hasn't had an operational role at Microsoft for many years. The CEO of Microsoft is Satya Nadella. It is he who sees with interest a possible acquisition of TikTok by Microsoft. Specifically, Microsoft could take advantage of the new cold war between China and the United States.

Profile picture for Daniel Mozah

Daniel Mozah

Why do some people post on Tik Tok and Instagram instead of YouTube?

It is surely because there is less competition for the moment!

Rosevalda Dotse

How to become a millionaire with Tik Tok?

by knowing all the trends and making lots of videos on it in order to have a lot of subscriptions and to have the chance to have lots of likes and views and then you convert your tiktok into tiktok pro and little by little your earn money you can go check my new youtube channel

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The Rational Blackson

Web entrepreneur at Agence web-marketting ( 2018 - today )

How many subscribers does it take on TikTok to make money?

And at least 10,000 to hope to live on it.

Who is Khaby Lame, the future king of TikTok with 50 million subscribers?

Profile picture for Lova Tiana

Lova Tiana

How do “Tik Tok stars” earn money from their videos on this app?I invite you to refer to this article:

Blabla Blaae

Is there anything on TikTok other than antics and other swaying teens?

Of course yes, I'm not really a fan of this application but when I go, I stay there for an hour without realizing it ...

Only, although a lot of young users want to become popular, it is easy to come across "antics" as you call it. But I think that everyone can find content that entertains them, you still have to take the trouble to look for it.

Many accounts offer different themes:

Hunting, fishing, new technologies, futuristic objects, the rich, animals, cooking, joking, dancing, singing, family… ..and much more…

I'm not trying to change your mind about the app but just give you a second opinion maybe.

I answered tit for tat so I hope I answered at least partially.51  viewsShow 1  positive vote1

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Victor livera

Is Tik tok a threat to Facebook (Instagram)?

TikTok should be taken seriously by Facebook / Instagram. This platform has attracted many people (especially young people, and the future is young people) so we can consider Tik Tok as a threat. But don't forget that Facebook has more than one trick up its sleeve

What is your opinion on Charli D'Amelio?

Charli, Dixie and Addison Rae are average girls compared to all the barbies out there on this app, however the teams chose to promote them for some strange reasons.

Tik tok is very often funny, jokes, animals, challenges, dances. However the girls use this App as a beauty contest, to get attention and followers for instagram. Any way is good to make an angelic face, to simulate an orgasm, twerking showing off your forms ...476  viewsShow 1  positive vote1

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Marie Dupont

What's the most repulsive trend you've seen on TikTok / Instagram?

I could not say which, because it "grows" every week. Instead, I focus on trends that I consider "happy". New dance techniques, restorations of abandoned houses, the beauties of nature, advice from translators and short videos showing the breathtaking work of artists and artisans, painters, designers, sculptors, cabinet makers, fashion designers.462  viewsShow 2  positive votes2

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Jean History

Is TikTok the smartest concept in social media?

Mdr it's all handicapped kids singing shit, you think it's a really good concept

Profile picture for Abraham Tiecoura

Abraham Tiecoura

Do you think Tiktok sexualizes children?

Sorry are you talking about this? Believe me, we teenagers have seen worse than that on TV. the media know it but they prefer to accuse others, before it was YouTube now it's tiktok.

So Tiktok promotes sexualization in teens?

Maybe even if I find that this is neither the goal nor the main problem I will explain to you:

The main problem is above all the mental health and harassment of young people and not the sexualization of the content when you go on tiktok everything is beautiful and colorful we can even say that everything is perfect in their lives, and that is dangerous if like me your life is completely the opposite of that but when you grow up you realize that everyone is pretending ... that's why I find the legal age to go on tiktok is 16 years and that's the mistake I made when I went to insta I felt like I had a shitty life because I didn't have a private jet, millions of followers, likes, friends or dream bodies when I was 11 in short I believe that hypersexualization is a problem but it isthe biggest problem isn't the main problem it's teen mental health.

sometimes we meet 13 or 16 year old teens performing in front of their camera it's true and yes it's a problem because they do it only for likes and subscribers (even if on quora it's the same thing but that's another matter), even if some are passionate about dance. But if you still see this kind of videos it is because you are certainly interested in teenagers dancing in front of their camera so you participate indirectly in this kind of publication by following, by sharing and when you put a Like and therefore if nobody did. beware of that I would not be answering and that's it, that's it, as well as on YouTube if you watch videos from ibraTv or Jericho you will only see bullshit in your recommended videos (I have experienced this )

So if your teenager only watches that, it means that he is interested in it; most adults don't know it, but tiktok is as varied as Quora and yes there are science, computer, literature, cooking, etc. videos on tiktok.

But the media sometimes have the habit of conveying a bad image of social networks so they show you that teenagers dancing in their rooms or in the street and not the creativity of certain young designers for the most part.

For me what sexualizes us teenagers is TV and the media are dependent on TV so they talk less about their flaws.

the music videos and the dancers showing their big buttocks in front of the camera since I was little I see hot scenes in the movies and it's not 13 year old teen videos that will impress me, even Instagram is more sensual that tiktok after all that depends on who you 'follow' and therefore what you like.

Also no human creation can be perfect and none will ever be perfect, the media have their flaws, social networks too and that's it.

it is not for tiktok or others to educate you or to educate your children but for us to do it.

Profile picture for Newt Volodina

Newt Volodina

Does the TikTok app take risks by showing a number of young underage women who are rather scantily clad?

Considering the fact that 80% of those videos get deleted after a week and then reposted, I would say they are doing their best.

Profile picture for Philippe Fabre

Philippe Fabre·June 22, 2020International Trade - Southeast Asia, China, India, Japan

Do you think Trump's rally in Tulsa was really spoiled by TikTok users?

Of course!

If "TikTok" got Trump to announce that 1 million Trump supporters were attending his rally, but only 6,200 showed up , guys, they're really good!

Or those who run Trump's campaign are really bad for being bluffed 993,800 times by people we had never heard of before ...

Trump should fire his campaign manager…. He still seemed silly to speak in front of a 2/3 empty room! Still happy that he didn't have to pay for his plane ticket himself ...1.2k  viewsShow 13  positive votesShow shares ·

Riccardo Maderna

Carole Jeannon

Will TikTok or YouTube eventually win in short video content?

Profile picture for Loïc Roy

Loïc Roy

How do you automate the growth of your TikTok subscribers?

Some buy Tiktok fans on Boutique just like me to grow their number of true subscribers almost automatically. Source: Buy Tik Tok Fans

Souaibou Hamza

What's the difference between making money on TikTok and YouTube?

hi, in fact I believe that tik tok being a recent application is topical compared to YouTube, it gets more views in such a short time but not like YouTube which takes a little longer . I puts you links below in which you can see videos explaining this better to you. the 1st link is about tik tok and the second is about YouTube the third is about the merger of tiktok and YouTube.

ok here I think it will inspire some good courage.155  views

Gaurav Chaudhary

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Sebastien doroi

How is Trump's ban on WeChat and TikTok different from China's ban on Google and Facebook?

Consider a real-life scenario One day a man and a woman arranged a date, had dinner together, and then had sex. After successful dates, they hit it off really well and came to the conclusion that they were made for each other, and a year later they were

Profile picture for Newt Volodina

Why do people just get famous on TikTok by doing a dance?

Because of the sound, their appearance, or the complexity of the dance. Or all three.

The most successful people look like (if not are) models.

Well, then there are several sides on TikTok. I'm on the gay, witchcraft, punk, Harry Potter, and political sides. So the dances, I really haven't seen them since September (creation of my account). I might be wrong then.105  views

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Romain Guest , Reunion University

Does the TikTok app dominate the music industry?

So there ... Do you know this singer?

Here is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, or Doja Cat. Rapper since 2012.

If you've watched the Birds of Prey movie , you've probably heard the song Boss B ** ch . Tadam! It's her !

On November 7, 2019, she released the song Say So, song from the album Hot Pink .

This girl is TikTok personality Haley Sharpe. A month after the release of the clip, she films herself dancing to this music. [ 1 ] The video will not exceed 100 views. HAHA, no .

The video is a hit, and the song is more and more popular, and on January 28, 2020, the music is sent to American radios. [ 2 ]

What is even more fascinating is that this is not the only case where a clip becomes popular thanks to one or more TikToks videos. So I think, TikTok has control and importance in the music industry!

Profile picture for Luna Leblanc

Luna Leblanc

How can I earn $ 10 per day on TikTok?

i dont know how people make money on tiktok but i know a site called moolineo and i use it every day. you can go see it yourself

Profile picture for Charlie Gniadzik

Charlie gniadzik

Why is Tik-Tok a resounding success when Vine, which operated on the same principle, collapsed years ago?

Bad times, bad timing, bad algorithm, the design was bad, lack of functionality ... etc. TikTok is a monster, it swallows everything, and offers you everything.

I had tested Vine at the time and I was disappointed, on the other hand TikTok is really well done, even dangerous for our mental health ahah.

An app will work if word of mouth is good. We have seen it with Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and so on.

Messenger , when they decided to split the Facebook application in two, at the beginning everyone was against it, we saw what happened. Facebook has succeeded.

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Lova Tiana

How to get 200,000 subscribers on TikTok?

Profile picture for Victor Livera

Victor livera


Are you sure you will succeed on Tik tok if you are already successful on YouTube and vice versa?

It's not sure, no. They are different platforms, which require different skills (even if they are related).

However, if you have a large community, on one platform, it will be much easier to succeed on the other because you will not be unknown to the battalion.

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Can we really shifter (dream-shifters)?

Profile picture for Anna


Why do people spend their time posting "fake hacks" on TikTok to troll everyone?

  1. To have fun. There are those who find it funny to trap people.
  2. Because they haven't checked that it works. They have an idea for hacks but don't test them before posting them, probably because they are too eager to share new content.
  3. They find a hacked video and share it without testing it, just to get likes, or because they think it's cool.
  4. Because they tested it and thought it worked but no.84  viewsShow 1  positive vote1
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Loïc Roy

How to earn your first 100th on Tik Tok?

Hello I invite you to read the response I wrote to another Tik Tok user Response from Loïc Roy to How to earn money with a live broadcast on Tik Tok (Tiktok)? there is some very good information that you can use :)

Profile picture for Abdellatif Tadili

Abdellatif Tadili

How do apps like TikTok make so much money?

simply because they bring together a large number of media and members who want to demonstrate their talent in complete freedom, hence a craze especially of young people who each fantasize to their own taste, morality the application earns money through of advertisements and other entries!

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Evan nescent

Who were the 7 highest paid TikTok Stars?

1. Addison Rae Easterling

Find out more on this link:

The 7 Best Paid TikTok Stars | Forbes

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Adrien briand

What uses the most data, watching an hour of video on Youtube or TikTok?

Since the quality of videos is generally better on youtube, YouTube videos logically use more data.

Profile picture for MO Hammouchi

MO Hammouchi


How do I make money with TikTok without necessarily showing my face?

One avenue to explore: to compile TikTok videos and publish them on YouTube.

Be aware that TikTok is booming, people are on average 52 minutes on it, which is a huge advantage, which means huge potential. That the audience compared to other social networks is very young.

1) How?

+ For example, choose videos by niche (it can be for entertainment, sport or, unusual ..)

+ Download them save them

+ Create a YouTube channel

+ compile the videos on it and publish them

The goal : to try to get a lot of views for your videos.

you should know that these channels cannot be monetized, but thanks to partnerships and sponsors (brands, companies ...) you will be able to monetize the views obtained by the videos.

You just have to see how those who are successful on YouTube with this kind of business are doing and do exactly the same.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel, just take what already works and has been proven successful and duplicate it with your personal touch.

For example TrendyTikTok with 18 million views and 2 million Subscribers.

3) The secret ?

they regularly post videos and that every time and they make the buzz or almost. this is how the channel will earn money with its views, of course depending on the genre of the videos published.

4) A tip:

As soon as you get a lot of views for your videos, you should start looking for partnerships, they are the ones who will pay off.

Go to YouTube , find and analyze real cases of monetization of TikTtok videos

If you wish to have resources on this subject specify it by email which you will find on my profile page, and I will send you the resource (it is free).67  views

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Philippe Jaran

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Sylvain Saurel

Why does Trump dislike TikTok?

Why doesn't Trump like TikTok?

Donald Trump's anger against TikTok has nothing to do with US national security.

The reason for this anger is much more trivial in reality.

In June 2020, Donald Trump organized a large rally in Tulsa as part of his campaign for the US presidential election.

Anti-Trump TikTok users have decided to start a movement for all network users to reserve a seat for this meeting. [ 1 ]

Once all the seats had been reserved, the movement explained that the objective was not to go to this meeting so that the Tulsa room would remain empty.

The goal was obviously to humiliate Donald Trump by showing that his campaign is disastrous.

Humiliated, Donald Trump decided to take revenge. Since that day, his anger against TikTok has been total. It will not let go until TikTok is totally banned in the United States or until the company is taken over by a US company.

The reason for Trump's hatred of TikTok is therefore very personal and unrelated to his love for the United States.

Tulsa meeting: Trump tackled by TikTok  Philippe Fabre

Profile picture for Liliane Legay

Liliane Legay( Graduated in 1982 )

Can you become a millionaire by posting videos on Tik Tok?

I don't know, I didn't hear it say either

Killiane Letellier

Is TikTok a social network of the future?

Hello, Personally, I do not call "future network" a social network that revolves around stupid challenges. However, maybe one day its target will change, and in which case, yes, why not.

Is TikTok a social network of the future?

Profile picture for Guillaume Ascensio

Guillaume Ascensio

YouTube Expert

Why do some people post on Tik Tok and Instagram instead of YouTube?


This is mainly because these platforms seem more receptive to advertisements than those of YouTube in terms of engagement . Consequently, their users are more attracted to them, since their ego is more "satisfied".

First of all, it's easier to post a video on Tik Tok and Instagram. Second, videos generally reach their intended audience more easily. This is due to the popularity of Instagram's hashtags , for example, which accompany them.

These are propelled forward for a certain period of time, which makes them gain a lot of visibility. However, what users of these platforms - and others for that matter - often ignore is that social media posts are ephemeral .

Admittedly, they will be a big success at the time, but will very quickly fall into oblivion, drowned by new videos appearing in the news feed of subscribers. YouTube works differently. You have to think of Google's media as a gigantic library, in which your videos can be found at any time . The key is that they are well referenced and suggested.

On social networks, although a publication can be found, it remains a very complex operation, because their mode of operation does not work on archiving , but on snack content, in the end. In short, the content production strategy is different, depending on whether you want to create a presence on YouTube or on a social network. However, these can be used together.73  views

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Amaury De Valicourt

Location: Reunion Island ( 2016 - today )

Why is Microsoft trying to buy TikTok?

Infact Trump for fear that the Chinese government will use tiktok to spy on Americans Ducoup he had mentioned a "ban" of tiktok, unless an American company buys tiktok (only partially). Microsoft is a little "forced" to buy tiktok ducoup .

Profile picture for Yasmine Souleymane

Yasmine Souleymane

Who has the most subscribers on TikTok in France?

The first is Léa Elui with 12.1 million subscribers 💕

Profile picture for Azzdine Manar

Azzdine Manar

How do “Tik Tok stars” earn money from their videos on this app?

Romain Buffet

Is there anything on TikTok other than antics and other swaying teens?Frankly I haven't found it yet.

Profile picture for Ashwin Fit

Ashwin fit

How to gain 1000 subscribers on TikTok?

Profile picture for Pat Meta

Pat meta

What is your opinion on Charli D'Amelio?

Here is a good subject! (choose your icon at the end of my sentence :)

  • I will be direct, but social networks are just another medium for revealing people's talent. By this point I mean it is in no way a guarantee.
  • Human life is constantly rife with these "comets" which appear on the web, do "something" and disappear for a crucial lack of… real talent, but also and above all of work, vision, discipline. I add here surely of realization that the famous easy success is the most beautiful lie in the universe. Long-term success is an everyday job, a shoemaker's job stuck to the skin.

Some examples: Norman (makes videos), precursor of Youtubers, still there, a real talent. Went through the scene. Ludovik, Mister V, are people of whole and unique talent. Hard workers as few imagine it.

Kamini, a tube of Youtuber, now a real presence for many years in the French heritage.

The singer Jennifer from these TV-realities (the name escapes me), has made a real career. Where have the others gone?

Let's gently apply this natural filter of life to this young girl… .in both directions. After all, the spectator wants someone who touches them. On the long term. Artists are life companions. We don't like superficial people. In front of or behind the screen.

Ah what wouldn't we do for a minute of fame. An hour, a year, a career, it's reserved for a unique class of people: it is what we call an artist, all fields combined.

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Florian Richard

What should you be wary of on social networks?

Here are the 3 things to watch out for on social media.


1 - Information.

Umberto Eco, an Italian writer, said that:

"My social networks gave the right to speak to legions of fools who, before, only spoke at the bar, after a glass of wine and did not cause any harm to the community.

They were immediately silenced, whereas today they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner.

It's the invasion of fools. "

Everyone can give their opinion. So beware of what you read.


2 - People's lives.

People only post the best part of their life on social media.

So beware.

Because you might think your life sucks… when it's perfectly normal.


3 - The news feed.

The news feed is designed so that you stay on it as long as possible, in particular thanks to the "pull to refresh".

Loren Brichter, its inventor, today feels regret seeing its consequences.

Indeed, you waste a monster time, in addition to losing your attention span.


Now, these aren't the only social media issues. If you want to discover them, I shot a video that shows you the 5 advantages of leaving these networks. There she is :

- Flo from space

Pascal Koch

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Jessy machado

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:How many followers on TikTok does it take to make a living from it?

How many followers do you need on TikTok to make a living?

Once you are above 250,000 followers, you could earn a reasonable income from it if your followers are of course engaged and not abandoned. The most important statistic to check is the number of views you get from each post. This is what brands really care about.

At around 10,000 views, you can attract smaller brands and maybe find an offer of $ 100 to $ 500 for their brand display. Once you consistently get in the 50k-100k view range per post, that's when you plan to make a living from it. At that point, you could get brands paying you $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 for just one or two posts, which would allow you to make a living off the platform if you can get just 2 to 4 brands per. months to pay you. Note, be sure to include a business email on your Tik Tok profile or businesses will not be able to reach you. Long story short, I would say 250,000 followers is the magic number as long as you spend a lot of hours communicating with brands and reaching out to those you want to work with. You could also get a social media agent who will do the hard work for you once you start seeing more businesses and have enough businesses to join them. Talking to potential sponsors is a lot of work for bigger deals and having someone else to talk to is worth your time. You should focus on growing your audience rather than negotiating branded deals all day. You could also get a social media agent who will do the hard work for you once you start seeing more businesses and have enough businesses to join them. Talking to potential sponsors is a lot of work for bigger deals and having someone else to talk to is worth your time. You should focus on growing your audience rather than negotiating branded deals all day. You could also get a social media agent who will do the hard work for you once you start seeing more businesses and have enough businesses to join them. Talking to potential sponsors is a lot of work for bigger deals and having someone else to talk to is worth your time. You should focus on growing your audience rather than negotiating branded deals all day.  from Normand Lemieux

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Philippe Fabre

International Trade - Southeast Asia, China, India, Japan

Did Trump offer TikTok to Microsoft?

Isn't Trump's desire to ban TikTok in the United States a "scheme" to favor the Microsoft company?

The most important thing for Trump is above all to do away with the application that his relatives accuse of having scuttled his first (and probably last) campaign rally. His preference would rather go towards an outright ban on connection on the territory of the United States. Not necessarily easy to organize without generating endless trials ...

As the application is also Chinese, this falls right in its all-out fight against China.

So when Microsoft says it is interested in taking over TikTok, it does not like it, a priori. Because these damned Chinese will make money by selling the application!

Then he declares himself favorable, but giving only 5 weeks to close the deal, which will ensure that there will not be a second buyer to outbid, and that the Chinese will be in a weak negotiating position. So cheap sales… As he always likes to add a layer of it, he also requires a high commission to be paid to the Public Treasury. And there, his lawyers will have to row hard to find a legal solution to meet this rather incongruous requirement. Without causing a lawsuit.

So if it should benefit Microsoft, whatever… If it had been another, it would have been the same. Anyway, there will surely be a distribution of small red envelopes, as is done in China!

Edit August 20: A first indirect victim could well be Apple … Trump forbids any American supplier of portable to offer Tiktok, WeChat, WeiBo and other Chinese applications. Apple sells 20% of its laptops in China . Without these applications, he risks selling a lot less!

Either way, an American company is going to drink it, even if it's not Apple. China cannot fail to let this go without reacting .

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Sylvie Webmarketing

Is TikTok dangerous for our children?

I wanted to test to see ...
There are very young children.
I think this app is dangerous for young children like all social networks.
But it can also be a way to give free rein to one's creation.
Parents just need to educate their children about the potential dangers104  views

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Jose Henrique Lourenco

Can I post videos longer than a minute on TikTok?

for the moment not because it is part of a charter o

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Harold Specosse

Should my daughter get the "TikTok" app to post dances and try to get "famous"?

Oulalalalala NO NO NO NO AND NO especially not, I have to tell you that a pedophiles network is also present on the application, I do not wish to steal the work of others | The King of the Rats made a video on the subject it is called: The hidden face of Tik Tok , take a look and then form your own opinion, the excesses and the problems of Tik Tok… Then accept or no but personally I would refuse;)

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Normand Lemieux

Digital Marketing Specialist

What's the difference between making money on TikTok and YouTube?

There are two great models for acting as an agent on Youtube and Tiktok .

The primary model reports directly to the platform you are using.

  • On YouTube , this is the portion of ad revenue that Google gives to you after presenting an ad to your audience.
  • On TikTok , this is the portion of freebies TikTok gives you after a subscriber gives you a freebie during a live video.

In the primary model, the difference between making money on YouTube and on TikTok is fundamental. On TikTok, you need to be present during a live video to make money. On YouTube, the ad revenue from the videos you download earns you money without your intervention.

The secondary model does not fall under the platform as such. This could be sponsorship, income from an online store that you promote on your platforms, invitations to conferences, etc.

In the secondary model, whether you are on YouTube or TikTok , the way to make money is very similar. You provide content to your audience, you increase your brand awareness and then you monetize that brand awareness in one way or another.


The way to make money on TikTok is a lot more like how to make money on Twitch than it is on YouTube .

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Omar Ouazzani Touhami

Is Tiktok only for kids?

It is used by children and teenagers but if you are parents I advise you not to let them use it it shrivels the brain

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What do you think of TikTok?

I stopped at Kesha's music. For the rest, I never installed it 🥰 maybe I will install it if ever it becomes constructive.

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Andre Robastu

Can you be addicted to TikTok?Addict? No! I happen to watch, it's fun and fresh, good kid.

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Lova Tiana

Will Instagram be able to compete with TikTok with the Reels function?

We need a little while to see this, Instagram Reels - when Instagram takes inspiration from Tik Tok

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Loïc Roy

What does the ban of TikTok from the United States mean for ByteDance?

This means that the company ByteDance will have fewer users from the USA or even more at all and especially no American company will buy advertising from Tiktok to promote their products to American Tiktokers. So a significant loss in turnover for ByteDance.

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Abdellatif El Farissi

Do apps like Tik Tok affect children's attention development?

All apps have negative facts about children; children should not touch a smartphone before the age of 16

Kame Kikhlef

Do you think Tiktok sexualizes children?

yes children are fragile

John Chassin

United States of America

Why wasn't TikTok banned when Trump said it would?

First, what are the financial interests that hold the shares of Tim Tok?

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Antonio bones

What would Einstein think of TikTok?"We will have the destiny, which we will have deserved"

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Loïc Roy

Is TikTok a tool for global domination?

I don't think Tik Tok is a tool for world domination but it is true that if the application is not very appreciated by the American government it is certainly not without reason. Source: Why is Tiktok going to be phased out in the USA?