Each chronicle is a story in itself, richly illustrated with dozens of archival documents.

Although the museum is currently closed due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, we are confident that, after reading this post, you will want to immerse yourself in the world of Yves Saint Laurent bags , beauty , perfumes, make up, and discover sometimes unrecognized aspects of his life or his work. New columns are regularly posted so make sure to visit often.

Betty Catroux, Singular Feminine

In 1967, Yves Saint Laurent met Betty Catroux. Love at first sight, they will become inseparable.

The Mondrian revolution

On August 6, 1965, Yves Saint Laurent presented an autumn-winter collection that would revolutionize the fashion world.

Yves Saint Laurent In Japan

In the early 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé discovered Japan, a country they both particularly appreciated.

Childhood and youth of Yves Saint Laurent.

Discover the first years of Yves Saint Laurent's life, from 1936 to 1954.

The Dior Years

Discover the first steps of Yves Saint Laurent within the prestigious Christian Dior fashion house.

Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre Bergé, a Moroccan passion

In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé discovered Morocco, which became their land of choice.

The Parisian couturier may have passed away in 2008, his memory is in everyone's mind.

His brand led by Hedi Slimane made the event at Fashion Weeks, his biography inspired two films (Yves Saint Laurent, by Jalil Lespert and Saint Laurent, by Bertrand Bonello) and his creations and fragrances continued to sell.

And we can count on Pierre Bergé to maintain the YSL myth!

Yves Saint Laurent in 1987.
Yves Saint Laurent in 1987.
reuters [Saga 2/10] The day ... Yves Saint Laurent shows off his first tuxedo
Yves Saint Laurent's tuxedo was first presented in 1966, before becoming a classic in the feminine wardrobe.

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Fabrics at the heart of Yves Saint Laurent's work
Until March 8, 2020, the Musée des Tissus de Lyon unveils the original know-how of Yves Saint Laurent through his collaborations with Lyon fabric houses.

Auction: Deneuve, his life in Saint Laurent The actress, a friend of the couturier, will disperse her wardrobe at Christie's Paris on January 24, during haute couture week.

Fashion in all its forms
The Dior show in Chantilly, a book on Yves Saint Laurent, an exhibition on the masters of the unisex wardrobe ... Selection.

Yves Saint Laurent, agent provocateur Opium, one of Yves Saint Laurent's legendary perfumes, is celebrating its fortieth birthday these days, without a wrinkle. Just a little nostalgia.

The Yves Saint Laurent museum opens its doors in Paris
With an open day this Sunday, October 1 and the official opening on October 3, the public can now soak up the spirit of the YSL house where the couturier has designed his iconic models.

The first Yves Saint Laurent museum opens its doors
It was the project of Pierre Bergé, who died before it was completed. The first museum dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent was inaugurated Thursday in Paris.

Between Pierre Bergé and the journalists, it was "I love you, me neither"The big press boss died this Friday, at the age of 86. A look back at the life of a man who sometimes publicly commented on the work of Le Monde journalists.

Pierre Bergé, architect of the Saint Laurent myth Pierre Bergé passed away on September 8. Companion and partner of Yves Saint Laurent, he worked all his life to establish the legend of the couturier. Memories in pictures.

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Souvenir photos of Davé, the Chinese canteen of the stars in Paris
Discreet among the discreet, this Chinese restaurant nevertheless enjoys an international reputation: behind its soulless facade, this table is the most mundane in Paris.

Its owner, Davé, has taken down and commented exclusively on the pictures of the celebrities that line its walls.

The most influential rappers in the fashion world If the dress style has always had a predominant place in the world of hip-hop, fashion took some time to appropriate the codes of this musical universe.

In 2017, the collections of the big houses were inspired by street codes and rappers like Kanye West, A $ ap Rocky and Pharrell Williams have a major place in the community.

From Yves Saint Laurent to Raf Simons: the prodigal sons of Dior
After the death of its founder in 1957, six designers succeeded one another in the house on avenue Montaigne, in Paris.

We know Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano, less Marc Bohan or Gianfranco Ferré. Diving into a heritage.

Yves Saint Laurent's "degrading" campaign posters have been withdrawn

This Friday, the Advertising Authority announced that the Parisian fashion house had withdrawn the two photos displayed in the streets of Paris, deemed degrading to the image of women. 200 complaints were filed.

Yves Saint Laurent ad deemed "degrading" for women
An advertisement for the French luxury brand is accused of being "degrading" and "humiliating" for women. About 40 complaints have been filed with the professional advertising regulatory authority since Friday.

Who is Tom Pecheux, new director of beauty at Yves Saint Laurent?
The famous make-up artist Tom Pecheux joins the Yves Saint Laurent house as international director of beauty.

A news that he announced on his Instagram account. Back on his journey.

The vulgar and the fashion, a love story celebrated in London
We hunt it down or praise it, but isn't bad taste intrinsically linked to the history of fashion? Response in London with a new exhibition called The Vulgar, Fashion Redefined at the prestigious Barbican Center.
Hedi Slimane-Saint Laurent: four years of success

From March 2012 to April 2016, Hedi Slimane ensured the success of the Saint Laurent house.

Appreciated by Pierre Bergé, the man who revolutionized men's fashion at DiorHomme has made radical changes within the French house. These latter