How Photography Became Art: An Evolving History

By Rupsa Debnath YEET MAGAZINE Posted at 0200 GMT (1000 HKT) on June 16, 2021 Photography has been throughout for over 150 years, and it is only growing in popularity. With the rise of digital photography, we can see photographs from all over the world ...

How Photography Became Art: An Evolving History

By Rupsa Debnath  | YEET MAGAZINE  Updated 0200 GMT (1000 HKT) July 20, 2021

In 1839, the world saw its first photograph. A French man named Louis Daguerre was experimenting with a new way to capture images on metal plates when he developed what we now know as "the daguerreotype."

His discovery had no practical use at the time, but it did have an aesthetic appeal that made people question whether photography could be considered art. The debate over this topic has continued ever since and continues today.

The history of photography is fascinating, and if you're looking for a new hobby or career path, it may be worth exploring. Photography has gone from living the preserve of professionals with expensive equipment to something that anyone can do at home on their phone - but in both cases, the art form continues to evolve.

Capturing the Light of the Nile, Egypt's First Photograhs

The earliest photographs were captured in 1839 and developed four years later. Daguerreotypes, a type of early photograph popular for decades, give the images on them an almost mirrorlike quality.

One argument is that photography became art because it captures its subject better than any other form of representation can. Photography has also been imitated by artists who have used the medium to create their sculptural works out of various materials such as paper or wax.

Photography Became Contemporary Art: Inside an Artistic Revolution from Pop to the Digital Age: Grundberg

Influential photographers:

Henri Cartier Bresson Credit: Getty Images/CBS Photo Archive

Henri Cartier Bresson - The French photographer did not capture his subjects with a camera but instead caught people unawares. At the same time, they interacted naturally with one another when nobody was looking, making it seem as if the camera cannot see.

Joan Didion on Women, Photography and Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe - Considered one of America's best photographers, Robert Mapplethorpe was known for his elegant images that depicted explicit scenes from a gay subculture he saw in New York City and San Francisco during the 1970s-1980s.

Walker Evans - Influential photographer who focused on social issues such as poverty and racism; Walker Evan's photographs were highly praised by critics because they captured life with honest realism without being overly sentimental or moralizing.

A debate over whether photography could be considered art has continued ever since and continues today. The precise moment when photography became accepted by artists is not clear.

Still, several milestones in history helped move towards making it acceptable for artistic expression: In 1890, Alfred Stieglitz exhibited photographs by Edward Steichen of dancer Loie Fuller at his gallery 291; in 1909, the term "art photography" was coined by Alfred Stieglitz; in 1936, Edward Weston published an article entitled "The New Vision," which emphasized a photographer's ability to create unique compositions and highlight form, rather than record what is observed.

It took until the late 1800s for photography to be considered art - around when artists were first able to alter their images or combine them with painting techniques.

Around this time, photographers like Julia Margaret Cameron began using long exposure times on glass plates to capture dreamy night scenes that would have been too blurry if taken at shorter exposures; they also used large cameras and other devices such as mirrors and prisms to distort reality even more.

International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum - Edward Steichen | International Photography Hall of Fame

Edward Steichen was among those who popularized these innovative photographic methods, which became known as Pictorialism.

A Robert Rauschenberg could sell for $50 million in May—300,000 times what the seller paid for it.

In 1955, Robert Rauschenberg finished his first major work of art, including photographs: Canyon with Clouds. Today photographers are often recognized as artists due to their creative use of composition and subject matter.

What is the distinction between art and photography?

Art is the application of skill, creativity, and expression to visuals or media. Photography can be considered art if it has been altered with techniques such as long exposure times on glass plates, large cameras; mirrors; and prisms that distort reality.

When photographs are not manipulated, they can still have an artistic feel by way of composition or subject matter - for example, and a portrait may look very different depending on whether the person was lit from behind (creating sharp shadows) or if they were photographed at sunset when there is increased contrast between light and dark areas.

Photography began evolving into being accepted as art around the 1890s. Some photographers created images using special devices like larger lenses, which made their work stand out more than what came before them.

Why do people think that photography is not a true art form?

Many people argue that photography is not a true art form because it does not require the same skill and talent as painting or drawing. They suggest that what makes an artist isn't just his ability to produce aesthetically pleasing images and how he uses those creations to convey thoughts and feelings in new ways.

Times LIVE Biography 'Warhol: A Life As Art' separates man from myth - or does it?

For example, Andy Warhol's paintings are often described as being "corny" or unoriginal - yet they still attract attention from many different audiences due to their unique messages about society. Photography cannot do this independently; without words or symbols accompanying an image, there can be no interpretation apart from the photographer's intent when taking it - which may have been anything other than commentary on society.

In contrast, painters and drafters can use composition, colour choices, or other artistic decisions to create a specific mood.

Famous photographers in history who created aesthetic pictures:

- Alfred Stieglitz

- Julia Margaret Cameron

- Edward Steichen

- Robert Rauschenberg

What photographic techniques did these famous photographers use?

Alfred Stieglitz used pictorialism. Julia Margaret Cameron and Edward Steichen used long exposure times on glass plates to create dreamy night scenes that would have been too blurry if taken at shorter exposures, as well as large cameras or other devices like mirrors and prisms distort reality even more. Robert Rauschenberg finished his first major work of art that included photographs: Canyon with Clouds. This technique was also employed by Andy Warhol when he created paintings using paint alongside photographed images such as Marilyn Monroe's skirt blowing up in the wind.

Today, photographers are often recognized as artists due to their creative use of composition and subject matter in addition to these techniques - for example, using a long exposure can create beautiful shots at night or with waterfalls, which people may not have noticed otherwise if they were looking out through glass windows.

Famous photographs which were considered valuable:

- The Pond, by Edward Steichen

What made the photos valuable?

The pond was a simple shot of an empty iced-over lake with a few small trees at the edge. Yet, it was valued for its beauty and composition - this is because photographs use light in different ways to create aesthetically pleasing images that are unlike paintings or drawings, which always have flat colours unless they're mixed on purpose.

What makes one photograph more expensive than another is not necessarily how famous the photographer is nor whether he used any special techniques, but rather what kind of mood or message his work speaks to people who see them.

Photography has been throughout for over 150 years, and it is only growing in popularity. With the rise of digital photography, we can see photographs from all over the world on our screens every day with just a click of a button. This art form will continue to grow as time goes by because people never stop taking pictures or looking at them!

The evolution of photography has been a long and complex process. Along the way, we've seen how this art form has impacted society in ways that may not have been anticipated. As a result, photography is now more than just an industry or art form; it's become a means to define our world for future generations to come.

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