Artificial Intelligence: An Aid Or A Substitute Of Homo Sapiens

Artificial Intelligence transforms the science and technology for the betterment of Humans at large. As time passes, technology and innovation reshaped their functions as per the permutation in the human sphere. By Supreet Kaur Gujral | YEET MAGAZINE | Published 0456 GMT (1256 HKT) July 3, 2021

Artificial Intelligence: An Aid Or A Substitute Of Homo Sapiens


By Supreet Kaur Gujral | YEET MAGAZINE  Updated 0200 GMT (1000 HKT) July 20, 2021

What will be the future with AI in its complete form?

Artificial Intelligence transforms the science and technology for the betterment of Humans at large.  As time passes, technology and innovation reshaped their functions as per the permutation in the human sphere. Amidst all this, the experts shelled out the genesis of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Processed by machines, especially with the aid of computer systems, AI is the simulation of human intelligence.

Emerging technologies such as big data, robotics, and IoT are its main drivers.

They can accomplish tasks which were done and performed by humans alone such as intellectual task inclusive of problem-solving, decision making, and understanding human communication. New and lucrative jobs in the field of AI AI has a huge impact on the future of every industry as well as on humans too. This marvel makes computer systems think and act like humans. In brief, it eases the unnecessary workload on humans. But, trepidation emanates among its critiques that it will take over many jobs.

New,  high-paying job opportunities

On the other hand, it will create new job opportunities too. According to the sources, there are innumerable jobs in the realm of Artificial Intelligence that will pay at least USD 95000.  Predict environmental issues and calamities It was expected that AI will solve the plethora of issues such as climate change and natural calamity prediction. Moreover, it will enable the masses to utilize their creativity for verification, security, validity, and control.

With zero downtime, it will be operated at a stretch without any interruption.

With the aid of intelligent algorithms, AI enables the software to learn spontaneously from features in data. Fear of substituting the workforce Though Artificial Intelligence is seen as a path of progression, on the other hand, it generates an apprehension among the masses that it would destroy the human race. Various vocations are expected to be disappeared in the coming decades. This is why it is estimated that it will lead to unemployment for some professionals. Prediction by Elon Musk Further, it is exaggerated more than necessary.

Though it was created to multi-task and depreciates the burden, it is not fully developed yet. Recently, a statement was making its rounds that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, predicted about self-driving cars could drive anywhere before 2020. At present, it is not accomplished yet. People were confident about it. It will take more time than expected.

Role of Agrobots in agriculture and farming The way Artificial Intelligence enables the execution of complex tasks without its significant cost outlays cannot be ignored.

Robots are reshaping agriculture like never before. With the help of practical approaches, smart farming machinery is doing its wonders such as Agrobot. It will revolutionalize this sector for good.

Faster computer chips by the Google To confabulate about its working and output, recently the Google claims that it has developed AI software that can design computer chips faster than humans can.

It eventually drives down the time taken to perform a task. It is intended to be used to create more sophisticated AI systems. It defeats humans who take months for a similar task to be undertaken by AI. According to Google’s engineers, the breakthrough could have “major implications” for the semiconductor sector.

Xenobots: First living robots from stem cells Another step initiated in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Xenobots, first living robots created from stem cells. In this, the researchers scraped living stem cells from frog embryos and left them to incubate.

Then, the cells were cut and reshaped into specific "body forms" designed by a supercomputer -- forms "never seen in nature," They created a new class of artifacts that does not resemble a traditional robot.

According to the researchers, Xenobots could be used to clean up radioactive waste, collect micro plastics in the oceans, carry medicine inside human bodies, or even travel into our arteries to scrape out plaque. They assert that the xenobots can survive in aqueous environments without additional nutrients for days or weeks -- making them suitable for internal drug delivery.

In addition, xenobots could also help researchers to learn more about cell biology -- opening the doors to future advancement in human health and longevity.

Hence, this mechanism will help the researchers and the scientist with their case studies and inventions.

TextStyleBrush by Facebook to edit and replace text in images In the context of social media platforms, Facebook declares that AI can now copy Text Style in Images Using Just a Single Word.

For this, they are introducing TextStyleBrush which can enable you to edit and replace text in images.

This is a research project. It could unlock new potential for creative self-expression like personalized messaging and captions, and lays the groundwork for future innovations like a photo-realistic translation of languages in augmented reality (AR).

The new sensory digital fingerprint for coffee beans Interestingly, another story reveals that how AI can determine the taste of coffee beans. A Colombian startup, Demetria, has raised $3 million to date and is betting on its sensory digital fingerprint using AI to match a coffee bean's profile to the industry's standard coffee flavor wheel created in 1995.

According to them, the new sensory digital fingerprint for coffee beans will let roasters and producers assess quality and taste at any stage of the coffee production process. This is something very interesting and notable. It let humans abandon this role too. Role of Chatbots in investment decisions and others In investment decisions too, chatbots are pervasive to provide you with the best answers to investing your funds. Soon, it will make FAQ and phone calls vanish concerning queries and all.

Here, the potential customers do not need to be dealt with by the agents or the experts.

AI in every field AI is widespread in almost every profession and industries such as retail, manufacturing, security, surveillance, and many more. But the question arises: are we moving towards progression or going to lose our jobs in the future? It was solely for aid purposes but it seems to replace Homo sapiens in coming decades.

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