Fashion TikTok is booming. Can it last?

TikTok has spent the year recruiting fashion influencers and luxury brands to its platform, becoming a home for educational fashion hacks and inclusive inspiration. When fashion shows moved online this summer, brands like Dior used the video app to post clips to its 800 million users. But just as TikTok was becoming a competitive force to Instagram, a potential ban in the US has threatened to disrupt its momentum as a home for fashion content, Lucy Maguire and the Annachiara Biondi investigate.  

Meanwhile, TikTok influencers are making deals off the app even as its future is uncertain. Addison Rae is the latest star to launch a beauty line, which she co-created with an incubator. With massive Gen Z audiences, Rae, fellow TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and others pose another potential shakeup to beauty.

Fashion is at risk of moving on from digital shows too quickly, reports innovation editor Maghan McDowell. An all-digital event in Helsinki has offered lessons to the rest of the industry on how to partner with tech, and adapt tech’s mindset, to take digital fashion shows to the next level.