Snaplate : The Picture-Taking App That Translates Any Text To The Language You Want

Snaplate : The Picture-Taking App That Translates Any Text To The Language You Want

The innovative app can scan a text, and translate it to the language you want.

We can literally  the practicality when we travel to a foreigner country and we are trying to read something in a foreign language, and there is no translation for English for example...

Now with this snaplate , take a picture and see what the sign or the name of the street or what the name of the fruit, food..or anything you want to know!


Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft Ready To Buy The Artificial Intelligence And Voice Technology Company Nuance Communications Inc. For $ 16 Billion


Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft Ready To Buy The Artificial Intelligence And Voice Technology Company Nuance Communications Inc. For $ 16 Billion

Microsoft is said to be on the verge of signing its largest acquisition since that of Linkedln in 2016. The transaction could be announced this week.



Smartphone Business During The Pandemic: How Table turns For Micromax In India, As Chinese Manufacturers  Get  Axed By The Popular Indian Cell Phone Brand.


By Salil Trivedi



Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, Silicon Valley's biggest scam.


Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, Silicon Valley's biggest scam.

She was the youngest self-made billionaire in history. She was to become the next Steve Jobs - she had borrowed his turtlenecks from him. At just 30 years old, Elizabeth



Tech News: Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong received $1.78 million to cover “personal security” expenses in FY2020.


Tech News: Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong received $1.78 million to cover “personal security” expenses in FY2020.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong received $1.78 million to cover “personal security” expenses in FY2020 as the 38-year-old tech CEO  prepared to take the cryptocurrency exchange operator public. Armstrong, who



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An artificial intelligence imagines the "real" traits of historical figures


An artificial intelligence imagines the "real" traits of historical figures

An artificial intelligence uses deep fake to recreate  the "real" traits of historical paintings.When artificial intelligence brings great historical figures to life. When artificial intelligence brings great historical figures



Apple's new iPhone and iPad designs are like nothing we've seen before


Apple's new iPhone and iPad designs are like nothing we've seen before

At present, the iPhone's rear camera is much more powerful than the front lens, but an extra screen could make it possible to use the back camera instead.






Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, quad-camera setup for RM2,399 Flagship smartphone also includes 50W super-fast charge (From left) realme Malaysia brand manager Tiffany Teh; realme Malaysia CEO Hunter Wang; Qualcomm



Spotify goes to war with Apple


Spotify goes to war with Apple

On March 13, Spotify filed a complaint with the European Commission that accused Apple of violating antitrust laws. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek summarizes the critique in a blog post, writing:



This Dad Sold His App For $54 Million and Went Around The World!


This Dad Sold His App For $54 Million and Went Around The World!

What would you do if you became a multi-millionaire overnight? How about sell all your belongings and set off on an incredible adventure with your family in tow? That’s



Apple to release three phones: Report


Apple to release three phones: Report

Apple to release three phones: Report In the increasingly competitive market for smartphones, Apple is working on releasing three new iPhones later this year, Bloomberg reported. One, code-named D33, will



Dolce & Gabbana is using drones to model its handbags at Milan Fashion Week.


Dolce & Gabbana is using drones to model its handbags at Milan Fashion Week.

By Alexandra Ma Dolce & Gabbana used quadcopter drones to model handbags on the runway. You can see some footage of the hi-tech fashion show below. Dolce & Gabbana's latest



Meet Harmony, the sexy sex robot that can snatch your boyfriend from you.


Meet Harmony, the sexy sex robot that can snatch your boyfriend from you.

As experts believe that by 2050 men might be getting married to sex robots, here is Harmony, the frontrunner in the race to become the first commercial sexbot who has


re on  language app

Which are some of the best Marathi Language Apps for Android?

Profile photo for Chinmay Hadadare

Chinmay Hadadare·June 28, 2017  Knows Marathibest Marathi

Language Apps as in what?

I mean do u want to learn Marathi or read some contentfull writing or find some good thoughts or you just want a Marathi keyboard ..specify your needs precisely(Precise SRS is important for better results - typical software developer :-p)! Here are some keyboards- * Download मराठी (Marathi) Keyboard for Android * EazyType Marathi Keyboard - Android Apps on Google Play Some books apps- * Marathi BookStore - Android Apps on Google Play * Marathi Books & Apps ग्रंथालय Download - Marathi Books & Apps ग्रंथालय 36.0 (Android) Free Download - * For morning thoughts- Marathi Suvichar | सुविचार - Android Apps on Google Play For learning Marathi- * Learn & Speak Marathi - Android Apps on Google Play * Learn Marathi - MarathiMitra - Android Apps on Google Play .

What is the best app to learn Thai?

Profile photo for Kytriya Luebeck

Kytriya Luebeck·November 11, 2017With FAS, I've had to learn how to learn English and Foreign Languages.

Sorry, but none of the apps I am aware of, do Thai. Memrise only does Thai on its website, but not on its app.

You can try Thai Language Guyide and Audio, by World Nomads.

Andrian Andronic has 6000 Words - Learn Thai Language for Free. I do love his apps. He also has Thai Phrases. However, on the iOS, put in “Andrian Andronic” and you can find him. He is harder to find on the Android. ? Fun Easy Learn ? Try that for search terms on the Andriod.

Which language apps offer Latin?

Which language apps offer Croatian?

What are the biggest disavantages of learning language apps?

Profile photo for Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith·November 25, 2018 Works at Red Cross Volunteers (2017–present)Thanks for the A2A.

In my opinion, language learning apps are a great way to establish a foundation in whatever language you're learning. In fact, I had a 250 day streak in Duolingo once. But I've seldomly used the app in the past several months, and here's why: 1. After you learn everything off of the app, you don't really have a need to go back to it. They don't routinely update or add more content, but instead, keep it perpetually the same thing. 2. You don't learn slang 3. It's a very controlled and static environment 4. It seldomly teaches you to think in the language you're learning. In fact, most exercises on duolingo are translate A to B or B to A. This is useful for learning new words, but beyond this, it'll disadvantage you. However, I use HelloChat nowadays. In this application, you actually get.

What do people using language app really think?

Are there any free language apps for learning Norwegian?

Profile photo for Arthur G. Menezes

Arthur G. Menezes·March 5, 2020 Masters in Language Studies & History, Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG) (Graduated 2017)

I am currently using a combination of Duolingo, Memrise, and Bilingua. I am finding it really good, one complete the other perfectly.

It's not easy to learn languages through an app, though. Since it doesn't give you most on grammar, I highly recommend purchasing one for your use.

Watching shows and movies, as well as listening to music helps a lot. The first ones with subtitles in English, moving to subtitles in Norwegian and then without subtitles. Not only helps you practice the language, but also an insight on the culture.

You probably won't get much (or at all) at first, but keep trying, at some point you will catch yourself getting a grasp on the context and, further on, understanding more and more. Don't keep repeating the same episodes, music and movies, though, because it gets tiresome. Move from one to the next even if you are not getting much of what they are saying.

Also, I'd try watching movies you've seen in English dubbed in Norwegian. Animation is particularly good for practicing because characters often speak clearly and rather slower than in real life. Again, it takes a while for you to start understanding.

That's how I taught myself English. Apps help, but they can only get you to a certain point. To actual learn the language, it's important to add more activities to the experience.

These are just tips based on what worked for me, though. You will have your own, discover what will work for you. There are no right answers there.

Remember that language is an experience, it's opening a window to a whole different world. It's hard work, though.561 views

How many people use language apps?

Cuyler Moon·October 4, 2019  Marketing Director at Woodpecker Learning (2019–present)

How many people use language apps?

Well this question is up for interpretation, so I’ll answer it as “Does anyone out there use language apps?”

Yes. I do. I use Duolingo, Drops, Memrise, and have tried Fluent Forever (I backed it on Kickstarter). I try to use these regularly.

I would classify these as language learning apps. They’re great for that 10–15 minutes per day to learn vocab or grammar or conjugations. I like Duolingo for vocab, Drops for memorization, and Memrise to get quick exposure to local/native accents of new words and phrases. While each has the same goal, they are also very different. I find the paywall in Drops a pretty high barrier for using it often. I use the above apps for Japanese and French. I already speak Chinese and Spanish. When I’m regularly using these apps I find I am improving my vocab. They aren’t really making me conversational though!

For my Mandarin Chinese and Spanish I also use Woodpecker to dive into Spanish and Mandarin Youtube channels with subtitles. This isn’t so much for language learning, it is great for immersing into the hearing the language at a speed of a native speaker — which language learning apps don’t really provide. When I don’t know a word I just tap on the subtitles for a definition. Full disclosure, I also work at Woodpecker. :)

Can you teach a child Spanish with the Duolingo language app?

Profile photo for Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson·September 19, 2020 Legal/Admin. Assistant (2020–present)It’s a fun app, good for learning words, but it’s only supplemental at best. You might show a high percentage of ‘bilingual ability’ according to their app but in real life couldn’t carry on a conversation. A structured curriculum is great and should be the foundation of what you’re doing, from a book rather than a screen if possible. And the best way to learn (especially using the proper tense and sentence structure) is immersion, where you practice one on one conversation. This can also be part of a structured curriculum. Basically duolingo is like flash-cards, it will teach individual words and you can build up the vocabulary some, but the bulk of learning will be person-to-person and books.

Are language apps a waste of time?

Den Hollander·August 26, 2020 Native Speaker

Definitely not - but they are not a magic bullet and should never be used as your only source of language learning.

What they are is a great tool to complete your language learning arsenal because the can be use for short focussed sessions at any time.

Also note that most of them will only help you to early stages - as soon as you reach a good A2 level, apps become much less useful.13 views · Answer requested by Camilo Armo

What is the language app called Babbel?

In your opinion,which online language app is best for learning a new language?

Profile photo for Andrew Russell

Andrew Russell·January 26, 2016Long time Student of German / Germanic languages

When learning a language you need to understand the various aspects of what learning a language involves. It's not just about learning a language in one single swipe, where each aspect of the language is constantly improved by the other, but about goal oriented, targeted learning.

Firstly one must divide the language learning process into the four main components: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. These main components are linked to each other, but not as strongly as one might think. For instance one can have a great grasp of understanding a language being spoken or written but have little mastery over speaking or writing. Theoretically one could even hear and understand a language without actually recognizing it written down. Of course this is extreme, but such possibilities do exist (think of illiteracy).

Keeping that in mind, and given the fact that just about all online apps focus only on comprehension rather than output of the language, there is no online language app that can teach you a new language. Having said that, there are many online apps that are useful in gaining knowledge in comprehension and vocabulary of a language.

Personally I believe once you have the basics of the ways in which the language functions (basic functional grammar, syntax, etc.) vocabulary becomes extremely important. With combining the basic functions with the vocabulary, you can begin to understand a huge amount of the language. Anki, as previously mentioned, can be a great tool for learning vocabulary. I would also recommend searching courses in your target language on Memrise, as they have some decent sets for vocabulary training as well.

If you are interested in grammatical structuring of a language as well as a slight amount of vocab training, then Duolingo is a wonderful app. However I sometimes find the tasks to be a little tasking after awhile and I sometimes lose the interest in constantly sitting through simple grammar exercises over and over again.

Once you have built up that background in the language enough, move on to news outlets from the target language's country. Read news, watch news, gain more vocabulary while simultaneously keeping yourself informed about what is current in the country whose language you are learning. Likewise you can also read articles on topics of interest to you in the language. In this since even Wikipedia is a great tool as you can find countless articles in many different languages. Maybe do not rely 100% on the credibility of the articles, but for getting some reading material in the target language, it is wonderful.

Combining all of these tools can give you a powerful advantage when learning a language, but you need to put that practice to use! For that use a website like Italki, where you can find online tutors in the language you are learning. Practice over Skype with them, speak, write something and have it corrected, etc. Because if you truly want to SPEAK the language, you need to actually speak it, and that can only be helpful when you speak with someone who knows the language and can help you learn through giving you the practice you need.

Good luck!4.3K viewsView 12 upvotes · Answer requested by Usman Ajmal12

What new language app are people using?

Is Language App Smigin accurate?

Are there any useful apps to learn Portuguese?

Profile photo for Mikhail Kotykhov

Mikhail Kotykhov·November 23, 2015 Had enough of studying. It never worked. Learn by doing.Thanks for the A2A. Two different answers here. To learn Portuguese as a hobby, you need Duolingo. Simply because it is free, and as good as similar paid applications you can find. If you want to be able to speak Portuguese, there is no value in any vocabulary application. Did you learn your native language by doing exercises with a vocabulary application? Perhaps, you did something else instead? Talking to people, listening to what they say, asking questions, responding to their questions. You can speak it fluently, because you started to interact with people in it. If this sounds logical, then why would you be spending time with a vocabulary application that does not help you communicate in this language?

Do language apps work?

What language apps are good for learning Polish?

Profile photo for Kamil Nguyen Van

Kamil Nguyen Van·Updated September 7, 2020 Knows Polish

I would recommend this series of videos as a crash course for learning Polish pronunciation, and writing system:

For reading try this app, in which you can read facts/news/curiosities about everything related to Poland. It’s very simple to translate anything with a simple click.

Have fun with which is an online tool for determining Polish declensions.

Disclaimer: I am the creator of all three :)93 viewsView 1 upvote1

Which language app should I use to learn French?

Profile photo for Li Tan

Li Tan October 31, 2016

Currently using Duolinguo and Anki to learn/consolidate my French and German learning. Would highly recommend Anki to memorize words and phrases of any second language. It’s a great tool and much more user-friendly than Supermemo. There are some excellent shared decks of french phrases and words ready to use on ankiweb, too.

As for e-dictionaries, try use Mdict dict and then download French dictionaries for use. There’s a goldmine out there freeing you from carrying a giant dictionary around.401 views

Does language app Babbel really work?

Which is the best app to learn C programming language online for free?

Profile photo for Gnyanendra Nath

Gnyanendra Nath·November 28, 2015 A typical engineering student

There is an app for learning the basics of the c programing and some example programs its definetely worth giving a try

You can download it from Google play:

Check out "C Programming" -

Or else you can try registering on one of the courses available online.
Some of the sites which I recommend are: courseera,udemy,edX,coursemos

Once you get a proper grip on the theory part then you improve your coding skills by registering in any one of the websites :Hackerrank, codechef or any other available sites.

One thing is for sure until you get your hands dirty with a bit of code you are never going to learn .

What programming language app runs on Windows10?

What language apps are good for learning Russian?

Profile photo for Pavel Fomichev

Pavel Fomichev·May 24, 2019 Knows Russian

Check this one. I believe it’s one of the best methods to learn Russ

ian. If you start with it I’ll upload all the remaining videos.44 viewsView 1 upvote1

What are the best language apps to learn Igbo?

Are there any language apps that teach you a language from start to finish without additional classes?

Profile photo for Adam Reisman

Adam Reisman·May 7, 2018 B.A. in Linguistics, University of Southern California

There is a free website that I highly recommend. It’s called Duolingo. It will teach you from scratch, and bring you to about 25–30% fluency, which is higher than Rosetta Stone.

Furthermore, you can export your fluency level to your LinkedIn profile as a skill, with just the click of a button.

Which online, free language apps/websites offer Arabic?What are the best language apps on the iPad or iPhone?

Profile photo for Nathan Ketsdever

Nathan Ketsdever·September 15, 2015

Passionate about Apple and InnovationHere are some answers to that question: * 5 Language Apps for the iPhone * 10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Translating Languages * 80 Apps to Learn a New Language(more)Do you know a language app/program for collect words that we read in internet?

Profile photo for Mei Douthitt

Mei Douthitt·December 7, 2016Associates Degree in Data Processing & Computer Programming, Madison Area Technical College (Graduated 1989)

There are two that I know of.

One is ReadLang which is specifically designed for this sort of thing. Using an extension, you can highlight a word or words, get the definition on the page as you are reading it, and the clicked on word or words are saved. Using the ReadLang web site, you can then go through the list, edit it as necessary, and test yourself on it - and this is possible in multiple languages.

Another is Google Translate (with an extension). With the extension, you can look up words online as you go. If you only want to look it up, you can do that right inline - or you can look it up in the full web page of Google Translate. If you use the web page, you can click on the star to save a translation. This list of favorites is, in Google parlance, your “phrasebook”. You can then export the phrase book to Google Sheets, and thence to whatever form you wish.

Both Google Translate phrasebooks and ReadLang word lists can be exported and converted into the proper format for introduction into flashcard learning programs like Memrise or Anki.222 viewsView 2 upvotes2

What language apps are good for learning Tagalog?

Can I use news content from CNN, etc. in a language app?

Profile photo for Ana Penteado

Ana Penteado·Updated May 28, 2016 LL.B. in Doctor of Philosophy Degrees & Masters in Law (LLM), Intellectual Property LawThank you for the A2A. That is an issue (to use purchased news content). Not only for these news outlets that you mentioned ( CNN and USA Today) but for the first sources too. CNN and USA purchase information from other sources too.

Because these outlets might have purchased information from other sources, let's say Reuters or Associated Press, their content does not belong entirely to them only but to potentially other outlets ( unless CNN journalists claim exclusivity). Therefore you would be in a cascade of copyright infringements, because if the content is distributed under a license, the first source is a copyright owner too. Moreover it appears from your question that you wish to translate news content in order to use as an educational aid, which you under US law may raise as fair us(more)

What language apps are good for learning Swahili?

What English-language app will give me notifications relating to technology?

Profile photo for Manish Shrivastava

Manish Shrivastava· October 14, 2014 Entrepreneur Geek & WriterTOI is the best app... You should follow this app...(more)

What makes Memrise so good?

Profile photo for Piret Kivi

Piret Kivi·August 11, 2019Knows Estonian

It is the Duolingo on drugs for crazy people.

It has a lot of very freaky and interesting stuff. At first you grow your plants. Then there are tests. The speed tests can get addictive. You can also use it to study Estonian.

Are language apps really helping in solid foreign language acquisition or just creating distraction and leading nowhere?

Profile photo for Harry Kriewaldt

Harry Kriewaldt·October 13, 2018 speaker of a few languages, learner of several moreI used Duolingo to get some kind of an understanding of Swedish before a trip to Stockholm, and found it remarkably useful. Yes, you don’t necessarily get the opportunity to use sentences like “The duck is reading the boy’s newspaper” in general conversation, and even phrases like “There is a moose outside the restaurant” are unlikely to be useful in Stockholm (a friend maintains they’d be useful in the more northerly areas), but if you’re paying attention you’ll pick up a decent amount of useful vocabulary and grammar, ready to then add more useful elements of the former when you’re there. My brother also used the German course to brush up on his high-school German before spending a year over there, again with good results.(more)

What are the best Kannada language apps for IPC?

What is the world's most highly respected language app?

Profile photo for Ken Burgett

Ken Burgett·August 27, 2019 Former Enterprise Architect (WebSphere explainer) at IBM (company) (1995–2006)

From computer app usage point of view, I would nominate the C compiler. It is very widely used and most apps depend upon it in some way. Respect is a product of extensive use, in this case.10 viewsView 1 upvote · Answer requested by Ross Taylor1

What language apps are good for learning Vietnamese?

Profile photo for Northern Kai

Northern Kai·May 26, 2019

Knows VietnameseDoulingo, I think. It’s here Somebody told me Lingodeer is better but I never tried.(more)

What language apps are good for learning Romanian?

How does language app generate its revenue?

Many have confirmed for me, that Swedish is an extremely easy language.

Can I learn Swedish from online (YouTube, language apps)?

Profile photo for Anders Hjemdahl

Anders Hjemdahl·March 17, 2020 Born in Sweden, lives in the United States.If you already speak English, German or Icelandic, it should be pretty easy to learn Swedish. The grammar is close to English, and many words have the same origin. More German words are similar/the same as Swedish words, but the grammar is very different. Icelandic is basically what Swedish was like 1000 years ago, so there are many similarities (especially word stems), but the grammar has evolved differently in Swedish and the other modern Nordic languages. If you already speak Norwegian or Danish, you pretty much already speak Swedish as well – the differences are mainly dialectal.(more)

What language apps are good for learning Cebuano?

Are Duolingo and other language apps effective for learning a foreign language?

Profile photo for Debbie Howard

Debbie Howard· December 27, 2019

Former Hospital Pharmacy Technician at National Health Service (NHS) (1976–2014)I used Duolingo to begin learning Esperanto, and found it to be an excellent starting point. I needed to use further resources, in order to progress to higher levels of proficiency, but for basic vocabulary and grammar, it was great at giving instant feedback on exercises, and had some inspiring, motivational tools.(more)

Is the Pleco (Chinese language app) professional add-on worth its hefty price?

Kristian Pietilä·December 29, 2017 An active Airbus A350 pilot.

Well, hefty and hefty. With that price you get a bunch of high quality dictionaries, Text-to-Speech and optical character recognition and much more.

I personally have been using hanping more than pleco mostly due to the hanping popup-add on, which reads Chinese characters directly from your phone screen. But as hanping has its bugs (like ignoring tone changes in audio examples), I feel that pleco is premium while hanping is great.

So in the case you don't want to pay the quite high) I admit) price for the professional add-on, you might either select only desired add-ons or try hanping which might give you the required features with a smaller price tag. All depends on your needs. I personally need both and lots of add-ons for both of them. ☺️652 views1

What do you think about the new language app Fluent Forever?What language apps are good for learning Dutch?

Which is the best learning MPSC Marathi language app?

Can language apps really teach you a foreign language?

Profile photo for Sagar Gupta

Sagar Gupta·May 23, 2019 Studied Master of Business Administration Degrees

To be honest. No mobile app. Best way to learn is to learn via video lessons. Learning any language depends on how and from whom you are learning the Language. As per French Language is concen, you should learn it from best teacher ie Suchita Gupta from

I found this website awesome as they have video courses for Beginner's to level, covering all the aspects of language or reading, writing, listening and speaking. Highly recommended. I'm soon joining their Skype Batch for DELF B1.

She also has a coaching centre in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. Her contact number +91–8920060461151 views

What language apps are good for learning Iranian?

Profile photo for Remi Adam

Remi Adam·May 22, 2019 Knows EnglishVaried from how learning languages ​​apps are introduced. You must settle for a personal view that they are not all correct in any sense. Most people name apps such as Babbel and Busuu from the Google Play Store. If you really want to have a full experience to good learning, then the ‘no ads’ function must be purchased to make it ‘no ads’. These apps are bleakly full of advertisements. I'm disappointed. I would look up more generality of the subject on the internet, think of YouTube and websites. YouTube: YouTube has a varied explanation of learning a particular language that you prefer. These can be seen visually on a video. Websites: there are various websites that appreciate your inquisitiveness. They give you teaching programs, concepts lists and more varied functions. Search for your choice.

How can I create a multi-language app for Android?

Profile photo for Priyavrat Deolia

Priyavrat Deolia·December 12 Gaining knowledge distributing knowledgeTo add multi language support, add additional values directories inside the res/ directory. Once you've decided on the languages you will support, create the resource sub directories and string resource files. Now, add the string values for each locale into the appropriate file.(more)

Language App Follow

Language Apps Follow1

How good are online language websites and language apps?

How good are learning language apps? Which is the best one?

Profile photo for Zhang Er

Zhang Er·February 9, 2018 Amatuer photographer and fishing enthusiastFor learning basic vocabulary, you could try Beginner language app series.(more)

How to create a learning language app like Tandem or HelloTalk?

Profile photo for Thant Zin

Thant Zin·May 13, 2019

B. C. Sc. in Software Engineering (college major) & Computer Programming, UCSM (Graduated 2018)

  1. What’s your vision?
  2. Do you have the right contents or syllabuses ?
  3. Do you have the right teachers and T.As?
  4. Do you have the right team?
  5. What’s gonna be your business model?
  6. What benefits can be expected from the graduates?40 views · Answer requested by Stephane Tavernier
  7. What is the best Spanish language app for Chinese speaking students?
  8. Do any foreign language apps help with developing an accent?
Profile photo for Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith·January 16, 2019 Works at Red Cross Volunteers (2017–present)No. The reason why is because most foreign language apps usually use an uncanny robot voice to pronounce all the words. Thus, the pronunciation sounds rather “inhuman.” A foreign language app, my favourite is Duolingo, is an excellent first step to learning the language. They’re mostly good for learning the basic 1,000 to 2,000 words of a language, but, once you get to a certain level, the apps will no longer be of any use for you. Good luck!(more)

What is the storage requirement for the Nkyea language app?

What are the most effective language apps for learning Malagasy?

Profile photo for Zhang Er

Zhang Er·March 9

Amatuer photographer and fishing enthusiast

As far as the basic vocabulary goes, you can try using the Beginner Malagasy app and the StartFromZero_Malagasy app to easily begin learning on your own some common Malagasy words and phrases.(more)

What are some free language apps that are fun to use?

Profile photo for Jonathan Wylie

Jonathan Wylie·March 5, 2019  Digital Learning Consultant (2012–present)Duolingo is an obvious one that comes to mind. It is game based and available on iOS, Android and Windows.(more)

What is missing / biggest gaps in current language apps?

Profile photo for Herb Martin

Herb Martin·November 5Computer Consultant at LearnQuick.Com (1996–present)

What is missing / biggest gaps in current language apps

? The largest gap is accent training software that uses voice analysis to teach the matching of phonemes, accent, prosody etc. — especially for languages other than English. Also, it should allow for the user to include arbitrary addition of (short) phrases and sentences. Note: There are a very few like Rosetta Stone which use voice matching to give a yes/no feedback BUT it doesn’t not offer any actual feedback on how the phonemes etc are incorrect (the supposed spetragram it shows is virtually worthless, and only works for a single fixed utterance at a time.(more)

Would teachers be interested in an English Language App that helps students perform better?

Profile photo for Aaron Richmond

Aaron Richmond·March 8, 2017 An online marketer in ChinaFrom previous experience in the ESL teaching market that entirely depends on how easy it is to use. How much. (ESL teachers tend to be in it for the adventure not the pay). Does it actually help students perform better? The amount of text books, apps, websites etc which are a load of crap which claim that are staggering. Then another thing is the target market. How is it going to help the teachers? Is it going to reduce their workload for example just something of the top of my head auto generating homework? If you create something which Actually helps, is simple to use, can save the teacher time and by doing so enhances the classroom experience then yes, if the app is just another one of those 1000 other apps/books/courses just thrown together in an attempt to make a quick buck then no, th(more)What’s the best language app for learning Romanian?

I loved Memrise, but there’s no sound for Romanian, and Duolingo sounds robotic.

Profile photo for David Herron

David Herron·June 4, 2018

In love with Romania, in love with a Romanca, and learning t

I’ve been going through Duolingo and am not entirely certain of its approach. However it’s clear that I’m picking up some words so maybe it is useful.

If you haven’t used Duolingo — the structure is that you progress through a series of lesson groups, each lesson group covering a specific area. Like foods, or possessives, or occupation names (which is what I just completed), etc. In each lesson you’re shown a series of sentences, and you’re to either translate to English, or translate from English to Romanesti.

I’ve read that the sentences are crowd-sourced from the public and that’s supposedly why some of the sentences are so strange.

Thus it is exposing me to an ever-broadening vocabulary. However I’m not certain I’m actually learning the vocabulary. Often I’m reduced to guessing at the meanings of the words I’m shown. The app shows a list of possible words for the translation and it’s possible to deduce the correct word. But that’s not the same as learning the word directly.

By contrast - I’ve also used the Pimsleur Conversational Romanian audio series. This is not an application but audio on CD’s.

In that course you’re guided through conversational segments with a pair of Romanesti speakers. For every word you’re exposed to, the conversation teaches you the meaning of the word. And you’re guided through several sentences with variations of the words.

It seems to me to be a more comprehensive approach than the random selection of sentences I’m shown in Duolingo.

On the other hand - recently while talking with my girlfriend (who knows English fairly well) and her Sister or her Mother (neither of which know much English) I’ve begun to be able to construct simple sentences. That indicates I’m picking up something.2.4K viewsView 1 upvote1

Which language app teaches advanced level fluency in their languages?

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Brandon Smith·June 30, 2019

External Relations at American Red Cross (national society) (2017–present)No language app is capable of teaching a language to an advanced level fluency. Not even Duolingo. Sure, they’re good at getting you off to the right start. But the only way to truly master a language is to use it with native speakers. Yes, you will suck at first. You will make many mistakes. You will refer to a translator many times. It super annoying, I get that. But there’s no app out there that can circumnavigate this problem. However… You could install a language exchange app and connect directly to many native speakers of the target language you're trying to learn. I use HelloTalk, personally.(more)What language apps would you recommend for learning Korean?

What do users of Duolingo think of the service?

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Michelle Fullwood·April 19, 2016

Grad student at MIT Linguistics, building a language learning app for Mandarin.I tried Duolingo with a couple of languages, but couldn't sustain my motivation. And I love learning languages (I've studied ~7). I think this was because: * I'm personally not motivated by points and gamification. In fact, losing a long streak had a demoralising impact on me. * Insufficient variety in tasks. Translation is pretty boring when it's almost the only thing you're doing. * The focus on sentences as the unit of instruction leads to insufficient communicative content. Sure, there are skills on "introduction" and such but no sample dialogues that let you get a feel for the flow of a typical conversation. I never felt that I was moving towards communicative competency. * Too many similar words introduced in a single session. Like many textbooks, Duolingo introduces semantically similar words,(more)

Are there any good apps or sites to learn sign language?

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Monica Zwikstra·April 13, 2018Writer at Author. Writer. Learning ASL. D/d/HOHI suggest American Sign Language as my two most trusted places. As for an app, well they all have some issues, but if you can get ASL dictionary that should give you a good start .(more)

Apart from using a language app, what else can I do in order to further learn and understand Spanish?

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J Reed Brundage·July 1, 2020

Knows Spanish

You need to jump in the water and swim. That is, you need to practice what you have learned by having conversations with native Spanish speakers not worrying about the errors you will make. They will give you the corrections you need. It’s the best way to learn, in vivo.45 viewsView 1 upvote · Answer requested by

Miles Hayes1

Which foreign language apps are predictive and correct grammar like Grammarly?

Is Babbel a good app to learn a language?

Is there any language app you recommend for role playing situations?

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Zephyri LaBelle·May 5, 2020 D&D Rules Lawyer and Part time DM

This is a double sided coin. I started to learn Arabic so that I could speak appropriately in Zakhara. While it was great lore wise, my DM didnt speak it so I wound up speaking English anyway. Unless you as both a player and DM want to take the time out to speak to people in one of these languages to learn it, dont worry about it. And they want to as well? My friend has learned to speak Drow/elvish. It sounds beautiful on the tongue and I want to learn it but as much as he uses it, it is fluff.(more)Which is the best natural query language app to query a bound data universe?Are there any language apps where I can practice speaking with native speakers?

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Tranh Nguyen Updated May 8, 2020

The thing is a native speaker doesn’t want to spend time talking to you unless you pay him/her some money for the time. Then you can use any phone or IP phone or chat app to converse or text (messenger, whatsapp, viber, line tiktok, etc…) Update: Nowadays it’s fairly easy to implement an app where one can ask questions and get answer, all verbally. Many already use Siri or Iris to get written answers to any question. Suggest Google and Apple to enunciate the search results. They may confuse the heck out of the asker who is a neophyte in a language but heck, it’s better than nothing, such as during last century where verbal dialog with computers was not quite possible and as wide available as today’s inexpensive cell phones.(more)What are some ways to effectively market a language app that appeals to those learning a new language?What are some apps for learning Chinese?I have many ideas for a language app but have no training knowledge to build one. What is a good step-by-step plan?

Erii Mascar·January 30 Former Accountant (2000–2021)


How can I make my own app for free?

  • Go to and click on ‘Get Started’
  • Enter your desired business name
  • Pick the category that best fits your business
  • Choose the color scheme
  • Select the test device
  • Customize the look and feel of your app
  • Once done, click on Save & Continue
  • Take a deep breath and wait; your app is getting built. ...
  • Go to My Apps
  • Click on Edit option to edit your app

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App Builder, Free App Creator, No-Code App Maker | appmaker

How do I make my own app for free?

Follow steps below to easily make your own app for free – Go to and click on ‘Get Started’ Enter your desired business name; Pick the category that best fits your business; Choose the color scheme; Select the test device; Customize the look and feel of your app; Once done, click on Save & Continue

App Builder, Free App Creator, No-Code App Maker | appmaker

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What are the steps to creating an app?

The 9 steps to make an app are: Sketch your app idea. Do some market research. Create mockups of your app. Make your app’s graphic design. Build your app landing page. Make the app with Xcode and Swift. Launch the app in the App Store.


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How do you make an app without coding?

To make your own app without coding, follow these simple steps: Go to Appy Pie App Builder and click on “Create your free app” Enter app name; Select category, color scheme and test device; Customize the app and click on Save & Continue; Login or Signup with Appy Pie to continue; The app is getting built. Once the app is ready, scan the QR ...

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How to profite app?

We’ve come up with a three-part guide that will walk you through the steps of profiting from your big idea. Let’s start at the very beginning of how to create an app… How To Build An App – Step 1: Set a Goal. Step away from any form of technology and get out a pen and paper and define what it is you want to accomplish.

How To Make An App - Create An App In 12 Easy Steps

How To Make An App - Create An App In 12 Easy Steps …

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App Builder, Free App Creator, No-Code App Maker | appmaker

App Builder, Free App Creator, No-Code App Maker | appmaker

2021-01-18 · To make your own app without coding, follow these simple steps: Go to Appy Pie App Builder and click on “Create your free app” Enter app name Select category, color scheme and test device Customize the app and click on Save & Continue Login or Signup with Appy Pie to continue The app

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The best online app builder - Create My Free App

The best online app builder

I tried using The best online app builder and it was a good decision as they completed the app within the time and had met all the requirements that I wanted. Robert McLeod. My name is Dany ols, i create a small Video sharing app using The best online app builder and i make my own free Video gallerty app on my own all the requirements that I wanted. Dany ols

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