Under The Magnifying Glass of Yeet Magazine: The Mandarin Oriental In Paris

In the very chic rue Saint-Honoré, near Place Vendôme, upscale boutiques and fashion houses, suddenly, a place appears. Like a luxurious palace which crushes neither the soul nor the delicacy. Welcome to the Mandarin Oriental.

Under The Magnifying Glass of Yeet Magazine: The Mandarin Oriental In Paris

YEET MAGAZINE | Posted on 04/30/2021 at 7:00 a.m.

In the very chic rue Saint-Honoré, near Place Vendôme, upscale boutiques and fashion houses, suddenly, a place appears. Like a luxurious palace which crushes neither the soul nor the delicacy. Welcome to the Mandarin Oriental. Distinguished, graceful, magical. Global score: 9.1 / 10

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First Impression 9/10

Sometimes we lack metaphor ... Like a surprise in the eyes of a child ...? Much more! We appreciate the discreet entrance of art deco inspiration on rue Saint-Honoré where a bellhop waits, name or first name in mouth, to welcome and immediately find the common word with the newly introduced host, the language of connivance, so delicate , if mandarin at the back ... Then you have to catch your breath for a moment in the hall paved with crystal, with the golden ceiling. We feel like we have arrived somewhere, but where? A place like a temple maybe, where prayers go up to heaven. Between mystique and reality, we walk, carried a few centimeters from the ground, escorted by a cloud of 135 Swarovski crystal butterflies hanging in the lobby, a nod to the number of rooms and suites of the Palace.

The Mandarin Oriental is Parisian, provided that Paris means the big Everything. Its atmosphere is serene, its decoration, contemporary and warm, nature is everywhere. Basically, it is a very 21st century palace, located in the fashion capital, and nowhere else in France, for an immemorial marriage between Parisian elegance and the legendary service of Asia. For everyone, the experience is unique because it is unique. Here, we know and we feel. It is a place that crushes your heart at the idea of ​​leaving, without knowing exactly if you have just attached yourself to the grace of a plate, to the thickness of a door. , to the empathy of the complex, serene, soft and energetic mauve of certain walls, or to the thoughtfulness of a maid who quietly prepares the blanket with the majesty of a dream maker.

The strong point: The garden 9/10

If the place takes your breath away, the lush garden will immediately give you the oxygen you need ... A small urban jungle with its green wall 6 storeys high, its thirty trees and its hundreds of shrubs and perennials, the garden is transformed into an enchanted forest with its trees adorned with gold and light for the end of the year celebrations ...

The rooms 9/10

Art deco and rectilinear, purple and marvelous for the rooms and suites. Some communicate. The suites have their living room. The bathrooms are white powers that cast their beautiful light on the cocooned guest like in an egg. The towels are unforgettable soft and thick, and the courtesy products are breathtaking. Ah! Diptych! They dared to use the beloved brand to perfume baths and showers. Ecstasy continues! We appreciate the generosity, the cleanliness without any shadow other than that of the enveloping sleeves of a Frette bathrobe… The wardrobes are made of beautiful wood, the hangers make the clothes smile, and the silence is impeccable. Several rooms and suites have magnificent terraces with a view of the interior garden or of Paris and its monuments. From the first rays of sun,

3 tables, 1 bar, 1 gourmet counter 9/10

At Mandarin Oriental, the choice is already an occupation ... And reading restaurant maps, a journey. Chef Thierry Marx, ace of molecular cuisine and generosity of thought, -which, contrary to what one might think, goes perfectly together-, offers a wide range of gastronomic-human experiences. The present moment, okay, but we are not animals, so Thierry Marx thinks a cuisine capable of bringing people together, of reviving in them emotion and curiosity, therefore emotion and sharing.

The two-star “Sur Mesure” restaurant by Thierry Marx is a sensory journey combining technique and emotion. The frame, like a white cocoon, was designed in blank canvas on which the kitchen and the mind that receives it will write a score. Very contemporary music sometimes: The green asparagus with candied lemon, tapioca and yellow wine sauce is a Marxian example of flavors that never cease to strike, to transform into the mouth until they match, to end in amazement. The organic egg with bacon from Colonnata and watercress cream is reassuring and delicious from the start. In the same way, we indulge ourselves in front of the Pan-fried veal tenderloin with mild spices, mashed peas and peppered artichokes. We are again struck by the Risoni in ink, cuttlefish tagliatelle and crunchy vegetables. Bumped brilliantly, as if our taste buds did not know until then not capable of this flexibility: we have just broadened their horizon! That's wonderful. Downside for the chocolate fondant, not fondant at all, for this time anyway ...

Price: 85 euros for the weekday lunch menu with 4 courses.

At “Camélia”, the chef reinterprets classic French cuisine in a soothing atmosphere, facing the garden: Cod with mother-of-pearl, braised pak choi and Japanese rice flavored with yuzukosho.

“L'Honoré” gives pride of place to accessible, seasonal cuisine in the discreet alcoves of the lobby.

Bar 8 offers cocktails and a chic street food menu, and extends into the hotel garden: “Le cocktail rose” is the Bellini de Paris: it does it all. To fall in love. Fall cheerful. Fall high with the “Pink Cocktail”: raspberry puree, Chambard and champagne…

Finally, the Cake Shop, a gourmet counter, offers great classics “revisited” of French pastry by Pastry Chef Adrien Bozzolo. Aaaaah! the Saint Honoré!

The Spa 9/10

Here, everything is travel and sensations ... Entering the 900m2 Spa at Mandarin Oriental means understanding Oriental Zen in its figurative definition: calm and serenity. The 14-meter swimming pool bordered by a wall of water and the alcove-benches that run along the pool like poles of withdrawal make this place a pretty landscape. The touches of purple, a rare or non-existent color in its natural state, bring a double sensation of warm freshness. They guide serenity. Butterflies dance on the walls, accompanying your calm, intimate, protected swim.

SPA treatments take place in a private suite with its own jacuzzi and hammam with oriental herbs. Exceptional treatments, they are personalized thanks to Oriental Mandarin oils and combine modern and ancestral practices for an unforgettable experience.

The treatment to be tested ...

“The Oriental Essence treatment”! A fully personalized massage. Pressure intensity, areas to be treated, everything is first considered with the therapist who accompanies you to your private suite and to your unforgettable massage. On the way to a rebalancing of body and mind (you can even personalize the music, finally)! The ritual begins with an entry deep inside, with the passage of hot oshiboris, a massage of the back, legs, neck, shoulders, scalp, face. No pressure point can resist the harmony of the sounds that fleetingly punctuate the treatment. The awakening is a dawn for the light nature that we are, brought back to life ... A tea? Or a pastry? We say yes to everything. A unique massage, which we do not get used to, because it varies as much as we do.

From 250 euros for a 1h20 treatment during the week.

The new kid: Relax Your Mind treatment at the Spa, 1h45 of pure happiness to free yourself from tensions ...

100% Sustainability: 9/10

"Acting responsibly": this is the guiding principle of the place which follows the "Naturally better" program. Better for the planet, of course, with the elimination of single-use plastic and the implementation of local initiatives: vegetable garden on the roof of the hotel, reduction of the volume of laundry, drip irrigation system -drop. The grounds and gardens of the hotel are watered only at night and in the early morning to minimize waste through evaporation ...

Instagram spot

The three-wheeler at the entrance to the hotel.

The number


On the roof of the Mandarin Oriental, 100,000 bees, agents for protecting biodiversity, produce their honey, served to customers or even offered to those who do not require the systematic replacement of their sheets and towels ...

Canine experience: 10/10

The welcome reserved for dogs in this palace is as high as that reserved for children: Unforgettable. Archie, the Managing Director's border terrier, seems to have briefed his master very well… On the dog-friendly room-service menu, “Farm chicken supreme” or “Minced steak” ... Served with steamed vegetables or basmati rice?

We would like to leave with ...

The bouquets of the oriental Mandarin florist Sophie Chamard-Bois, ornaments which seem to be made by the hand of a God of colors and souls, and which grow according to the vases, everywhere in the hotel.

Price category: Luxury

Prices :

Deluxe Room: from 975 euros

Mandarin Penthouse Suite: 15,000 euros

Oriental Mandarin

251 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris

01 70 98 78 88


The experience to do: the Parisian apartment

There are six stars to be invented. The latest of the suites with terraces, here is the incredible Parisian Apartment of 430 m² and its imposing landscaped terrace of 230 m² which offers several atmospheres and spaces to adapt in a lush green decor. Let's start with it, and its possibilities of idleness, lying down, sitting, oneself vegetated. Oxygen should I say? The variety of plants and trees in the container gives the place the feeling that we were not mistaken: magnolias, charms, climbing hydrangeas, ferns and star jasmines, nature here has the right to express itself. And not just human nature. This French garden with an ipe floor gives the Parisian apartment a depth other than that of the exterior. There is soul hidden between the leaves. And invisible elves who summon your well-being.

In the Parisian Apartment, there is no rest at rest: each piece of furniture arouses envy, curiosity, relaxation. This shepherdess deserves to sit there. Yes, but that sofa? From place to place, we wander around, anxious not to miss anything and then amazed at our own well-being. The objects signed by young artists touch you to the heart like every attention of the rigorous and tender Service.

We love the layout of the place so much that we owe to the French architectural duo Gilles & Boissier. 2 bedrooms with bathrooms, a spacious reception area, a dining room, an equipped kitchen. The Haussmannian moldings are deliberately broken by the modern door jambs, the through light plays on the luminous fabrics, between the electric curtains with which we have not finished having fun creating atmospheres. Yes, the atmosphere here is a kind of permanent dialogue between desire and envy. Do not struggle when everything becomes a question: a walk-in shower close to perfection (why close!) Or a bathtub that does not really remind people of the desire to take a bath? Shades of white and white, lighting that wants you good. The bathroom will become your best friend.

And the lamps! Wall lamps, reading lights, they sweep the place in their own way, sometimes marking out a corner of withdrawal, other times opening a conversation. Like the door panels, thick like heavy eyelids that sometimes close around you like arms.

A single arm to extend, moreover, to reach a coffee maker close to you, a popcorn machine, unless you prefer a beautiful cast iron teapot or a sublime champagne from the minibar. You have to live here for a while to believe it: luxury is not a decadent immersion, it is a golden thread that repairs and weaves between people who love each other and who nestle there a kind of memory.

The sixth star of this apartment floats, we hope, above its terrace which, at night, full of light, when we move away in space, becomes one more firefly which watches over Paris. Masterful!

Nightly rate

Out of price of course: 32,000 euros ...


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What are the best luxury hotels websites?

Anonymous  July 6, 2020

New luxury hotel news Capella Hotels & Resorts Capella is coming to Hanoi! Rosewood Villa Magna (2021) New management, Montage Los Angeles has been bought,

The Maybourne Beverly Hills: 5-Star Luxury Hotel in Beverly Hills, Bulgari is coming to Rome Rome Dick Karp


Which are the best luxury hotels in India?

What is the best luxury hotel in Singapore?

Michael Flaschen

December 11, 2014

Originally Answered: What is the best luxury hotel in Singapore ?

I thought the St. Regis was lovely.

Here are the Travel and Leisure ratings, which I've found to be a useful guide. The St. Regis is second. I've not been to the Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Have a great time!

Asia - T+L 500 World's Best Hotels 2014

Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore (92.44),
Grand Hyatt Singapore (89.80),
Mandarin Oriental, Singapore (89.42),
Raffles Hotel, Singapore (88.61),
Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore (89.60),
St. Regis Hotel, Singapore (91.11),
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore (88.71),
SINGAPORE716 viewsView 3 upvotes3

What makes a luxury hotel exceptional?

Profile photo for Brian Dunlap

Brian Dunlap·Updated March 18, 2011

I work on a series of tubes.

A number of factors that matter to any hotel matter to a greater degree and scale when it comes to luxury hotels

  • Amenities
  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Dining
  • Service

are relevant to a business or family hotel as much as they are to a luxury hotel. The nature of the above is what would set a luxury property apart, though. With a luxury hotel they are expected to be of a higher, distinguishable standard.

That last one - service - is what would set a particular luxury property apart from other luxury hotels, and truly make it exceptional in my opinion. Personalization of service is key.

  • Were they expecting your arrival?
  • Do they greet you by name (not just at check-in, but during the course of your stay)?
  • Do they quickly learn and recognize your preferences (with anything from the time of day housekeeping services your room to what kinds of pillows you like)?
  • Do they recognize and acknowledge your being a return guest or member of the hotel's loyalty program?
  • Are genuine attempts made to accommodate requests (for instance, switching to a different room or getting an early check-in or late check-out)?
  • Are service inquiries responded to in a timely manner (be it asking for an ironing board if one is not present, or extra towels)?

... and a great many other aspects of the stay that relate to service. In that sense, it's really the staff and management that set a luxury hotel apart as exceptional. Many hotels can have fine amenities and excellent facilities; beautiful rooms and an excellent location; great restaurants or dining options on-property. For a luxury hotel to stand apart as exceptional among other luxury hotels, though, it's always been the quality of service that I've valued most.

Which are the best luxury hotel/resorts in Jaipur?

Profile photo for Sanjay Sharma

Sanjay Sharma·July 12, 2016 Lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan, IndiaNothing can beat Oberoi’s Rajvilas on Goner Road in luxury resort in Jaipur. Probably one of the best in country. There are more luxurious hotels around Jaipur, those falls under the category of resort. 1. Shiv Vilas, Kukas, Delhi Road 2. Fairmont, Kukas, Delhi Road 3. Le Meridian, Kukas, Delhi Road 4. Rambagh Palace, Rambagh Circle 5. Jai Mahal Palace, Ajmer Road All the above are good and luxurious and you can easily spend few days without coming out of the campus. Apart from above there are many good luxurious hotels in Jaipur as well inclu… Marriott, Hoilday Inn, Clarks Amer, Royal Orchids, Raddison Blue and so on. List is nearly endless. It all depends what type of environment you are looking for.

What is the best luxury hotel or resort in the world?

Profile photo for Quinn Ng

Quinn Ng·November 14, 2017

Miles and points hoarder

My favorite resort is the less known Intercontinental Sun Peninsula in Danang, Vietnam. It is located in the peninsula known as Monkey Mountain.

The rooms are spacious and all have views of the private bay.

We stayed for 4 nights and never got tired of catching the stunning sunrises and sunsets from our room.

We usually ate breakfast at one of the restaurants, in one of the inverted conical dining booths.

It felt so peaceful even though the restaurant was always busy. After a satisfying meal, we usually took the cable car to go down the beach.

We enjoyed strolling along the private beach.

I especially loved swimming at the infinity pool.

At night, we used our complimentary vouchers for some drinks by the bar.

Service was phenomenal. It rivaled the Japanese hospitality that we came to love during our stay in Japan. It was our first time in Danang but definitely won’t be our last. In fact, we are already planning a return trip in a couple of months.

It normally costs about $400 per night but we redeemed points for 4 nights free. Here are two detailed reviews if you’re interested.

Hotel Review: Intercontinental Sun Peninsula Danang Part 1

Hotel Review: Intercontinental Sun Peninsula Danang Part 22.7K viewsView 15 upvotesView shares1551

Which is the best luxury hotel in Ahmedabad?

Profile photo for Nitin Jhamb

Nitin Jhamb·January 14, 2016

Lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaI Recommend Only Two If Luxury Is Important In comparison to Other Metro cities in India. #1...Hyatt Regency AHmedabad:Ahsram Road #2...Hyatt Ahmedabad : Near Vastrapur Lake at ALpha One Mall #3...Crown Plaza : SG Road Other Well Known Brands are also available But I Observe they are also good In service but Lacks in Luxury Upto Some Extent Rest Of the Hotels in Must Be categorised as Budget Formats or Value for Money Which is also Good.

Which is a good luxury hotel in Gurgaon?

Profile photo for Sandeep Kaushik

Sandeep Kaushik·

October 10, 2019 Lives in Gurugram, Haryana, IndiaOriginally Answered:

Where are some luxury hotels in Gurgaon?

There are so many luxery hotels in Gurgaon.

1 The leela Hotel… Ambience Mall Gurgaon.

2 Oberoi Hotel—- Udyog Vihar Ph-4

3 radisson Hotel——- Udyog Vihar

4 Hayat Residency——— Near Maruti Udyog

5 Trident Hotel—-udyog Vihar

6 Westin Hotel— IFFCo Chowk Gurgaon

Taj Hotel—- Near Huda metro Station

Hope this will help you..

Cheers !407 views

What are some of the luxury hotels in Hyderabad?

Profile photo for Soumya Ranjan Udgata

Soumya Ranjan Udgata

·July 29, 2016

Lives in Hyderabad, Telangana, IndiaKartiya Hotel and Towers – A 4 Star luxury hotel in Hyderabad Elegantly designed spaces and ambience with every comfort is possible only at Katriya Hotel and Towers. This will make your trip to Hyderabad special for sure. Accepting the fact that I really had a good time at Katriya, I am suggesting this to you. I think the info that I know about this hotel may help you when you visit, have a glance below. Luxury Rooms Excellently designed 225 rooms with comfort and elegance are there. Along with this, there are 80 premium rooms which showcase the royalty like a King’s room in palace. Great hospitality and people working here are really friendly to receive. Banquet Halls Celebrations bring us happiness, and if some great place is available to celebrate, it will be awesome.  

Why are luxury hotels so expensive?

Profile photo for Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali·September 14, 2019

Hospitality Consultant

Definitely these hotels add value to the prices. They offer a different atmosphere, service quality, room sizes & gadgets, well-trained staff interactions with the guests, etc..etc..etc. Some of the hotel chains have created luxury cultures, and call them “Our standard” to stand tall among the rest, and sell their products & services at those prices. So creating different class among the guests and serving at such high prices.

In the end, it is not the extra luxury that creates guest experiences. One can still remember an experience in a 2-star hotel, and not remember having stayed at a super-luxury hotel.

Which are the most expensive hotels in the world?

How do I get discounts on luxury hotels?

Profile photo for O. Wisnu

O. Wisnu·

August 21, 2016

Top tier member at several hotel chainsI used to be more into cheap & comfort hotel before, but after understanding how things work, I now spent (on the average) over 50 nights at 5* hotels per year. I found out several ways that always save me money at 5* hotels. Here are my tips to get lowest price at 5* (if seeing the website price is too expensive): 1.

Certain hotels has deep discount if you work with certain companies (even if the trip is for leisure), and the price relatively flat all the year (except some blackout date such as NYE). Try getting this approach first. In my case, I had few hotels >25% cheaper than best rate I can find elsewhere. Another approach is, use your friend’s corporate rate for your stay (you may be asked for ID but mostly hotels wont bother). 2. Enroll to all hotel membership. Everytime you stay at certain(more)

Which is the best luxury hotel in Dhanbad?

Profile photo for Tiyasa Pal

Tiyasa Pal·May 17, 2019

Studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM)Originally Answered: Which is the best luxury hotel in Dhanbad?

I traveled many times in Dhanbad, visited many hotels one of the best and luxury hotel is HOTEL COCOON. It also one of the busiest commercial hubs in eastern part of India.

Facilities they provide- three fixture bathroom, adjustable centralized Air-Conditioner, wi-fi, direct dial phone, writing desk, 32’’ LCD, iron & ironing board, minibar, personal butler, hair dryer, hot & cold water facility 24 hours. On 5th floor a multi cuisine restaurant-Carramel, ; be it continental, Indian or the local delicacies, the dining menu of the Cocoon hotel is comparable to the best in the country. and a contemporary lounge bar-Cubbes at 1st floor. Excellent hospitality, very cooperative & friendly stuffs, superb location makes Hotel Cocoon incomparable.89 viewsView 1 upvote1

What is the most luxurious hotel that you have ever stayed in and how was your experience there?

Profile photo for Stephanie V

Stephanie V·July 11, 2013

had to add more pages to my passport

If luxury means absolute top-level service and comfort, coupled with attention to detail, I think the Four Seasons Hualalai, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is probably the most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed in. I have stayed there probably three or four times, although not for a few years.

To begin with, of course, it is a Four Seasons. I would estimate that the guest-to-staff ratio is no higher than 2:1, and the caliber of the staff is very high. So the jobs pay reasonably well for service jobs and the hotel has its pick of employees. Also, it is in Hawaii. All luxury hotels in Hawaii start with a huge advantage because of the immense natural beauty of the landscape and the benefits of the climate: open-air lobbies, exotic landscaping, etc.

The experience of staying at the Four Seasons Hualalai is really lovely. When you arrive they drape you with a nicely made kukui nut necklace and hand you a cup of ice cold fruit juice to sip on while you are checking in. Cheerful safari-suited bellmen put your bags on a golf cart and drive you to the pod your room is in, making conversation and telling you about the hotel features the whole time.

Your room is large, cool, spare, and elegant, with dark wood, a dark stone floor, wool and sisal rugs, very high thread count linens, and every amenity you could need. Downstairs in each pod there is a laundry room for guest use, with a washer and dryer and laundry soap, and of course there is no charge for it.

As you wander around the grounds it is easy to get lost because the pods of guest rooms mostly look alike. Here's where that high staff-to-guest ratio comes in: you can't be lost for more than 30 seconds before a staff member comes along and notices that you look confused, and directs you to your desired location.

The gym/spa is fabulous. I confess I have spent a lot of time there. I took my first Pilates lesson at that hotel sometime in about 2001, I think. I have availed myself of massages, pedicures, hair treatments, facials, tennis and swimming lessons, you name it. The massage treatments include some that are uniquely Hawaiian like an exfoliation treatment using ground-up Kona coffee beans and vanilla (I smelled like a really great latte for hours after that one).

There is a beach, of course, with umbrellas and attendants, where the teenagers take surfing lessons and outrigger lessons, and several swimming pools. I liked spending time at the adult pool, where there is limited shrieking and splashing (and where I once saw Heather Locklear -- my husband was very envious because he was in a meeting that afternoon). Not only do cocktail waiters regularly cruise the pool area to see if you want another mai tai, other attendants circulate with spray bottles of Evian and spritz you to keep you cool. (I am not making this up.) There are three or four restaurants on-site, plus a thatched-roof bar right on the beach. There's an open-air basketball court where I heard another guest's children say they had played a pickup game with Denzel Washington.

It is the kind of place where no detail will be spared to make you comfortable and help you relax and have fun.

I've stayed at luxury hotels that are glitzier than the Four Seasons Hualalai, but never experienced anything like the level of pure service, comfort, and cosseting that I found there.1.2K viewsView 5 upvotes51

How can a "luxury hotel" be defined?

Profile photo for Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman·December 28, 2018 Hospitality IT ConsultantHere is a selection of characteristics a luxury hotel should feature: * Allow an easy, simple and intelligent planning and booking process * Fast, easy, discreet Checkin & Checkout * The room offered is exact what a guest wanted (in terms of category, classification, physical location in the hotel, bed size…) * Amazing service: Guests should get the feeling that they are known and valued. Your staff should know them by name, be friendly (smiling!) and respectful. Housekeeping and gardeners should be quiet and not interfere with a guest's enjoyment of the property, maintenance personnel should appear at guests room within minutes etc. * Outstanding hotel dining: great breakfast (quality and quantity wise), Michelin-starred restaurants, 24 hours room service * Guest activities and amenities: High-end spa tre(more)

Which is the best luxury hotel in Andaman?

Profile photo for Shailesh

Shailesh·September 26, 2019

Former Manager at Mountain Edge Tours And Holidays (2014–2020)In Port Blair 4**** Hotel Sinclairs Hotel Peerless Hotel Sentinel Havelock 4**** Symphony Palms Beach Resort Silver Sand Beach Resort Taj Exotica Resort Neil Island 4**** Summer Sand Beach Resort For more details visit www.andaman.vacation(more)

Which are features of luxury hotels?

Profile photo for Sayaji Hotels Ltd

Sayaji Hotels Ltd·October 8, 2020

Live in the lap in of luxury with Sayaji hotels

You want a unique, upscale hotel experience next time you travel?

Searching online, you find the words “luxury,” “boutique,” or any number of “stars” thrown around. But these labels can deceive. Instead, look for 7 features that signify a truly luxury hotel or resort.

Here is a selection of characteristics a luxury hotel should feature:

  • Allow an easy, simple and intelligent planning and booking process
  • Fast, easy, discreet Check-in & Check-out
  • The room offered is exact what a guest wanted (in terms of category, classification, physical location in the hotel, bed size…)
  • Amazing service: Guests should get the feeling that they are known and valued. Your staff should know them by name, be friendly (smiling!) and respectful.
  • Housekeeping and gardeners should be quiet and not interfere with a guest’s enjoyment of the property, maintenance personnel should appear at guest’s room within minutes etc.
  • Outstanding hotel dining: great breakfast (quality and quantity wise), 24 hours room service.
  • Guest activities and amenities: High-end spa treatments, pool, 24-hour fitness center, laundry service, a concierge who knows more than Google…
  • Exclusive designer interiors, haute couture styling with fabulous artsy features and a state-of-the-art technology
  • Luxury room features: High-quality furnishings with opulent, expensive touches, attention to aesthetic detail, a quiet room with fresh air, original art on the walls, windows that open, robes and slippers, adequate storage, hangers, desk, reading chair, charging points, safe, good-size flat-screen TV, iPhone/iPod dock, coffee maker, full-length mirror, effective heating/AC system…And of course a King bed with a good mattress, and high-quality sheets.
  • Luxury bathrooms: Sufficient counter space, good water pressure, prestige or artisan toiletries, plenty of fluffy, high-quality towels, makeup mirror that lights, enough racks or hooks, ventilation…

In the end, “luxury” is in the eye of the beholder. Decide what’s most important to your comfort and enjoyment, and ask specific questions about potential accommodations until you’re promised what you want.157 views

What are some luxury hotels in Europe?

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Sindhu Satish·March 13, 2018

Lives in EuropeHere are some of my favorites : 1. Villa Honegg in Switzerland Credit : Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals Credit: Live Happy eat well 2. Casta Diva, Lake Como : Italy Credit: Small luxury hotels of the world Credit : Conde Nast traveler 3. Mystique in Santorini, Greece Credit: Starwood hotels Credit: Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals 4. Vedema, Santorini Credit: The National Herald Credit: Trip advisor 5. Aria Hotel, Budapest Credit : Budapest business journal Credit: Seele 6. Kayakapi Premium Caves - Cappadocia, Turkey (Including this as Turkey is where Europe meets Asia) Also this hotel is too gorgeous for me to miss out. Credit : Kayakapi Premium Caves - Cappadocia Credit: Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and(more)

Considering price as no object, which is the best Luxury Hotel to stay in Goa?

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Jill D'souza·Updated October 19, 2016

A graphic and web designer

I have been to Bogmallo Beach Resort, Goa in the month of April and must say it is an amazing location. It’s one of the 5 star resorts in Goa, right on the Bogmallo beach in South Goa. Even better, its just a few minutes away from the Goa airport. We really needed a break from the daily routine and that’s when we decided to stay at a resort for a day or two to refresh our senses. We looked up the internet to see which are the good resorts in South Goa and came across Bogmallo Beach Resort. Had heard about the beauty of this place before but had never been there. So we went ahead and booked one of their chalets online. We stayed there for two days and WOW! It was a wonderful experience. The views of the Arabian sea, the cosy room, the spa treatment, the authentic Goan food and hotel service.

Which is the best luxury hotel in Bangkok?

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Pas Sean·July 27, 2019

Interested in cities and urban economics

Thanks for the A2A.

You are spoiled for choices when it comes to the range of accommodation in Bangkok. There are hotels to suit every budget. There are dozens or so hotels that fit the mould of luxury, including local & international chains and luxury boutique resorts.

It’s impossible to list them all, let alone single out one or two. Hopefully this list will give you some idea.

Mandarin Oriental Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok - TripAdvisor.

This is probably one of the most well known luxury hotels. Opened as The Oriental in 1876 by Danish businessman Hans Niels Andersen, now one of the two flagship properties of Hong Kong based Mandarin Oriental Group. The hotel entertained many famous guests over the years and was voted the world’s best hotels for many years in a row in the 80s and 90s.

The hotel also boasts a two Michelin star French restaurant Le Normandie.

The Siam, one of the most exclusive hotels occupying a 1.2ha site on the banks of the Chao Phraya. It was converted from a family home to a luxury boutique hotel with 39 suite and pool villas. The design fused traditional Thai vernaculars with Art Deco. Designed by Bill Bensley.

Photos: The Siam | Colonial Atmosphere

Sukhothai Hotel

Located off Sathorn Road in Bangkok’s financial district. The hotel feels like a resort oasis amongst the jungle of skyscrapers. Designed by the late Australian architect Kerry Hill in collaboration with Edward Tuttle, designer of the first Aman luxury resort, Amanpuri Phuket.

Hotel Muse by M Gallery - located in the exclusive Langsuan neighbourhood. This is one of the highly rated luxury boutique hotels. It’s worth going just to check out Medici Kitchen.

Park Hyatt @ Central Embassy

This hotel is located in Ploenchit on top of Central Embassy mall, next to the British Embassy (hence the name). It was opened in 2017 and the first Park Hyatt Hotel collection in Thailand.

Waldorf Astoria Bangkok. The first Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Southeast Asia.

Photo: Hong Kong Tatler

Photo: Design Anthology Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

Rosewood Bangkok

Photos: Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects

Hyatt Regency Bangkok - Sukhumvit

New and upcoming luxury hotels..

Orient Express Mahanakhon - slated for opening in the fourth quarter of 2019, this will be the first Orient Express branded hotel in the world (modelled on the luxury Orient Express) and to be managed by Accor Hotel Group. The hotel will occupy the lower floors of King Power Mahanakhon Tower.

Cappella / Four Seasons at Chao Phraya

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Which are the best luxurious hotels in Siliguri?

Jitendra Kumar Singh·January 7, 2020

Works at HolidayIQ

Siliguri is dotted with hotels which provide accommodation to travellers from all walks of life. From budget hotels to luxurious resorts, there are all types of hotels in the city.
Here are some of the recommended luxurious hotels in Siliguri:
• Courtyard by Marriott Siliguri
• Lemon Tree Hotel Siliguri
• Hotel Saffron Crest
• Sinclairs Siliguri
• Royal Sarovar Portico212 viewsView shares2

What are the best luxury hotels Interior Designers?

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Ashleys Interior

June 28, 2019

The Ashleys definitely come in the category of best Leisure hotel interior designers. They have designed many budget hotels, business hotels, cafes, Fine dining restaurants. Ashleys have executed every project handed to them flawlessly.

Ashley's signature style always gives away the best designs ever. They strive to advance minimalist background, devising drama and eye-catching contrast against the decor elements. Ashleys believes in adding importance to space by creating designs more prolific, and valuable marketing tools, rather than capital investments. They surely know about making their designs exceeding the parameters, concerning a variety of other project prototypes. Ashleys works to devise the correct vibe by designing the perfect decor. They conceive hotel interior design with a great sense of depicting tranquillity and contentment. The rooms designed by Ashleys are the perfect blend of high aesthetics, offering a youthful, insignificant vibe. Their corporate interior design projects are created with a touch of opulence offering an aspirational vision to business travellers. Ashleys retained this by excellent facilities such as comfy bed, lamps and carpets. The entrance of the hotel is designed to fascinate the business migrants without being overwhelmed. As a hospitality Interior designer, their restaurant interior design is earthy chic appealed to the Hipster audience. Ashleys uses the contrast that provides relaxing and comforting vibes. They have provided their customers with excellent designs that would impress them on the view.

For their excellent work, Ashleys has been compensated with many awards and achievements. Their work has been praised by many clients and customers. Since 2004, they have started their professions and today Ashleys is one of the best and leading interior designers in Mumbai. If you want your restaurants, hotels, cafe to have an exotic and vibrant feel, you should surely contact Ashleys.129 viewsAre there any good websites that specialize in discounted luxury hotels?

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Debbie Schroeder

November 1, 2013

I booked a hotel with Virgo Travel, they offer hotel booking services and offer great discounts at 4 & 5 star hotels. I booked for Chicago but they offer hotels worldwide. I learned about them because they are the same team that from Guestmob which I really liked but Virgo is much better. They do all the work and all you need to do is book the hotel you like.435 viewsView 1 upvote1

Have you ever received poor service at a 5-star luxury hotel?

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Cody Shah·September 7, 2018I blog about living in luxury hotels for my living

For someone who spends about 250 nights in Luxury hotels - I feel I am qualified to answer the same.

Criteria -

Category of 5 star

  1. Not all 5-star hotels are same. They have a different category within them. St Regis hotels and JW Marriott hotels are both luxury hotels but it is automatically expected to have much grander service at St. Regis as compared to JW Marriott.

Brand Ethos -

Different brands of the hotel give premium to different parts of service and they carry different identity. You might like the taste of some and you might not like the taste of few.

Eg. W hotels, Curio collection, Andaz hotels etc

Some work towards more novelty and edgy factor. Some prefer providing high tech. Some prefer to provide high opulence while other provide simplistic living in the middle of the nature cut off from all sort of mobile phone, internet etc.

New Hotel vs Old Hotel vs Dated Hotel

New/Refurbished - if Hotels is extremely new and has recently opened or is in process of being refurbished - expect few hiccups as there might be small issues that haven’t been worked out.

Old hotel - if Hotel has been around for a while, expect it to have smoothen out its kinks and winks. If there are recurring issues. They know about it.

Dated Hotel - Some hotels were great back in the era but the management forgot to upgrade them. That TV looks 5 generation old. Those switches are clinky. There are not enough charging points. The carpet might smell. The toilet or shower leaks. The Internet isn’t there yet or it is there and it sucks.

Regional bias

If you travel to South America or Asia - hospitality tends to be better as there is an inbuilt classism built in the culture. The work just happens for you. As soon as you enter, someone fetches your bag. The environment is about pleasing you.

Europe and North America - They really don’t care so much as they treat everyone with or without money equal (I know it's not the whole truth but a generalization). Some hotels you won’t find anyone to help you with luggage. You are supposed to check in yourself. Take your bags to your room. No bellboy service to expect. You have to specifically ask for things that are taken for granted in Asia.

Food Choices

Some hotels have competent staff who can handle a variety of food. You can say things like celiac, keto, paleo, gluten-free, nut- free, allergen information etc and they can handle it. They can handle dietary choices well. I believe Westin hotels are best around the world in that particular category.

Last but not LEAST - SERVICE

There are countless times where a guest is uprighteous and demand for things that they feel they are entitled to. The hotel being in hospitality can choose or not choose to accommodate those requests.

On the flip side, hotel service might be terrible. They don’t know a thing about how to be hospitable. They make up their own rules. They don’t comply with the basics. There are management teams which you feel are out there to get every penny from you. You feel that they won’t do a thing for you until you pay for it through your nose. Even the staff can’t get room service or clean on time. You have to request for same thing 1000 times. They make promises that they can’t deliver upon. They mix up your orders. They do exactly what you tell them not to do.1.1K viewsView 3 upvotes3

How can I make my bed feel like a luxury hotel?

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Jeff Kirk·April 10Former professional hotel critic, current Airbnb Plus hostBuy a featherbed & high-quality linens. Frette is an Italian linen maker that dates back to the 19th century and basically invented the “hotel collection” linens now widely copied: Frette formerly only sold them to hotels, but once guests started noticing how nice they were, the company began selling them at retail. Speaking of which, you can buy them at a significant discount in any of multiple places: at Frette’s own biannual sales, where some of their lines are discounted by as much as 80%, or even on eBay, where sellers buy up discounted linens and resell them at a reasonable profit (but still for far less than retail). Finally, you can occasionally find them at Tuesday Morning stores, but that’s infrequent in my experience .

What is the best luxury hotel in Hawaii?

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Richard Taylor·January 4, 2019 Lives in Honolulu

There are plenty of excellent hotels in Hawaii. The better question is, what is the best one for you? What are you looking for? Any particular island? Beaches? Golf? Romance? Family stuff with kids? Volcanoes? Crowds? Seclusion? Island tourism or stay in the hotel enclave? I’m sure you know the names of the chain five stars - Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, etc.

All of them maintain very high standards at very high prices. In a way, they are very similar and it’s hard to say one is “best”. If you are going to Honolulu, the traditional standard of excellence is the Halekulani in Waikiki. Can’t go wrong there. For something a little funkier, try the Royal Hawaiian, a real tradition, and very nice and historic. You had better like pink in your room. It’s also known as the “Pink Palace”. For the other islands, decide what things matter to you, and get a good guide book, and find the one that is “best” for you.150 viewsView 1 upvote1

What type of luxury hotels do you know of?

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Hamid Rahali·June 30, 2015   I love travel !A hotel is an establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis. Facilities provided may range from a basic bed and storage for clothing, to luxury features like en-suite bathrooms. Larger hotels may provide additional guest facilities such as a swimming pool, business center, childcare, conference facilities and social function services.

Hotel rooms are usually numbered (or named in some smaller hotels and B&Bs) to allow guests to identify their room. Some hotels offer meals as part of a room and board arrangement. In the United Kingdom, a hotel is required by law to serve food and drinks to all guests within certain stated hours. In Japan, capsule hotels provide a minimized amount of room space and shared facilities. The precursor to the modern hotel was the inn of medieval(more)

Which are the best luxury hotels/ resorts in or around Munnar?

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George Varghese·June 16, 2017  Works at Business (2014–present)

This is Ragamaya Resort and Spa for you!! The view from each and every premier room is what you see in this photo.

Ragamaya though a little away from Munnar is nestled in the bosom of nature, (unlike most other resorts who claim to be in Munnar when they are not) in the midst of the rain forests and flora and fauna of the Western Ghats, away from the chaos of a busy hill station town and the hustle and bustle of tourists. A genuine getaway true to the definition of the word 'resort'.

Ragamaya is located at the Kerala Government declared Kalimali view point one of the most enchanting and captivating views in the world. It could even compare to the Rhine valley in Germany and the Amazon views. This is no exaggeration and only a visit there can satisfy your curiosity.

Ragamaya consists of 18 premier guests rooms, a Honeymoon nera (traditional kerala wooden homes) cottage and a 2 room family nera cottage.

Ragamaya's reputation speaks for itself self just check out our trip advisor reviews​. Great food, great ambience, great luxury and peace of mind.

Spandini is the Ayurvedic Spa at Ragamaya, where you can rejuvenate and reinvigorate yourself amidst the aura and ambience of a centuries old Kerala Ayurvedic Spa painstakingly reconstructed for you.

Come celebrate life and your blessings at the Kalimali Bhadrakali Temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali close to Ragamaya Resort and Spa.

Stay inspired for your life ahead.

Super-Luxury Resort to Stay - Ragamaya Munnar

Call: 08111993950/512.6K viewsView 19 upvotesView shares1922

Which is the best luxury hotel in Turkey?

Where can I find the best luxury hotel in Delhi?

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Rajiv Dixit·November 27, 2018, Digital Marketer (2014–present)

The Leela Palace, New Delhi

The Leela Palace, New Delhi is the best hotel in Delhi Adorned with magnificent architecture, finesse, and charm of Lutyen’s Delhi, The Leela Palace is the extra-luxury holiday you have always wanted. It has oversized suites and guestrooms, unrivaled restaurants, fitness centers, spa and pool facilities, and exclusive meeting spaces. Close in proximity to Presidential Palace, Prime Minister’s Office, embassies, and historical monuments, it resides in the poshest environment of the capital. So if you want state-of-the-art luxuries, this is the place to book.

Considered one of the best Hotels in the Country, this palatial luxury hotel is 6.8 km from the Qutub complex and 7.9 km from Humayun’s Tomb.

Each indulgent air-conditioned room features a private balcony and has a private plunge pool as well as a sitting area. It has a work desk, wardrobe, CD player, minibar and flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The private bathroom contains complimentary toiletries.

The property is 3.2 km from India Gate and Pragati Maidan. Indira Gandhi International Airport is 19.3 km away and New Delhi Train Station is 2.4 km away. Elan Restaurant & Bar serves pan-Indian, Mediterranean and South East Asian cuisines. Room service options are available 24-hours a day.

Where: Lodhi Hotel CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi

Contact: 9015749749

Room Rent INR (Avg): 23,000)

For more information visit - https://Workatclick.com/Delhi/Hotels

463 viewsView 2 upvotesView shares24What are the names of the 5 luxury hotels in the world?

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Alka Shukla March 24

1. Emirates Palace In Abu Dhabi - When it comes to luxurious hotels, this one is at the top. Costing approximately $3 billion to build, Emirates Palace has 394 grand rooms and suites, 40 meeting and conference rooms, a white sand beach, a myriad of pools and fountains, two sumptuous spas, marble imported from 13 different countries and over 1,000 Swarovski crystal chandeliers. This is the luxurious hotel in the world.

2. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa In California - If you have a need for speed, Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, the only Relais & Chateaux property in Southern California, has a program for you! Automobile enthusiasts can hit the road in newly-released Porsche models. Forget a quick lap around the parking lot, the high-performance vehicles can be checked out for four hours a time.

3. The Westin Excelsior - Built in 1906, The Westin Excelsior Rome has an impressive pedigree in the Via Veneto district. Though most rooms are affordable, their piece de resistance is the Villa La Cupola Suite, which was renovated at a cost of $7 million. This signature luxury cocoon spans two full floors, making it the largest suite in Italy. Furnished in grand old style with modern high-tech gadgets, hand-frescoed cathedral-style domes, its own private fitness area, Jacuzzi, and a formal dining room.

4. Burj Al Arab Hotel In Dubai - Built to resemble a billowing sail, the stunning architecture of Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai makes it one of the most photographed in the world. All rooms are luxurious suites spanning two floors with state-of-the art everything and incredible views. And beyond the unique over-the-top amenities like the attached helipad and hovering tennis courts, there is a vast array of futuristic dining and nightlife options.

5. The Plaza In New York City - Though the Big Apple has many legendary and swanky hotels, The Plaza is often the top choice for visiting VIPs. The Royal Three Bedroom Suite is styled in the most opulent of old world charm with a formal dining room for up to 12 guests, a library, a gymnasium, a grand piano, full kitchen (for personal chefs), and is serviced by its own private elevator.

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What is your feeling in a luxury hotel?

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Lynn Yeo·February 4, 2017I write at thetravelynn.comOh. It’s a great, indescribable feeling. But let me try to describe it for you. Imagine you have just flown for 14 hours in a relatively discomfort. You may be bored, sore or just simply impatient about taking such a long time to arrive at your destination. After what seems to be another 14 hours, you arrive at your 5* luxury accommodation. At first you take no notice of the resplendent decor, you are too tired and just want to get your check in over and done with. But wait, the receptionist offers you a a cold towel. You put it on your face and give it a whiff… Is that lemongrass? The icy temperature of the towels tighten your pores and instantly refreshes you, taking away any soreness in your eyes. Hmm, that’s not too bad. As you take a minute to enjoy the moment, she passes you an ice te(more)

What are the best luxury hotels in Istanbul?

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Paul Mcknight·July 26, 2019 Lived in IstanbulOriginally Answered: What are the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul?

Once was the Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha Mansion now the Les Ottomans

Click this link to view Excellence is Our Heritage the staff treat you really well,highly recommend.55 viewsView 1 upvote1

What are the best ways to get a hotel upgrade in a luxury hotel?

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Bruce Claver·July 25, 201620+ Yrs Luxury Hotel Management; Specialized Corp. Trainer

Do you mean a free upgrade or an upgrade at a discounted rate? There are a few ways.

  1. Tell the front desk or reservations it is your anniversary or honeymoon. If there is availability, they will usually upgrade, but no guarantee.
  2. Many hotels have an upsell program for the front desk agents. Everyone wins. You pay a little more for a suite that you would normally pay a lot more for, the desk agent makes commission, and the hotel makes more money and their average daily rate stays high.
  3. Ask if they have an upsell program. If he/she looks at you like a deer in headlights, this will not work. Try the next option
  4. If the hotel does not have an upsell program, make an offer to the desk agent. Let’s say your rate is $300 for a room. Ask the desk agent how much it is for a suite. Whatever they quote you, tell them you will agree to $50 more a night (or whatever you want to offer). They may balk.
  5. Ask to speak to a manager. Tell the manager that you will agree to the extra cost which will help them with their ADR (average daily rate) for a room that they otherwise sit empty anyway or if the hotel is full, they will probably have to give someone a free upgrade to. Why give a free upgrade when you are willing to pay more right now, just not full price.
  6. Immediately upon checkin, speak to the one person who has authority to make the decision without consequence, the assistant front desk manager. Go to the concierge or bell desk and ask the employee the name of the assistant manager or front office manager, then ask them to call him/her. When s/he comes out, be polite. Introduce yourself and greet them by name.
  7. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable. Take them aside, away from the ears of the other employees and simply tell them this is a special night or week and would like to see if any suites are available for as an upgrade.
  8. Now this is tricky because you cannot say you will take care of them but you can hold a large bill in your hand so it is clear what will happen. Some may say this amounts to a bribe but there is a fine line, especially if there are no hotel policies being broken. I realize this is a bit unorthodox, but depending on the property, does work.
  9. Meet and get to be friends with the Bell Captain. Ask him the best method or tell him it’s a special night. With the Bellman (and Captains), they work for tips so telling them you will take care of them is ok.
  10. Again, he should see a bill in your hand so he know you are not bullshitting. He does not necessarily need to see the entire bill. Bell Captains are always motivated by cash. If he is a veteran, he will go to the back, speak to someone (usually the manager or vip services representative), and make it happen. Each time you visit that hotel, you will get a suite as long as you call that captain ahead of time and tell him you are coming in. The more you tip, the nicer the suite.
  11. Offer the front desk agent a sandwich. This is the easiest option as long as you feel comfortable. To understand this, read my answer that has been viewed by over 200,000 Quora readers in the last 30 days to a similar question already asked. Bruce Claver's answer to What is the best way to get a complimentary room upgrade at a Las Vegas hotel?36.2K viewsView 246 upvotesView shares · Answer requested by Philip McKillen24679
  12. Which is the costliest hotel in Mumbai?
Profile photo for Vishal Chopra

Vishal Chopra·July 13, 2019

Lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaOriginally Answered: What is the most expensive hotel in Mumbai in India?

Built in 1903, the iconic Taj Mahal Palace stands majestically opposite the Gateway of India, overlooking the Arabian Sea. Sprawled over 2.6 acres, this luxurious hotel features 10 restaurants and a variety of traditional Indian therapies at Jiva Spa. It is probably the most expensive and luxurious hotel of Mumbai since a very long time.

Guests are spoiled for choice in dining options – the famous Wasabi by Morimoto offers innovative Japanese cuisine, while other culinary highlights include the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant and the poolside Aquarius Lounge. An exclusive private dining experience can be arranged at Chef’s Studio.

Stylishly designed with Indian-inspired decor and architecture, the rooms offer amazing sea, city or pool views. Each room comes with a 32-inch flat-screen TV, a well-stocked mini-bar, free WiFi and a luxurious bathroom. Guests receive 24-hour butler service. Yacht service is available at an additional charge.

You can pamper yourself with an indulgent treatment at the Taj Salon, take a dip in the landscaped pool or treat yourself to some luxury shopping at Dior, Louis Vuitton or Stephano Ricci. Ranging from dinner reservations to personal assistance for sightseeing, The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai also offers a royal historical hotel tour of the Palace wing.

Official website: Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai 427 views · Answer requested by Soumitra Debnath

Why do people like luxury hotels?

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Dick Karp·June 23, 2017  Frequent traveller and moderator on a popular travel site

I can’t answer why people in general like luxury hotels, but I can answer for myself, also including some information from the members who post on the luxury hotel forum on FlyerTalk - The world's most popular frequent flyer community

The biggest difference between a luxury and upscale hotel (upscale is the hotel category just below luxury) is usually not the room itself. In both of these hotel categories, a customer can expect a high quality premises.

The difference is in service. In an upscale hotel, they will likely accommodate your reasonable requests. In a luxury hotel, especially once you become a repeat guest, they will anticipate them. In a true luxury hotel, you get the feeling that anything is possible. Fresh caviar on an island in the middle of the South Pacific? A broken suitcase mysteriously repaired? Never have to call to report a burned-out light bulb? All of these and much, much more.

And the service is friendly, often invisible, and never condescending. A guest in a true luxury hotel never feels like hotel staff is acting snotty. Your wish really is their command.

Incidentally, the folks in the flyertalk forum would not accept either of the hotels mentioned by Jan Jo as a true luxury hotel. The Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore, is a large casino hotel. I doubt that there is a single casino hotel anywhere in the world that meets luxury hotel standards except possibly in a very few high roller suites.2.3K viewsView 5 upvotes · Answer requested by Tarikku Maman5

Which is the best luxury hotel in Madurai?

Nitesh Sakhre  April 24, 2019

The family visited Madhurai last year as a religious trip to Madhurai Meenakshi Temple. We resided in a hotel close to the place. My cousin took charge of booking Madurai hotels on her mobile app. The hotel we stayed in was JC Residency. The hotel allowed us to choose between Heritage Executive, Executive and Royal Suite.
The hotel offers complimentary tea/coffee and mineral water. The hotel has all modern facilities like room service, laundry, housekeeping, air conditioning, dry cleaning and such other facilities. We spent some time at the yoga and meditation centre.

The trip to Madhurai Meenakshi Temple was really relaxing. We all walked the distance and the Devi worship songs added to the serene ambience and atmosphere. Kids spent much time in the swimming pool. The youngsters splurged money on spa and jacuzzi in the hotel. The holiday was enjoyable to all. We clicked many pictures that remain part of the Madhurai Album at home.515 views

Which is the most luxurious hotel in Bangalore?

Other Ork  September 20, 2019

I have stayed at numerous luxury hotels in Bangalore, thanks to my regular business meetings. During my last visit to the garden city of India, I got a chance to stay at The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore. Located in the central Bangalore, near an 18-hole golf course, this luxury hotel is home to 184 magnificent rooms besides tons of world-class amenities including a state-of-the-art gymnasium, an all-weather outdoor pool, Rejuve-The Spa etc. Moreover, they serve the most delectable food at their in-house restaurants, namely 24/7 Restaurant, OKO, Baluchi etc.All in all, my experience at The LaLiT Ashok has been great. So if you are looking forward to staying at one of the best luxury hotels in Bangalore, let The LaLiT be it.(more)

What is the most luxurious hotel in Hong Kong, China?

Profile photo for David J Wong

David J Wong·August 24, 2018

Lives in Hong Kong

Well, it really depends on what you’re looking for and your definition of “luxury.” Either way, Hong Kong has a plethora of high-end hotels to choose from.

In Kowloon, I’d go for the Peninsula, the grand dame of Hong Kong hotels, and the Ritz Carlton. (how can you go wrong with a hotel that’s 100 floors up?). On HK Island, I like the Landmark Mandarin and Four Seasons. For a more boutique hotel feel, there’s the Upper House. Then there’s the Norman Foster-designed Murray Hotel. Haven’t actually been to that one as it only opened up recently, but almost anything designed by Norman Foster is cool in my books!305 viewsView 5 upvotes5

Which are the best luxury hotels in Shimla?

Profile photo for Ajay Gautam

Ajay Gautam·September 10, 2019

Co-Founder at Travellingbee (2000–present)

List of Best Luxury Hotels in Shimla

  • Oberoi Wildflower Hall
  • Ashiana Clarks INN
  • Club Mahindra Mashobra
  • Hotel Marina
  • Woodsmoke Resort and Spa
  • Agyaat Vaas-the Himalayan Retreat
  • Koti Resort
  • The Oberoi Cecil
  • Club Mahindra Naldhera Pristine Peaks,
  • Sandhya Hot Spring Health Care
  • Shimla British Resort

Hope it helps you & if you are seeking any help you can contact on my profile.

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You can find us on Google for more enquiries as “Travelling Bee”

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Who are the typical visitors of luxury hotels?

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Fred Landis·November 8, 2013

Investigative Reporter

The typical visitors are those using the bar or restaurant.

The typical overnight guest is a businessman. head of state,rock star, recently divorced person who's wife got the house, tourist, or person who got the room as part of a package deal.590 views

Which luxury hotels in the Maldives offer the best kids clubs?

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Suman Mehra·September 19, 2014 Works at Freecie.com (company)

I think the best part about Maldives is their awesome range of accommodation options. Especially when you're looking for an absolutely pampered holiday, Maldives is an ideal option.

Here are some of the best luxury resorts in Maldives:

1. Constance Moofushi Resort
2. Four Seasons Resort Maldives, Kuda Huraa
3. Kuramathi Island Resort
4. Soneva Gili Resort
5. One & Only Reethi Rah

For more details, check this link out: 10 Most Luxurious Resorts in Maldives

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What items do I put in my bedroom to make it look like a luxurious hotel?

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Annie Wang·May 31, 2015  Studied at University of California, Davis  Originally Answered: What items do I put in my bedroom to look like a luxurious hotel?

You don't put more items into your bedroom to make it look like a luxury hotel room. You take items out.

Hotels, even the finest, are notable for their impersonality. If you like that look, then you need to remove clutter. Take away the excessive picture frames, tchotchkes and other clutter which indicate that a person actually lives, breathes and litters in the room. Pretty much every surface should be cleared off, just as in a hotel room. Basically, a vase of flowers and a couple of coffee table books are all that's acceptable if you really want to re-create a hotel room look.

Hotels often also have matching suites of furniture, which is not something you want to replicate in your residence. It's fine for a hotel -- after all, they can spend only so much time and money on the design of dozens or hundreds of rooms. Practicality is the real reason for matching furniture.

You're going to get a better result modeling your interior on the basis of what you like, or using very good pieces of furniture as a foundation to build upon. Nobody who appreciates interiors and design should aspire to a space designed to be an impersonal, if luxurious, backdrop to a rotating cast of travelers.2.9K viewsView 18 upvotesView shares181

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What are the best luxurious hotels in the Philippines?

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Francis Xavier·October 23, 2017  Studied at Earth (planet)Originally Answered: What are some luxury hotels in the Philippines?

There are quite a bunch of them. Shangri La, Monarch, Mandalay, Hyatt, Orchid, Ramada, Regency (Just quickly to name a few I have seen myself)64 views

How many luxury hotels are in India?

Karsoo India·July 30, 2018 Information Provider (2017–present)India is no uncertainty a standout amongst the most well known goals on the planet for occasions, breaks, special nights and family trip. In any case, it is the hardest undertaking for any traveler to discover the best lodging on the web before pick any one. In this way, here is the rundown of best 5 Best Palace Hotels In India which I've shortlisted according to my movement experince in view of the inn atmosphere, nourishment, staff, and over all vibe of the lodging. 1. Lake Palace, Udaipur 2. Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur 3. Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad 4. Lalitha Mahal Palace, Mysore 5. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur(more)

What are the best luxury hotels in Jakarta?

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Rafi Pramadio·April 10, 2019, Lives in Jakarta

I nominate the following hotels:

  1. Keraton at The Plaza (very central location. Club lounge is absolutely fantastic. Linked to Plaza Indonesia, the hottest shopping mall in Jakarta)
  2. The Raffles (the Saudi king and crown prince stayed here during their respective visits. Probably because Kingdom Holdings own Fairmont/Raffles/Swissôtel, but also because its suites are very beautiful)
  3. Mandarin Oriental (one of the OG luxury hotels in Jakarta. Very central location)
  4. The Dharmawangsa (fantastic if you'd like a quiet residential neighbourhood, and its design are a celebration of the New Indies architecure, well incorporating Indonesian elements)
  5. The Westin (newest on the list. Focused on wellness, and the afternoon tea at the club lounge was lovely)
  6. The Ritz-Carlton, Pacific Place (nice location. Linked to Pacific Place, one of the best shopping malls in Jakarta)
  7. The Kempinski (the OG luxury hotel in Jakarta)199 views

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What are the best luxury hotels to stay in London?

Sunborn London Yacht Hotel  September 1, 2017

If you are looking for a luxurious hotel to stay in docklands, London, Then you can visit Sunborn London Yacht Hotel. The Sunborn London Yacht Hotel is a luxurious floating hotel situated at the docklands in London. Equipped to four-star luxury standards, the yacht is tailor-made for its London mooring using the highest standards in construction, safety and technology to meet the highest specifications. For more details you can visit their website at http://www.sunbornhotels.com/london/(more)

Is the Four Seasons considered a luxury hotel brand?

Olen Soifer·February 1, 201920+ years of (forensic) analytical experience regarding hospitality management.See Dick Karp’s answer, which points to the fact that…contrary to what you might think, if you’re not a seasoned traveler…it is impossible to be assured of a certain level of service or quality simply by the name or brand of hotel. That is, “generally” does not mean “always”. Regardless of the standards that the brand or “flag” sets, it cannot be continuously aware of how well each individual property adheres to those standards. Also, bear in mind that, star ratings refer to both institutional ratings and guest ratings…which may or may not be equal: Also, up to sub-4-star properties, their rating will be determined mostly by number & quality of amenities. At 4-stars & higher, the rating is mostly related to the quality of service. In that regard, I have seen as many “luxury” properties “tr(more)

What is the best luxury hotel in Perth?

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Wayne Brown·May 2, 2017  Lives in Perth, Western Australia  This is a very subjective question and also depends strongly on your definition of ‘luxury’. I don’t tend to spend a lot on top-end hotels but I did treat my wife for her birthday last year at the Duxton Hotel in Perth. It was a very pleasant stay and we were treated very well by the staff and upgraded when they realised it was for her birthday. We didn’t go anywhere but enjoyed ourselves at the hotel. I’d be happy to stay there again. For yourself, define what you think ’luxury’ means and then use one of the many hotel booking websites that have filters so you can find what ‘luxury’ things you are after and also reviews for each of the hotels. Then you can make a more informed decision about which ‘luxury’ hotel to stay in and ensure you enjoy yourself, which is the most important thing. Hop(more)

Why are luxury hotels in Metro Manila so expensive?

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Daniel R. Vizena·October 3, 2016  RetiredI stayed there a few times! It seemed reasonable for the room I received for the price. This was 8 years ago. Hints they charge a lot for I ternate but free in many lobbies, don't touch any of the pay to use room amenities! Buy water etc at the store for your room. Location costs more. You want nice you pay for it and with a lot of visitors they can get the money. If you know someone have them check the price for you as they charge foreigners way more! I will go again but I shall rent a condo or appartment. Get a wifi hotspot if you use a lot of Internet. Get a phone that takes a SIM card and buy a sim and minutes there. Prepaid! Shop the smaller malls!

Besides better marketing, what are some things that ultra luxury hotels can have that luxury hotels usually do not have?

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Yan Vacher·January 19, 2017 Founder of UPGRADES - Ex GM of a 5* Hotel (2016–present)

Sorry but ‘ultra luxury hotels’ don’t have a better marketing (even if obviously, always relevant). But this very feeling you have is a reward of what they at pains at providing every day, all year long - and above all, a better service. With enough infos about you before your arrival, on your first stay, you will see many people trying to attend what you’re expecting at, and always, mentioning your name, as if you were a regular client, or some top notch Hollywood actor. That’s a real difference, and trust me, hours and hours of training, mystery guests, etc., behind. A real and consistent investment. As for knowing how they did grab infos about you, usually two ways : what’s online and/or your personal travel agent input.(more)

What should guests expect from a luxury hotel?

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Maureen Barstow·July 27, 2020  Former Secondary educator for 34 years

A Large exquisitely decorated room with equally large bathroom and luxurious bed linens and towels, and the best quality bath essentials. Most rooms should have a comfortable seating area and working space. Well stock refrigerator and a gold key (card) to a special private dining or reading/relaxing area of the hotel for breakfast with newspapers from around the world. Same area available later in the day for refreshments and drinks. The concierge would arrange for your dinner reservations and complimentary driver to take you to restaurant and return you to hotel after dinner. Some will assign you your own personal butler, for taking clothes to be laundered or pressed, etc.72 views

What annoys you the most when you are staying at a luxury hotel?

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Maxwell Arnold·Updated August 18, 2017

from hostels to five-star, I've stayed in them all.The implicit obligation that I supposedly have to tip anyone with a pulse… and the guilt that comes from people knowing you paid a lot of money to stay here, which translates to “if you can afford to stay here, you can afford to tip me well”. It makes me feel so uncomfortable, and as though I’m a target for people to schmooze and try to squeeze money out of. I hate tipping in general. Don’t get me wrong - I’m not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. It’s not that I mind paying the money that it takes to tip people. If you’ve got to pay it, you’ve got to pay it. What I do mind is being hustled for tips at inappropriate times (do I look like I’m unable to bring my own bags to my room, Mr. Bellman?), and being shamed for tips when I was supposedly meant to tip you (I’m sorry that I missed(more)

What is the best luxury hotel/room in Barcelona?

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Alexandra Belskaya·April 10, 2019  Copywriter  For all I know, Majestic is considered to be top. Check out this link for other hotels Top 10: the best luxury hotels in Barcelona(more)

Which are the best tools and software that could help manage a future small luxury hotel (around 40 rooms)?

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Mellie Hens·September 25, 2017  Serial Entrepreneur

So, somebody is going to have a luxury hotel.

That’s great..

Well, as an ex-hotel manager I would like to suggest you to have a great booking system installed on your website first.

And to get your hotel connected to major OTAs and other hotel booking aggregators, you need to have an effective Channel Manager too.

These are tools you must need to start and gear up your hotel business.

Now, the best one, in my experience, is iRoomi.

It’s a leading Booking system that would help your guests to book with no troubles or complexity.

And the best thing is that it comes with a Channel Manager, meaning you don’t have to bother having two different tools to manage and operate your bookings.

iRoomi offers many other features, and to give you an idea here I’m going to mention a few of them…

- iRoomi provides a stunning "Book Now" button which can be easily integrated into your site

- With it, you can get more direct bookings and avoid hefty fees from , Airbnb, Expedia, TripAdvisor...

- And there’s no limit of receiving commission-free bookings

- iRoomi comes with a Free setup and integration service. So you don’t have to hire a board of experts to get thing installed.

- With it’s Channel Manager you can easily organize and sync your all bookings on a single website.

- And it’s multiple languages and currencies support will make booking easier for your international guests.

iRoomi has many other features, and to learn about them you can make a quick visit to their official website here https://www.iroomi.com/

Hope it helps

Cheers………505 viewsView 30 upvotes30What are some good luxury hotels in Delhi that are located near city center?

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Dilshad Master-Kumar·October 2, 2012  I'm a traveler - in every which way.1. The Imperial - if you're into heritage properties. It's over a 100 years old and a beautiful place. Fantastic restaurants as well. 2. Taj Mansigh - part of the Taj group of hotels. No need to say anymore - quality guaranteed. 3. Taj Palace - another Taj property and for some reason, Bill Clinton's favourite (stays here whenever he comes to Delhi). It's considered to be in the city center but there's no metro or local transport so I;d avoid this one. 4. Oberoi Hotel - again, a chain that needs no introduction. Super food. 5. The Aman - a cult hotel. Google it. Got to have the best swimming pool I've ever seen in a 5-star property (this one is a 7-star one), fantastic gym and some great restaurants. Expensive - even more so than the ones mentioned above. You did say "good" so I've left out Le Meridian, Sh(more)

South Africa: What is the most luxurious hotel in Cape Town?

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Akili Travel November 24 Best hotels in Cape Town. The best hotels in Cape Town, chosen by our expert, including luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels. 1. TAJ CAPE TOWN Taj Cape Town is a luxury hotel set in the vibrant heart of downtown Cape Town, offering guests a combination of refined Indian hospitality and an authentic Cape Town experience. 2. 52 DE WET Residing in Bantry Bay, an exclusive Cape Town suburb, 52 De Wet is located high up, on the slopes of Lion’s Head Mountain, where you are sheltered from the famous Cape Doctor, the strong south-easterly wind that blows through Cape Town from October to March, clearing up the city’s air and taking the edge off the summer heat. 3. TINTSWALO ATLANTIC One of Cape Town’s hidden gems and best kept secrets is Tintswalo Atlantic, a 5 star, award-winning boutique lo(more)

Which is the best luxury hotel in Australia?

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Adam Efimoff· March 25, 2020 Been to many luxury hotelsi am going to say go overseas . Unless you are going to Saffire Freycinet or Como In Perth. Don’t bother.Four Seasons Sydney and Crown Towers while fine are nothing like the Four Seasons George V and Four Seasons London.

Gold Coast has no luxury hotels the Palazzo Versace is upscale but not luxury. And going to the Four Seasons in Bali or Siam in Bangkok will be cheaper and nicer. Service Staff are not as good as in Asia or Europe or USA. In some cities there are none like Noosa neither the Sofitel or Peppers are true luxury and overpriced with silly service spa and dining. Longitude 131 avoid at all costs. I would go to Annandale - Luxury Villa Accommodation or Kauri Cliffs in NZ if you want something closer. I hate Australian Hotels with a passion.(more)

What is the most luxurious hotel in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

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Henry·March 16 Lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh (1988–present)

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Now a days you will find few numbers of luxerious hotels in Dhaka City. Among them Hotel Radisson Blu is the most luxurious hotel in my point of view. Why it is most luxurious hotel in Dhaka, will be discussed by mentioning few standards:

Location: It is located very near to main airport that is Hazrat Shahjalal International airport. It also adjucent to Baridhara, Dhaka cantonment, Gulshan and Banani, considered most lucrative place in the country.

Structure: It is built with most advanced architectural symbol.

Services: You will get multiple services in this hotels which is included luxurious room, 24 hours reception,airport transfers, high-speed internet connection, spa, bar, multiple food service and many others. Which will attract it's guest.

Source: Google map.29 viewsView shares1Which is the most luxurious hotel/resort in Havelock Island?

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Harshit Kothari·April 4, 2016 aviation enthusiast, engineer in the making and much more!

Wild Orchid , Havelock Island was pretty good while we were there.They have Luxurious andamanese cottages.Vijaynagar beach is 2 minutes walking distance from the reception (private beach).Red Snapper: Their restaurant is one of the best places to eat in havelock , people from other resorts visit their restaurant for dinners.

You can request the reception if you want to use internet. However , internet access/Wifi should be the last on your priority list while in Havelock. Use this opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of this paradise away from all the distractions.

Explore the silver sands and the blue seas of this beautiful tiny island far far away from the Indian mainland.Don't forget to go for scuba Diving in Havelock's transparent waters.Spend at least 2-4 days at Havelock , trust me you will never regret.

Enjoy:D2.9K viewsView 1 upvote1Which 5 Star luxury hotel is the best?

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Danny Omand·July 29, 2017Former Affiliate Marketing

Make holidays more memorable with the right hotel booking

Planning for a holiday can be a hard task. There are many things that should not be overlooked to have a trip that is hassle-free and enjoyable. From the start, you have to dig through hundreds of deals just to find the best airfare. Of course, you also have to carefully iron out your schedule and make sure that you can file a leave from work or have a break from managing your business or from school. More importantly, you also have to take care of hotel booking. More often than not, accommodations will make or break your holidays, which is why it is critical to choose wisely.

Find the Right Price

Among others, one of the first things that you should do is to search based on price that your wallet can realistically handle. Settle for cheap hotels if you do not have the luxury of financial resources and if you would rather splurge on food and activities than your accommodation. From our website, you can find the cheapest deals that are available. For sure, you will not have to spend too much to have a pleasurable stay in some of the best hotels in your chosen destination.

Book as Early as Possible

If you want to take advantage of the best rates, one thing that we recommend is to secure your reservations as early as possible. Whether it is Paris hotels or London hotels, among others, you can avail of cheaper prices if you book in advance. Also, find the right timing of your trip. Travelling on a lean season, without a doubt, will be easier on a pocket than a trip on a peak season. Plus, you get to enjoy the place sans the crowd.


When it comes to hotel booking, another important thing to consider would be location. For instance, if you are booking Paris hotels, choose one that will give you easy access to the top attractions in the city, or perhaps one with a good view of the iconic Eiffel Tower. It should also be near public transportation terminals, restaurants, shops, and any other place that you might find interesting. Of course, safety is also an essential consideration when trying to choose the right location.

Hotel booking should never be a hard task. Rather than going through each hotel individually, we will provide you with an easy-to-use platform that will make it easy to book your choice of accommodations. Whether it is lavish London hotels, kid-friendly hotels in Vienna, or cheap hotels in Amsterdam, among others, we got you covered. For sure, with our help, planning your holidays will be much an easier task!153 views

What types of mattresses do high-end hotels use?

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Mitanshu Goyal·January 23, 2020Luxury enthusiast!The hotel! A place which is mostly remembered after the vacation for the toiletries that they provided or the mattresses that felt like heaven. Those jumpy mattresses with springs and the ultimate comfort which we can never find in our beds at home. Those mattress used by these high end-hotels is spring mattresses, which though feel comfortable and relaxing, could be a toll on your health. It can harm your back in the long-term and surely would be a cause of back pain. The organic counterpart of this is Natural Latex mattress! Yes, you’ve heard it right! This bad boy provides you with the same luxurious comfort that you crave for when the holiday is over. The latex mattress is made from natural sap that is extracted from rubber tree. It is known as the greenest mattress available! Some of the trai(more)

Can luxury hotels withstand a recession?What are the best Luxury Hotels in New York?

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Mohamed Mahmoud Updated May 7, 2019

There are a lot of best five-star luxury hotels in New York such as The NoMad Hotel, The Whitby Hotel, Conrad New York, The Bowery Hotel, and Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown but you will pay a lot of money to stay in that type of hotels and so, If you really like to stay there and want to get the best prices on most luxury hotels in New York, we suggest you visit The site of 5 star hotels in New York to find the best deals on all luxury hotels in New York because this site is the specialist hotel booking site to show all five-star luxury hotels in New York with the best rates and discounts. You could also get the best hotels there through the site of 5 star hotels in NYC, as well as the site of hotels in midtown NYC and the site of hotels in Times Square New York.


Where can I find best luxury hotel in Ranikhet?

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Rohit Kumar·January 19, 2017  Travelling ExperienceWelcomHeritage Windsor Lodge is located at a vantage point on a wooded hillock with a commanding view of snow-capped mountains, thick pine and cedar forests and the sweep of the Ranikhet Golf Course. It is located in Kalika Estate, in the village of Dadgallia, on the outskirts of the Ranikhet cantonment town, just high and removed enough to seem remote and yet within easy reach of all the hill station's amenities and activities.(more)

Which is the best luxury hotel in Rome?

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Raju Prasad·December 19, 2018

From My Travel ExperienceThese are some best luxury hotel in Rome are as follow: 1.Hassler Roma - 5-star hotel Address: Piazza Della Trinità dei Monti, 6, 00187 Roma RM, Italy•+39 06 699340 2.Berg Luxury Hotel Rome - 4-star hotel Address: Via Aurora, 29, 00187 Roma RM, Italy•+39 06 4202 0277 3.The St. Regis Rome - 5-star hotel Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 3, 00185 Roma RM, Italy•+39 06 47091 4.Hotel Indigo Rome - St. George - 5-star hotel Address: Via Giulia, 62, 00186 Roma RM, Italy•+39 06 686611 if you are planning your trip to Rome and required to book a luxury hotel then kindly concerned with Adequate Travel, here you will get up to 10% cashback on hotel booking. The process to get up to 10% cashback on hotel booking: Adequate Travel | Online Travel Guide, Provides Travel Tips, Travel Destination(more)

What are the best luxury hotels in Leeds?

Malik Khan·October 15, 2019

Hi try Oulton Hall on the outskirts of Leeds,

Its a fantastic manor house with four or five star rating set in glorious gardens

If you fancy something more central i would recommend Boutique Hotel in Leeds City Centre13 viewsView 1 upvote1

Which one is the best luxury hotels in Nainital?

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Alen Parker·April 3, 2019 Senior Marketing Analyst at Netbox Blue (2012–present)Set Amid lush foliage, Resort De Coracao is just 7 Km away from Jim Corbett. It has classy rooms with amazing décor. You can plan your next trip and stay in peace in this beautiful luxurious resort. Resort De Coracao is full of all modern amenities in Jim Corbett. This resort has an in-house restaurant with private Jacuzzi, Spa with sauna and steam room. Their esteemed guest enjoys a lot by participating in their indoor and outdoor games activities. So Plan your trip to Nainital but Please make your accomodation at Resort Decoracao which will be really a memorable stay. I bet you.(more)

Why do people stay at midscale hotels over economy or luxury hotels?

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Gordon Miller·Updated May 5, 2019 Entrepreneur and InvestorCost and value and a consistently good experience. I have luckily only had to stay at a budget hotel once. It was the last time I ever would. It was 3am and I had an 8am meeting with the US Army at Ft. Belvoir in Virginia. I had failed to request on base housing and the area around the installation is sketchy at best.

I got to the hotel (won’t use the chain name) and I was given the last room. The fact that there were armed police outside the office should have been my first clue that this was not going to be good. I went to my room at the far end of the motel and opened the door… the bed was stripped bare and there was a roughly 4 foot circular blood pattern on the carpet at the foot of the bed and blood all over the mattress and walls. I went back to the office in shock. I explained what(more)

What is the best luxury hotel to stay at in Tokyo, irrespective of location and price?

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Kerry Champion·May 23, 2013

Lapsed software engineer. Midnight Quora surfer.

The Peninsula is the best.

  • Interesting modern architecture that is classy but simple. Nothing ornate and baroque.
  • Rooms with every creature comfort. For example a small separate delivery closet so your morning paper or your dry cleaning can be delivered to your room without disturbing you. Another example is that the climate control shows outside temperature and wind so you know how to dress.
  • Attentive but unobtrusive service.
  • Great location: view of Imperial Palace, entrance directly onto subway station, very central location without feeling super loud or busy, kitty-corner from Hibya park if you want a stroll through some greenery.
  • Very good bar and restaurant, with great views and fun inventive modern interior design.
  • Excellent gym and pool. The pool is several floors up so while you are lounging by the pool and catching some rays you feel isolated from the street. You also get some nice views of imperial palace from the pool.702 viewsView 3 upvotes31
  • How do I become a luxury hotel reviewer?
Profile photo for Erik Fair

Erik Fair·January 14, 2015

Software & Network EngineerStay in Luxury Hotels. Write reviews about your experiences. There are many hotel review web sites that will be happy to accept your writings, e.g., Yelp (product), TripAdvisor (product).(more)

What is the difference between luxury hotel sheets and domestic sheet sets?

Profile photo for Miles Dolphin

Miles Dolphin·September 29, 2014 Owns and runs a small hotel in the UK.The simple answer is "original quality" which is made up from material and "thread count". Hotel linens have to be able to withstand many more washes than ordinary domestic linens.

They will have a tighter and finer weave, as well as heavier duty seams. Please compare the sheets here Boutique Linen & Bedding Collection and the ones here White cotton rich percale bed sheets at debenhams.com Debenham's sheets The term percale describes the weave of the fabric and, requiring a minimum of 180 threads per square inch, always denotes quality. This high thread count ensures a tighter, softer and more luxurious product. * These goods were on sale at the highest price from 22.04.14 to 28.04.14. Sold at the reduced price since 29.04.14. * Cotton rich percale: 60% combed cotton 40% polyester Hilden's bouti(more)

I want to plan a trip to Europe. What are the most beautiful countries/cities to visit? Should I stay at boutique hotels or luxury hotels/resorts?

Profile photo for Robert Jones

Robert Jones·December 16, 2016 Technologist, Founder


Venice may conjure images of romantic gondola rides down the Grand Canal, but this City of Water isn't only for swooning lovebirds. With an abundance of theaters, churches, historic sites and notable eateries, all types of travelers will enjoy Venice's charms.


Just cant do a Europe tour without visiting this place.

Roma is a can't-miss spot on your European tour. The aroma of fresh Italian cooking wafts through alleys and historic sites sit at every turn. The Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica and the awe-inspiring Trevi Fountain are essential attractions for any traveler.


Paris is filled with iconic museums (like the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay), monuments (like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe) and churches (like the Sacré-Cœur and Notre Dame). Still, save some time for drawn-out meals and relaxing at sidewalk cafes.


Exploring the world-class British Museum, seeing a musical in the West End, touring the Tower of London and gorging on fish and chips at a local pub are all part of the London experience. However, London's high hotel prices can make budget travelers cringe.

Happy travelling!410 viewsView 1 upvote1What’s your naughtiest experience in a luxury hotel?Are you looking for luxury hotel in Faridabad?

Profile photo for Eros Group

Eros Group·September 1, 2016Lived in New DelhiInvesting in market shares can absolutely be seen as a lucrative endeavor, especially when economic situations support the decisions you've made, however buying a property is one of the best option to be considered. Property – along with hard cash, securities and shares – is one of the four most normal sorts of speculations. Property investment takes numerous forms as well, from buying a house to renting, & shops sales etc. There are many shops for sale in Dwarka, luxury hotels in Faridabad and commercial space for sale in Nehru Place which can earn you god returns. There are a few stories of flats/ plots from the '60s which were purchased for a couple of thousand rupees being sold for Crores today. That is the sort of stuff that keeps the legend of investment in real estate’s perfectly h(more)

What is the average guestroom to employee ratio say, at a mid level hotel and a luxury hotel?

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Lane Craver·March 8, 2016Works at The Heathman Hotel PortlandI personally work at a luxury boutique hotel in downtown Portland. It has 150 rooms and two employees handle it well over night. Three is ideal for Friday and Saturday night. We recently had a new owner buy the hotel and skeleton crewed the staff. .the place is no longer a fun place to work, and they are cutting pay to the people who have been there longest. I received a .20 cent raise, but a two and a half dollar an hour cut in pay by then dividing the shift and cutting my in room dining tips out. I used to do night audit, valet, front desk, in room dining, personal concierge, security customer service, and reservations . Now I am not allowed to do in room dining. .but everything else. When we were truly the best, we had four auditors, working four ten hour shifts on gra(more)

What has been your insanely luxurious hotel stay ever?

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Noel Raphael·April 24, 2019 Former President - Owner Adelson Bros, Inc. at Manufacturers Rep Kitchen & Bath Plumbing & Heating Supply (1988–2008)Ritz Carlton Resort in Maui Hawaii! Beautiful grounds inside and out with beautiful spas and treatments, Great pool and gardens, free flying beautiful birds and peacocks…and best of all in my book…impeccable service!(more)

Which is the best luxury hotel in Verona?

What are the best and luxuries hotel in Bhopal?

Profile photo for Tarun Moolchandani

Tarun Moolchandani·September 14, 2016 Lives in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaOriginally Answered: what are the best and luxuries hotel in Bhopal ?

Jehan numa palace hotel \U0001f44d\U0001f3fd196 viewsView 1 upvote1

What is the most luxurious and expensive hotel in Kolkata?

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Nandita Goldar·August 18, 2019

Founder at High Fashion Chic (2019–present)Among the best luxurious hotels in Kolkata following are on top. ITC Royal Bengal- A luxury collection Hotel It is one of the best and hospitality is really incredible here.Situated in EMbypass one can see the huge mansion like structure which looks royal in itself. It is not so far from airport and is well connected from every part of bengal.Price ranges from 10.5k to 15k/night. Taj Bengal- Situated in Alipore,Taj provides you with an exquisite environment in the heart of city of joy.All the tourist places are nearby and it's price ranges from 9.5k to 15.5k /night. The Oberoi Grand- The Oberoi Grand offers you incredible experiences which you can never forget.Situated in 15 Jawaharlal Nehru road Kolkata,it's price ranges from 7.5k to 9k/night Hotel hindusthan International- HHI are a chain of lu(more)

What's the most luxurious 5 star hotel in London?

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David Pfeiffer·December 3, 2018Lives in LondonWhen you reach 5-star levels, almost every amenity is provided, so “the best” is about taste, location, etc. One assumes that price is irrelevant in this context. The Savoy is my favourite hotel. There was a complete renovation of this ancient property around eight years ago. The history is hardly matched by any other hotel, but now it has shiny, new rooms. The attached theatre usually has a good show, although, given the history (you need to search that on the internet), they should always have a Gilbert & Sullivan musical ongoing. In any event, the theatre is a very special location itself. Of course, the famed American Bar is on the ground floor. There are a huge set of windows facing the Thames where High Tea is served. My main misgiving is the restaurant selection. There is mainly one q(more)

What is the most luxurious hotel in Dubai?

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Rohan Potnis·August 20, 2019  Lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2014–present)This are my favorites luxurious hotels in dubai * ATLANTIS THE PALM DUBAI. This dynamic property is rising in Dubai from the coastline of the largest man-made island in the world, the Palm Island. ... * BURJ AL ARAB * RAFFLES DUBAI. ... * PARK HYATT DUBAI. ... * JUMEIRAH AL QASR. ... * FOUR SEASONS DUBAI AT JUMEIRAH BEACH. ... * ONE&ONLY THE PALM. ... * ARMANI HOTEL DUBAI. ...(more)

What is the best luxury hotels booking site?

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Gloria Domingo·May 9, 2019

Marketing AnalystHotel booking sites such as Kayak, Expedia, Wotif, Agoda and Priceline can help you find accommodation around the world, and they can save you the hassle of trawling through hundreds of websites to find the right room. All claim to offer the best deals, the largest range of rooms, and easy-to-use tools that can help you narrow down options to find accommodation that suits your travel needs. But despite their claims, most aren't as far reaching as their ads would have you believe. Hotel booking sites may promote themselves as having the best deals or the widest range of hotels, but recent investigations should have you questioning such assertions. Agoda Agoda consistently ranks amongst the best in price across a variety of searches. The company was bought by Priceline and has since become even(more)

Do hotel guests at a luxury hotel ask hotel concierge to find them an escort?

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Martynas Jonaitis·Updated June 27, 2019 Founder @ Suzie.app

I have worked in the hotel (luxury hotel group). Although I was not in the concierge shoes, I have received such a question couple of times.

Not sure if every hotel employee would react the same as I did, but I was quite open and had a great laugh with the guest.

The truth is that first of all, it’s illegal to do so (in the jurisdiction I was based) so therefore I wouldn’t risk my reputation. Furthermore, I believe most hotel employees can’t really afford such services, so it's unlikely that someone could genuinely help you in such situation.

Moreover, in most hotels, you are dealing with foreigners (let's be frank) so this, even more, decreases the chances of them knowing escort services in the area.

My recommendation would be plan ahead and use existing online services, take the local girl out, and hope for the best. Who knows maybe you will manage to make a lifetime relationship.

Hope this helps!11.8K viewsView 2 upvotes2

Which are the best luxury hotels in Bengaluru?

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Suyash PG·May 26, 2020Answered by Surabhi Keerthi For Best Luxury + Best Budget for Luxury, these are the Top 10 in Bangalore. 1. ITC Gardenia 2. The Leela Palace 3. The Oberoi 4. Sheraton Grand at Brigade Gateway 5. Shangri-La 6. Taj West End 7. The Ritz-Carlton 8. JW Marriott 9. Hilton Bangalore 10. St. Marks Hotel(more)

Which is the best luxury hotel in Thailand?

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Greatplacestovisit·November 10, 2019

Travel bloggerOne of the most visited cities in the world, Bangkok, has been keeping its reputation as the capital of “Land of Smiles,” Thailand. Do you have the list of things to do in Bangkok when you visit? Do you know what makes more than 20 million tourists visit Bangkok? The reason why a massive number of tourists visit Bangkok is due to its fantastic hospitality, an iconic historic landmark, and exotic culture and tradition with modernization. Along with these, Bangkok also offers world-class food from street to fine dining, fabulous spa, and yoga, and breathtaking views, and destinations are also the cause of tourist attractions. If you ever think of taking a tour to Bangkok city for a vacation and intend to stay luxuriously by throwing in a little more cash, then here are the ten most luxurious(more)

Pls. recommend best luxury hotel in Matheran - 4 or 5 star?

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Shohini Sen

December 1, 2015I would vote for the Verandah in the forest, which is by the Neemrana group. "Nestled deep in the jungles of Matheran, wrapped with ferns and nostalgia, the Verandah was an old colonial bungalow. Built by Capt Barr in the 19th century, it was only the second house to be built on the Western Ghats. Now owned by the Neemrana Group, the bungalow has been restored to house various rooms. But the gem of the eye remains the long extending verandah – calling it a balcony can never do it justice. This is where we ended up spending most of our time, ignoring the monkeys, having our meals in the afternoon, sipping chai while playing a terrible game of scrabbles. The verandah overlooked the valley, which explained why the guests all came out to watch the sunset from the comfort of the vintage loung(more)

Which is the best luxury hotel/ resort in Kumarakom?

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Dileep Abraham·July 3, 2016 I am a tour operator based in Kerala. We help people to Experience Kerala.Kumarakom lake Resort is considered to be the best luxury resort in Kumarakaom. May world famous celebrities including our ex Prime Minister Mr.A B Vajpai has choose this place during their Kerala visit. This will cost you a bomb but if you are looking for the ultimate luxury Kumarakom Lake Resort is the place you should head towards.(more)

What are the advantages of living in a luxury hotel?

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Neelkanth Sarovar·September 5, 2020 Manager at Hotels (2008–present)

Are you trying to book your next vacation and undecided wherever you ought to stay? Bored with staying at lower finish hotels or holiday hotels rented by the owner?

It’s time you thought-about staying at a high-end property.

Here are 5 advantages to picking luxury hotels for your vacation destination.

Exceptional Service:

The biggest distinction between regular accommodations and the luxury house is the service provided.

Great service starts with arrival. Expect to possess a personalized tour of your property, wherever our team can show you all the amenities and the way to {control} or control them.

The native agent also will pay time explaining the encircling areas, creating feeding recommendations, and responsive any queries. Luxury hotels supply 24/7 access to their personnel, therefore do you have to have a retardant or an issue throughout your keep, assistance is simply a decision or email away.

Click to read Best Hotels in Lusaka

Our high-end hotels supply a caretaker service. These services will facilitate guests to create reservations at native restaurants or organize for housework or nanny services. They’ll conjointly coordinate line or giant meals to be delivered to the property, or assist with booking spa services.

Regardless of what you wish throughout your reside a luxury home, there'll nearly always be a caretaker or alternative staffer dedicated to providing you exceptional service and guaranteeing you and your family have an incredible keep.

Design and Ambiance:

Luxury hotels invite guests to feel spoiled, relaxed, and fresh. Usually, if you keep during a building, regardless of however high-end the property, you're invariably certain to be sharing the house with alternative guests in some capability.

When you decide on to remain at one among the posh hotels in your target destination, you’re ready to guarantee complete exclusivity and therefore the promise of associate escape to your non-public haven. The advantages of staying in your own house permit you to fancy a larger quantity of privacy.

These areas are designed with solely the best quality materials, furnishings, and appliances. Whether or not its the sleek style of a trendy, up to date room, the gorgeous views from the master bedroom, or the house to relax around the sparkling pool, you’ll feel rattling payment time during a luxury home.

Larger areas mean additional Family Time:

Did you recognize that the common parent spends simply thirty-four minutes with their kids daily? Per a survey taken by over two, 000 oldsters, moms and dads feel too busy throughout the week to pay time with their youngsters.

If you’re booking a family vacation, the likelihood is that you furthermore might want you to wish to pay longer along as a family. In smaller properties or lower-end hotels, it’s usually tough to try to, therefore.

Space tends to be additional incommodious, therefore mealtimes or simply payment time within the area or the house will be out of the question.

Click to read 5 Star Hotels Near Me

Having extra space may also result in less fighting. equivalent advantages you have got once your youngsters don’t share a space reception apply to vacation. Having it slow apart will be essential to keeping the peace throughout your vacation.

While it’s rattling to payday trip and concerning with the family, sometimes it's those quiet moments after a meal or just before bedtime that can lead to the most bonding time.

Spending the cash on a luxury home means that extra space for those moments to happen. Whether or not it’s a change of state along in your luxury room or a payment day trip at the pool throughout the day, a high-end property can offer you an additional chance to bond as a family.

Accessibility to High-End Perks:

High-end luxury hotels are usually placed within the premier space of your target destination. If you’re booking a seashore vacation, you'll be able to expect luxury accommodation to be right at the beach.

No additional packing up all of your beach gear and transport it many blocks, or worse nonetheless, packing up the automobile to travel to the beach. In most high-end hotels, expect to simply step off from the sand and surf.

A luxury home can also be about to the center and soul of the native city or town. These properties are usually at intervals walking distance of every kind of feeding choices, as well as low retailers, casual feeding, fine feeding, and bars and clubs for night-life recreation.

In addition to location, some luxury home comes equipped with things like theater rooms, game rooms, or perhaps saunas.

Some properties accompany access to a dock or waterway which can embrace kayaks, canoes, or alternative water sports accessories. Most properties, particularly in hotter climates, can accompany a pool or outside the spa.

Take the time to fancy a number of these perks that you simply might or might not have access to reception.

Live sort of a Local:

Luxury hotels are the proper place to form superb recollections. Additional significantly, they'll give access to native neighborhoods. You’ll be able to visit food markets, native stores, and alternative locations that almost all tourists ne'er have the chance to envision.

It offers you much more immersive expertise than what you will unremarkable get staying at a building. You’ll be able to meet the neighbors, realize your favorite native frozen dessert search, or pay hours during a native shop.

Click to read Luxury Hotels Lusaka

When you pay your vacation during a residential neighborhood, you get to move with alternative locals rather than other tourists. They’ll be an excellent supply of knowledge for concepts concerning new and various things to undertake or restaurants to gnaw. They’ll conjointly teach you and your family concerning native history or offer you tips about forthcoming events.72 viewsView shares1What information do luxury hotels keep on guest profiles?

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Michael Forrest Jones·May 17, 2017Beechmont Hotels Corporation

A guest profile on a good property management system will come with everything you see here. Make a reservation, or check into the hotel, one time, and that ‘file’ will exist for years — or until they change the system.

And that’s their ‘floor sample’, the screenshot provided to their prospective hotel company buyers. The ones I’ve used have an added button on the above screen where, with one click, we can bring up your photo and a sample of your signature (both of these come off your drivers’ license when we scan it the first time we check you in).

Assuming your reservations agent was using this one made by Visual Matrix Property Management Systems (there are more of these systems out there than there are hotels to run them in, it seems), if she knew which suite you stayed in last time, a click on that tab up and near the right marked ‘History’ is what told her.

And we want more. CendynONE, the makers of the must successful customer relationship management system for hotels, gives you this in addition.

Don’t get creeped out. It’s all good.

First, not every hotel has it: smaller, cheaper ones won’t make quite that investment. (There’s a desktop system you can buy for a thousand give or take, that contents itself with more basic information, here. And most franchised hotels just take whatever Choice Hotels or Wyndham Worldwide requires them to have, and don’t invest any more. At least Best Western — which got me acquainted with Visual Matrix — and Red Lion, went to the bother of putting together decent systems.)

Secondly, while opportunities for misuse occur, most of the people I’ve known over my years in this business who are bent that way tend to own, or be employed in, a hotel that doesn’t make quite that investment. (Hotels that do invest in a good CRM system have an even larger investment in not allowing it to be misused and incurring the business costs that would come with a public backlash from that. Most franchised hotels use whatever overpriced piece of crap property management system the franchise organization tells them to, not that many of those are this capable; and even when they are, not too many people in the hotel have access to, or know how to use, most of the features.) We have had the occasional perv get the phone number for an attractive woman guest (mea culpa, but it all worked out, and we even stayed married for ten years…) or someone with dishonest intent and an online gambling problem help himself to the credit card information of one or more guests (which I actually busted a guy for doing some ten years ago); but in both cases, it took a system no more sophisticated than a years-old version of that cheap desktop system that I linked you to, if even that.) If you come to work for me as a clerk, there’s no foolproof way to stop you from trying it if you’re bent that way, but a good system will record every file that you opened during your shift, every day; so if you’re opening files that your job duties don’t require that you get into and nosing into things you shouldn’t, or misusing our guests’ information in some way, we can find you.

Third, if nothing about you sticks out that would provoke someone on the hotel staff to take an interest in you, chances are your profile will never even be looked at.

Why I would want something like this system:

  • Among the info that it picks up about you is where you work. (We do that ourselves: we stick with the old-fashioned registration card, and it’s one of the blanks you fill out.) If you and several other people from your workplace stay with us frequently, our salespeople will be paying it a visit. You could end up with a better rate.
  • Not to let daylight in upon magic, but if we sent you a birthday card, it’s not nearly as likely that we remembered you as it is because the system prompted us. (A lot of the stuff we get comes off your publicly-viewable social media pages.) And we compensate a little, and let you know it’s really from the heart and not just a PR gimmick, the next time you come around and we’ve got you down for a free upgrade.
  • If Lady Gaga is in town and demand is so high in the area that hotels are full and walk-ins are being charged a couple hundred dollars or more, but this is the night for better or worse that you show up, well, we know you’re a regular and we go easy on you. We’ll take your reservation even if we’re running close to full and we could get $250–300 from someone else, and we’ll charge you a little closer to what you’re used to seeing, if not the same rate.
  • If you usually get a 5:30am wake-up call, but on this stay, you didn’t ask for one . . . well, our people know to ask, if you forgot. Or to ask before they assume you forgot if, on this stay, you didn’t need or want one, before they go putting one in for you. Or to not ask if, previously, you’ve told one of our staff don’t worry about it.
  • We make a policy of looking out for people who look out for us. (That’s why the complimentary bottles of Le Bleu, Ultra Pure Bottled Water in your fridge: we have to provide complimentary bottled water anyway, and Le Bleu is bottled right up the road from where we live. Kaba-Ilco was our preferred vendor of guestroom locking systems and much of the reason why is because they have a plant in our Winston-Salem, N. C. hometown. Then they crapped on our home city: they announced that they’re planning to close the plant, putting 123 people out of work and moving all the jobs to Mexico, so now they’re in our bad books and we’re looking at Assa Abloy, Samsung, and other systems for electronic locks for our rooms in the future, and our next hotels will not have Ilco locks.) If we’re looking to build a new hotel in Savannah and, what do you know, you’re a real estate broker living in Savannah and you always stay with us when you’re in town, you might be getting a call that’s worth a lot more than your loyalty card points.
  • If you encountered a problem on your last stay that can be fixed, we want to do just that — and to assure you that in the future, you can come to us with it and you know exactly who to call. So, we get an immediate alert if you post something to TripAdvisor. Or we make a note of it if we picked up on it that you were unhappy about something. And we want to alert the staff to be extra careful so that it doesn’t happen again.
  • If you like baseball, you may be staying with us on a night when we’ve got extra tickets to a Winston-Salem Dash game. We may only have six or so and won’t be able to offer them to every guest, but if we know you like baseball, you’d be one of the six.
  • If you frequently travel with a pet, we try to put you on a low floor near a rear exit, so you can walk Spot, or change Patches’ litterbox, as needed.
  • And if we know that the noise from our vending area drives you nuts, and we found nothing wrong with our vending machines when we checked them, we know to put you in a room away from them that time.

It’s a marketing tool — but a large part of that is that it helps our hotel work for you, specifically, and appreciate you as an individual.8K viewsView 48 upvotesView shares · Answer requested by Philip McKillen 48101

What benefits do managers at luxury hotels receive?

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Yap You Wai·August 11, 2020  visited some remote regions in this worldWhat benefits do mgrs at luxury hotels receive? Oooooo….. imagine those VIPs incl. entertainment celebs who come to stay? Guess just to keep them happy to stay with U isn’t an easy task but U’d probably be trained for that over time? Paparazzi might wanna keep in touch with U for some juicy tabloid stories, but U simply gotta act with due care not to be found out as the “source of leak”? 🤐😜(more)

What are your favorite luxury hotels in the United States?

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Nilesh Solanki·November 8, 2019  Hi my name is Nilesh Solanki And I am Travel Blogger.At $100,000 per night, the Empathy Suite at Las Vegas' Palms Casino Resort is considered the most expensive hotel room in the world. The Empathy Suite at Palms Casino Resort. Palms Casino Resort/ Facebook The Empathy Suite is the most expensive room in the country, costing a massive $100,000 per night. For that price tag, you get 9,000 square feet of unique space, which was designed in collaboration with artist Damien Hirst. Decorated in bright colors and butterflies, this suite's charm is in its design. You can even find two dead sharks in formaldehyde hanging from the ceiling. The suite sleeps four in two king-sized beds. There's an infinity Jacuzzi, a salt relaxation room, and curved a bar to entertain guests. The penthouse suite at The Mark in New York costs $75,000 per night. The Mark's p(more)

What is the most luxurious hotel in Miami?

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Kelly Taylor·October 12, 2019  Lived in Miami Beach, FL (2003–2015) There are so many, but here are my favorites: The Biltmore Hotel in historic Coral Gables When it comes to old-fashioned glamour in Miami, the Biltmore Hotel certainly stands out above the rest as a Miami luxury hotel. Built in the 1920s in the luxurious surroundings of Coral Gables, the Biltmore Hotel is famous for retaining much of its old pre-Depression glamour. They serve a four-course meal by waiters in white gloves. As a guest, you can play alongside celebrities at the ultra exclusive Biltmore’s famous 18-hole championship golf course. The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach This hotel is quite historic as well and has undergone a major remodel a few years ago. This hotel feels more like an ultra-luxe cruise ship than a chic hotel. Since 1954, it has dominated the sMiami hotel scene, and not j(more)

Which is the best luxury hotel in Spain?

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Lupe Gervás·October 27, 2018 Localization and Content Operations Manager at Quora (product) (2018–present)

I would say that one of the places I dream about staying someday is the Hotel Alfonso XII in Seville Hotel Alfonso XIII. This is an historic place, gorgeous and luxurious, with a ton of history.

This building was constructed as one of the finest hotel in Europe. The occasion was the Ibero-Americano Expo of 1929, a showcase for the world displaying the best of Spain, Portugal and the Latin-American countries. More here: Andalucia.com.

Hotel Alfonso XII - Sevilla


The other option in Spain is to stay in government owned chain called Paradores. They are public places all over the country, most of them they are old castles, churches, and convents over centuries old. These hotels will guarantee you not the most luxurious stays but a pretty high standard, 4 start at least, and amazing regional gastronomy. As they are public places, if you cannot afford to stay or eat there you can just go and walk around and also have a coffee. I have to say that any city I go in Spain that has a Parador I will get in, as they are normally very well restored with authentic furniture or reproductions that made one more attraction not to miss.

Some examples:

Plasencia, Extremadura

Cáceres, Extremadura

Alarcón, Castilla La Mancha

246 viewsView 4 upvotesView shares41Is there a Jetsetter type daily deal site for luxury hotel rooms? (Penthouses, suites, etc.)

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Dick Karp·December 11, 2013 Computer nerd who became a manager and is now enjoying life, the universe, and everything.

Luxury link, Luxury Hotels, Luxury Travel Auctions, Resorts - LuxuryLink.com , attempts to be that kind of site, although it includes a lot of hotels that are not true luxury hotels. Also, not everything presented as a deal is one. Still, sometimes you can find interesting possibilities if you do your homework.

This thread in Flyertalk also focuses on luxury hotel deals:

new thread for "unusually good" deals at luxury hotels874 viewsView 1 upvote1

What is the most luxurious hotel in Taipei, Taiwan?

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Brent Monday·August 23, 2018History buff, but interested in religious discussions.

No question, it is the Mandarin Oriental.

The cost of building & furnishing this hotel is reported to be greater than the cost of building the landmark 101 Tower.

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Which is the best luxury hotel in Toronto?

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Dilip Kumar·January 23, 2019 Studied at Anna University, Tamil Nadu, India

If you are going to a honeymoon or to a vacation, selecting a good hotel is really important for you. We all have to plan a limited budget to work with, we find it really hard to choose a good hotel and stay within your budget at the same time.

Before choosing hotel you must consider following

Consider your Needs

The first thing that you need to consider is your needs. What you need to do is match your needs against what the hotel offers. Typically, the hotel has a rank that falls between 0 and 5.

Use the Internet

You may want to search for a hotel on the Internet as well. You may want to go to hotel review websites where you can read a lot of reviews left by other people who stayed at different hotels. These reviews will tell you if they had a good or bad experience.

Follow the Traditional Route

There is a traditional way to choose an affordable hotel. Your friends may have a good or bad experience staying at a hotel. You can get ideas from their experience to choose good hotels from bad ones.

A luxury hotel must have the following amenities are in all rooms like Air Conditioning, Refrigerator, Telephone, Internet Access (Wireless), Balcony/Terrace, etc..

A luxury hotel will offer following Services and facilities, ATM/Bank, Babysitting/Child Care, Free Onsite Parking, Common Area Internet Access, Smoke Alarm in Rooms, swimming pool, fitness room, conference hall & meeting rooms, etc..

Goookville is one of the best luxury Hotels in Toronto Canada Downtown. Quality suites located near to international airport and easy to access all popular destinations of toronto. The hotel has newly renovated rooms and quality suites with a warm atmosphere. And also The Gooakville hotel in Toronto boasts of the best restaurants in Oakville offering a wide range of delectable cuisines. Have a comfortable stay along with access to multi-cuisine restaurant at lowest prices.

Enjoy your trip in staying with best hotel.!!168 views

How can I use a relationship with a luxury hotel manager?

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Bruce Claver·May 20, 201720+ Yrs Luxury Hotel Management; Specialized Corp. Trainer

One thing I used to tell myself over and over again while I worked at the Four Seasons is that although I worked in a fabulous and beautiful five star hotel, I’d rather stay in one than work in one. The sad truth however, is that I could not afford to stay in one, especially for $430 a night. The good people who work at the luxury hotels generally cannot afford to stay there since the general demographic for such hotels is the 1–2% wealthiest people. Hotel managers and General Managers earn the most of course, but most likely, depending on where they are in the hierarchy, they are not driving luxury cars and living the high life however, I’ve know plenty of employees and managers who would not mind getting into a relationship with such a person which would be their ticket out of there.

What is really happening here is that she may have an interest in you on a personal level and that can be for any number of reasons one being she thinks you have no problem spending money on a suite. But do you want to be with someone because she wants you for your money? She will help you burn through your savings quickly, believe me. But if she has an interest in you because of who you are, she will understand that you can be smart financially and not have to always stay in a suite. In fact, I’ve always wondered why people book suites in the first place unless they need the space for specific reasons. Always seemed like a waste of money. Peter Coors, the former Chairman of the Molson Coors Brewing Company and Chairman of MillerCoors used to take public transportation from O’Hare airport in Chicago to the downtown hotel I was at, rather than hiring a driver or even renting a car. That was a minimum 50 minute commute on a train with homeless people and all walks of life from the economic scale. Ego played no part in his transportation decision. Jay Leno, one of the U.S. most famous and successful comedians, used to stay in one of the largest suites at Caesars Palace when he performed there yet he would always walk down to the front desk on his own and ask for his mail rather than send an assistant or ask for it to be sent up. No ego there either. Don’t worry about what others may think of you.

If this hotel manager is comping your charges and you believe she has more than a professional interest in you and, you have more than a professional interest in her, then stop thinking that your money or lack of it defines your character. Ask her to join you for a drink or coffee after her shift and if she accepts, she is interested. That is because staff are generally forbidden from fraternizing with guests and risk termination if caught. If she takes the risk, she has an interest. But believe me, the fact that you are staying in a luxury hotel already disqualifies you of being considered cheap.10.8K viewsView 16 upvotesView shares · Answer requested by Philip McKillen1612

Which are the best hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia?

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Lili Young·September 27, 2016just love travelling

The Legian Bali Lodging – Seminyak

Delightful area right on the shoreline (and the inn offers free surf lessons). Brilliant pool, tremendous suites, awesome nourishment. The one room manor with private pool is shocking. Inn

The Oberoi Bali – Seminyak

This is a dazzling inn and an incredible area for eateries, shopping, and nightlife. Everything about simply right and the staff are the best on the island. Extravagance Manors are justified regardless of the redesign

Padma Resort Bali – Kuta/Legian

A 5-star lodging however somewhat less costly than the others I’ve picked. Superb swimming pools that are very much tended to and heaps of fun. The lodging is extremely kid-accommodating (there’s a decent children club) yet extravagant and classy. Lodging

Emissary Bali – Ubud

Stunning setting and unfathomable perspectives. Each manor is staggering. The vastness pool disregards a lavish wilderness scene.

The Chedi Club at Tanah Gajah – Ubud

Peace, calm, and magnificence. Incredible area (the inn is encompassed by rice paddies), remarkable administration (each suite gets an individual head servant), and great perspectives.

Four Seasons Resort – Jimbaran

Lovely area on Jimbaran Cove with its own particular private shoreline. Magnificent nourishment and sublime administration. Each estate has a private dive pool. Most are one-room but on the other hand there’s a 3-room estate that dozes 6.

AYANA Resort and Spa – South of Jimbaran

source http://www.tourfrombali.com/blog/the-best-hotels-in-bali/780 viewsView 3 upvotes31Which are the luxury hotels in Kolkata? Any one who has travelled to sunderbans?

Profile photo for Anjali Dixit

Anjali Dixit·October 26, 2018Fashion BloggerOwing to my love for wildlife and biodiversity, I have been to Sunderbans many a time. And if you are looking for a hotel that’s not just in close proximity but is also one of the finest luxury hotels, I would suggest The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata is the place to be at. From delectable food to aesthetically designed rooms, the hotel exudes a timeless legacy. With all the modern amenities and world-class facilities to pamper yourself, it is hard not to feel delighted while at the place. Moreover, the hotel is located at a prime business location making it easier to discover the rest of the city.(more)

How many rooms are there in the average luxury hotel (e.g. W Hotel)?

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Dick Karp·June 24, 2018 Frequent traveller and moderator on a popular travel site

First of all, the W hotel chain is not a luxury hotel chain (although there are two W hotels — Barcelona and Tokyo — that are particularly well regarded). Second, there are no luxury hotels in Las Vegas — even the Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons, the closest contenders, don’t generally meet luxury hotel service standards.

These conclusions are based on the opinions of some of the most knowledgable luxury hotel customers in the world — the folks who post on the luxury hotel forum of flyertalk.

It is hard to imagine that the service standards required to make a hotel operate at the luxury level could be maintained in any hotel with more than about 175 rooms.3.3K viewsView 2 upvotes2

What is an average cost of a custom website for a 5* luxury hotel?

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Hil MacLaine·April 23, 2018Hotel Manager

Well, it won’t cost you a fortune to create a custom website for your 5-star hotel.

In fact, you can get your website ready and online only for a few hundred bucks.

But the thing is, a website alone can’t help you meet your hotel needs.

For instance, to sell inventories you must be using one or two OTA sites, right?

But guess what??

When you would have your own website and sell inventories through that site, it will be a lill difficult for you to manage your availability calendars.

Because you would constantly be receiving bookings from your OTAs listings, so if you don’t have a Channel Manager integrated to your hotel website, then chances are you end up with over bookings.

Similarly, if your website doesn’t have an integrated PMS system, then you will have troubles with managing your reservations. Which will cause many sever issues and jeopardize your hotel’ reputation.

So to deal with such unexpected issues, your hotel website will have to have some needed-tools integrated to it.

And that’s where your cost will start going up.

So if you’re on budget and still want to have a premium website for your hotel, then I’d recommend you to use tools like Website Builder.

They will help you get a fully functional hotel website at a reasonable cost. And they also have customizable features, so you can easily change the layout or background to match it with your hotel’s look and feel.

So to get a professional website with needed tools installed on it, you should make use of a handy Website Builder.

See here to learn more about this tool and how it can help you create a premium website for your hotel Website Builder - An Affordable Way To Build Your Own Hotel Booking Website

Hope this helps

Cheers….581 views

How do luxury hotels get their nice lobby smell?

Profile photo for Deepan Karki

Deepan Karki·September 26, 2020 Degree with more than Six years experienceIt's due to high quality Air freshener they use. Luxury hotels use automatic air freshener by clipping air fresheners ( just like we clip good knight) it automatically sprays on adjusted time. The time is Set usually 1–1 hour. I was in lobby when I heard a hissing sound . I thought it was snake but found the machine was spraying air freshener itself. Later I learned that machine sprays timely.(more)

What is the process of selling products to luxury hotels and resorts, for them to sell to their clients?

Profile photo for Eric Widding

Eric Widding October 23, 2016

One of the best and easiest way to sell to luxury hotels and resorts is to bid on their needs. In order to find out what hotels need, you can solicit their Purchasing Manager or visit online tools like http://Bidjust.com which is a marketplace where the hospitality industry (hotels, resorts, bars, restaurants, etc...) post their needs for goods and services and vendors from around the world bid on those needs. http://Bidjust.com makes it easier for the hospitality industry to find the products and services for their everyday needs and for vendors to bid on them to earn their business.3.5K viewsView 4 upvotes41

Which is the best luxury hotel in Germany?

Profile photo for Jason Lester

Jason Lester May 7, 2019 Ranking as the seventh most visited country in the world according to World Tourist Organization, Germany attracts tens of millions of visitors each year to its cathedrals, rococo palaces, beer festivals, mountain peaks, 42 stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and great cities (Berlin, Munich and Hamburg among them). To help you choose from the overwhelming offer of luxury hotels, I have compiled a top 5 list with the Beste Hotel Curacao in Germany. 1. THE FONTENAY HAMBURG 2. KEMPINSKI HOTEL BERCHTESGADEN, BAVARIAN ALPS 3. BRENNERS PARK-HOTEL & SPA, BADEN-BADEN 4. MANDARIN ORIENTAL, MUNICH 5. THE RITZ-CARLTON WOLFSBURG(more)

Why is North Korea full of luxury hotels if it has so few tourists?

Profile photo for Raymond K. Cunningham

Raymond K. Cunningham·March 27, 2020 I have traveled to the DPRK six times and most regions of the country.Luxury hotels? Feast your eyes on luxury! Room in the Yanggakdo Hotel Room in the Koryo Hotel. The mold smell had to be removed by opening windows. Tongmyong Hotel Room in Wonsan Tongmyong Hotel Room another view. I describe them as “Cuban Chic” for if you have been to Cuba and the USSR you get the vibe. It is adequate. Perhaps it is socialist luxury but there are no luxury hotels in the DPRK. I did once sneak up to the VIP suits at the Koryo and it was more like three star. Here is the hotel brochure showing the rooms at the Koryo. The hotels are adequate but they are nowhere near the Marriott and that is not luxury.(more)

Does the UK really put asylum seekers in luxury hotels for free?

Profile photo for Nicholas Stone

Nicholas Stone·February 24 Studied UK government and politics.People arriving in the UK can apply to stay in the UK as a refugee. This is the process of seeking asylum. The application is made to the Home Office. When applying, there is a meeting with an immigration officer called screening. After screening, the Home Office decides if the asylum seeking application can be decided in the UK. If it can, there’s an asylum seeking interview and a caseworker. Legislation allows the UK government the powers to detain asylum seekers at any stage of the asylum process. Detention is the practice of holding people who are subject to immigration control in custody, while awaiting for permission to enter the UK or before they are deported or removed from the UK. It is an administrative process, not a criminal procedure. Harmondsworth detention centre. The biggest(more)

Which are the best luxury hotels in Kerala?

Maria Robin·January 8  Sr. Designer (2016–present)It’s not only Kerala’s scenic and eye [leasing views that will win your heart, but also the friendly locals. spirituality and unforgettable spicy cuisine. Visit the colourful churches in the harbour of Fort Cochin, venture inland to Spice Country and hike the nature reserves of Thekkady, or find your way south to the palm-lined sands near Alleppey and indulge in some beach-based relaxation.

To enhance your mind-body-and-soul-satisfying sojourn, ensure you indulge in the ancient healing science of Ayurveda. While you do all this, make sure to book your luxurious stay from any of these best options below -Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra -Marari Beach Resort -Brunton Boatyard -Neeleshwar Hermitage -Kumarakom Lake Resort -Taj Malabar resort Explore and Book the best of accommodations with the expert(more)

What is the most luxurious hotel in Beijing?

Zach Chai Sr.·March 3, 2019

Marriott Platinum, Wyndham DiamondI would go for the Peninsula- but if you are younger the Bulgari property or Opposite House would be a good choice. There is also a new Mandarin Oriental popping up in Wangfujing that might be worth a shot. Upscale hotels to avoid are the former W(not luxury but priced close to it) and St Regis.(more)

Why do people book an Airbnb over a luxury hotel?

Profile photo for Jordan Zweigoron

Jordan Zweigoron·December 15, 2018 Sr. M&A Advisor

We have a highly rated Airbnb in Silicon Valley. For $165 per night, our guests have not just a room, but a one bedroom apartment. While that may sound expensive, it’s a pricey area.

Our guests never have to check in or out. They park in the driveway rather than a parking garage. They have immediate access via keyless entry. They have a whole courtyard and patio table outside where they can relax.

The have a full kitchen at their disposal with everything from plates to measuring cups. They are provided with coffee and fresh cream. Bottles of water, beer, snacks, breakfast foods, and fine chocolates. They don’t pay extra for any of these things.

At a hotel, especially the luxury ones, you may pay $280 per night, for a place comparable in size to ours. Then you’ll pay $40/night for parking. But wait, there is probably a valet; so it takes time and a tip to retrieve your car. Then you may pay for wi-fi. Each small bottle of water will be exorbitantly priced with taxes on top.

Our guests love all the amenities that come included in our space. And oh yeah, we often invite our guests for dinner and drinks. Take that, Hyatt.806 viewsView 5 upvotes5

Why are many luxury hotels in mainland China decorated using really cheap-looking ugly porcelain?

Profile photo for Guo Wei

Guo Wei·November 28, 2014writing & living in China

The truth is, 1. they are not ugly in the eyes who own the hotel, to the contrary, the owner may think they are magnificent. 2. to reduce the cost, money has been spent on core equipments (anyway, I think this is less likely)592 viewsView 1 upvote1

What is the best soap/shampoo brand you ever had in a luxury hotel stay?

Profile photo for Lynn Yeo

Lynn Yeo·February 12, 2017

I write at thetravelynn.com

Ooooh, soaps and luxury hotels. My favourite two things.

Hmm, I really liked Bliss from W hotels, I thought they were fresh and fun, very in tune with W’s whole image.

Aesop from Capella were very nice as well. I especially loved the minimalist packaging. I went on to purchase their body wash!

Como hotels offers their own range of soap, Como Shambhala in their hotels and smells like heaven. I always take an extra set (or two) whenever I stay in their properties heehee.

I can’t decide which is my favourite, so I’m going to go with these three!982 viewsView 3 upvotes31

How can I find the luxury hotel in Bhopal?

Profile photo for Ankita Sil

Ankita Sil

May 2, 2016Originally Answered: How can I know about the hotels at Bhopal?

5 Hidden Treasures Of Bhopal That Make The City Worth Your Time | Tripigator Travel Blog

Bhopal on a plate: Street food in Bhopal you simply cannot miss! | Tripigator Travel Blog

To make Bhopal more memorable for you.57 views

Which is the best luxury hotel in haldwani?

Profile photo for Priyanshu Pangtey

Priyanshu Pangtey·March 19, 2017Lives in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India (2001–present)

Till date there is no hotel in haldwani as to be called it a luxury hotel.

Few good hotels in haldwani are-



Blue Sapphire Clarks Inn

Lemon park

Maharani hotel

Hope it helps.

What are the luxury hotels in Lavasa?

Profile photo for Anonymous

Anonymous December 19, 2018

The Waterfront shaw, is one of the best available gotel options in lavasa. With mountain and lake facing rooms.

The best part is their range of restaurants with various form of cuisines available.

They also have some great offers and discounts.115 views

Which is the best luxury hotel in Jodhpur?

Profile photo for Anonymous

AnonymousOctober 30, 2015On the edge of the Thar Desert, set against the somber and arid landscape of Rajasthan is – WelcomHotel Jodhpur . As a tribute to the city of Jodhpur, laden with history, culture & monuments that enliven the royal era of the princely state; WelcomHotel Jodhpur endeavors to bring about an element of grandeur through food, music, colour and an ethnic mélange of unique experiences. Book here: Luxury hotel in Jodhpur(more)

What is the nicest (luxurious) hotel in San Francisco?

Profile photo for Gordon Crespo

Gordon Crespo·July 19, 2016 Lives in San Francisco

By far the most chic, cool and luxurious is The Battery.

It's actually a private club but has 14 hotel rooms/suites/and a super lux penthouse

Hotel guests are considered ‘resident members’ and can enjoy not only the superlative sleeping accommodations but also 4 bars, fabulous restaurant and room service, beautiful outdoor terrace/ garden, gym, huge whirlpool spa, library, terrific lounge and mingle with the members most of whom are residents of SF or nearby.

Terrific rotating art by local artists also is displayed throughout the property.

Oh, no cell phone conversations allowed except in your room or designated areas! The idea is to encourage actual interactions with folks. That said its not forced and if you want to curl up by yourself on a coach and read no one will bother you.

When you're in the all glass elevator going up to your room and taking in the view of the garden below and the Transamerica pyramid within spitting distance you know your definitely “not in Kansas anymore”

Oops, just noticed you mentioned you have to accomodate 70 people.

I'd go with Hotel Vitale on the Embarcadero. The St Regis is also a possibility but much more expensive.

The Ritz, St Francis and Fairmont are nice classic venues but arguably not as ‘cool’. (A bit more touristy)255 views

What are luxurious hotels?

Profile photo for Craig Allen Swagerty

Craig Allen Swagerty·January 1

Self Employed

Here’s a few links on some of the top hotel brands. Basically they’re very cool hotels with amazing locations in the best places, with the best restaurants, spas, possibly golf courses, amazing services like housekeeping concierge valet and stuff like that. My person example would be the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale since I live in Phoenix. You pull into that hotel and there’s a valet and bellman for you that knows everything about parking your car even if it’s a Ferrari. They get your bags out and probably have them up in your rooms once you’ve checked in. They have an awesome spa at the hotel, they’re on the TPC Scottsdale where the PGA plays. They could probably get you tickets to any ticket in town at the concierge. All the restaurants and bars there are over the top. Pools and decorations and things are just awesome. It’s a hotel where Presidents and celebrities stay when in Phoenix. Just a hotel that over does it. With some of the hotels you get what you pay for, a luxury hotel can be one of those.

Top 10 best luxury hotel brands in the world - the Luxury Travel Expert

Here's a list of the 10 best luxury hotel brands in the world, which offer impeccable service, extraordinary locations, and spectacular accommodations.https://www.google.com/amp/s/theluxurytravelexpert.com/2019/11/04/best-hotel-brands-world/amp/The Top 25 Hotel Brands in the WorldLarger hotel companies and boutique hotel groups are equally beloved by Travel + Leisure readers, according to this year's World's Best survey.https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.travelandleisure.com/worlds-best/hotel-top-brands%3famp=true33 views

What are some of the most luxurious hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka?

Abdullah M·September 11, 2019 Lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I think I can relate to this given the fact that I worked in the hospitality sector supplying linen to hotels spanning from two star boutique hotels all the way to premier five star hotels.

Back to the topic, I will focus on the hotels located in Colombo.


  • Cinnamon Grand
  • Cinnamon Red
  • Cinnamon Lakeside
  • Jetwing Colombo Seven
  • Taj Samudra
  • The Galadari Hotel
  • Galle Face Hotel
  • Hilton Colombo Hotel
  • Mövenpick Hotel Colombo
  • OZO Colombo
  • Shangri-La Hotel Colombo
  • Marino Beach Colombo
  • The Kingsbury Colombo

*The list mentioned above does not determine the ranking in terms of hotel quality or any other feature, it is only a limited list of the upscale five star hotels which are located in Colombo.123 views · Answer requested by Stuart Gomes

Do RBI officers attend meetings across India and stay in luxurious hotels?

Profile photo for Jayaram An

Jayaram An·December 12, 2018 Former Assistant General Manager(Retd.) at Reserve Bank of India (RBI) (1975–2015)

Yes RBI officers are required to attend meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings etc., If deputed.

As regards training courses, normally the training establishments provide decent accommodation and food. Otherwise, RBI officers are allowed to stay in good quality hotels, quantum of reimbursement isas per their grade eligibility.

You can take it that the accommodation will be generally allowed in three star or it s equivalent category hotels.

Senior level officers, can, however stay in five star hotels, subject to their eligibility.  Answer requested by Sapna Jain30

What is the role of the Front Desk in Luxury hotels?What is the most luxurious hotel in Kurdistan?

Profile photo for Martin Dupont

Martin DupontFebruary 20, 2013

i will say the Hilton at Urfa
Hilton Garden Inn Şanlıurfa
rotana hotel in erbil
Rotana Hotel & Resorts  

Where is a good luxury hotel in Japan?

Profile photo for Dick Karp

Dick Karp·June 7, 2018 Frequent traveller and moderator on a popular travel site

Tokyo now has a number of luxury hotels. The Grand Hyatt is not one of them. Some of the luxury hotels include the Aman, Peninsula, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Park Hyatt, and the Prince Gallery.

There is now also a good selection of luxury hotels in Kyoto (including some luxury ryokan. There is a scattering of luxury hotels elsewhere in Japan.

For more detailed information, take a look at these two flyertalk threads:

Tokyo luxury hotels (newer consolidated thread)

Luxury Hotels of Japan (mainly outside of Tokyo)

Bear in mind that in Tokyo, like some other east Asian cities (Hong Kong, Bangkok), hotel service standards are higher than in most of the rest of the world. So a hotel one step below luxury in Tokyo may still be as good as a luxury hotel in many other places.

What are the best luxury hotels in Manila?

Profile photo for Kareeza Cristobal

Kareeza Cristobal·June 30, 2019 Lives in Manila

I'm a fan of the classic hotels in Manila. My favorite is the Manila Peninsula with its old world charm, great location in Makati CBD but still feels like it's private enough that random people don't see your comings and goings.

The Shangri-la hotels are always good, with the newest BGC location being the best. A good second option is the Makati location, and I'll probably skip the EDSA one.

Sofitel is a good option for the Roxas Blvd/Pasay location, with the bonus that it houses Spiral restaurant, my opinion the best hotel buffet in the city.

Among the new ones, Raffles hotel in Makati is pretty good. I'd stay away from the casino hotels as they are out of the way and a bit hectic (unless you want to hit the casinos). If you really want to stay in that area/near the airport, City of Dreams is my favorite among those.58 views

What is involved in building a luxury hotel?

Profile photo for Lana DeSimone

Lana DeSimone·August 1, 2014

Studied Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute at The Actors Studio (Graduated 1997)This question is much too broad and vague. Please be more specific. Figuratively, literally? What question are you referencing; branding, requirements, expectations, service, staff?(more)

What is the most luxurious hotel in Lahore, Pakistan?What is the most luxurious hotel in Phuket?

Profile photo for Shivam Sharma

Shivam Sharma·October 26, 2019 A traveller by heart

Phuket is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. The tourists flock to this island to spend a holiday with family and friends.

Well, there are too many luxury hotels in Phuket, but my favorites are:

Avista Grande Phuket Karon is a popular five-star boutique hotel in Phuket. Get a celebrity treatment with world-class services during your stay. The hotel has a terrace, restaurant, banquet hall, meeting room, spa, and health center. Modern facilities are ranging from absolute privacy, swimming pool, balcony, and so on to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Novotel Phuket Kata Avista Resort and Spa is a beach resort situated on the pristine white sand of Kata Beach facing the Andaman Sea in Southern Phuket, Thailand. The resort is a gateway to a profoundly relaxing and calm holiday experience. Being a Kata hilltop hotel, tourists can enjoy a quiet atmosphere and many recreational activities in solitude.

Further, these luxury hotels are suitable for a couple, family and a gang of a friend for a delightful stay.274 viewsView shares · Answer requested by Jeet Rathi4

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve observed as a doorman at a prestigious and luxurious hotel?

Which is the best luxury hotel on Manali Hills?

Profile photo for Travel Dude Hasan

Travel Dude Hasan·July 5, 2018 ,Travel Consultant at Travel Dude Hasan (2013–present)

There are many luxury hotels in Manali:

Some of our really good and great for pockets

Manu Aalya

manali Inn

Katoch Grand Resort

Hotel Lifestyle


Snow Valley

Quality Inn and Resorts


If you have any confusion or need discount / offers you can consult with our travel expert on whatsapp : 834999924134 views

What are the best luxury hotels in Milwaukee?

Profile photo for Nick Serio

Nick Serio·April 8, 2019 Lives in Milwaukee, WII’d go with one of these: Milwaukee Hotel | The Pfister Hotel | Downtown Milwaukee Milwaukee Hotels | Kimpton Journeyman Hotel Milwaukee Hotel | Hotels in Milwaukee | Iron Horse Hotel The Kimpton has an amazing rooftop bar that overlooks the city. The Pfister has a great bar on the top floor that also over looks the city, but it is inside only. The Iron Horse is just a really damn cool place. Cheers!(more)

What are the best luxury hotels in Seattle?

Profile photo for Jeffery Pardue

Jeffery Pardue·August 27, 2019 Lives in Seattle, WAhttps://goo.gl/search/The+Edgewater+Hotel+2411+Alaskan+Way 📍 The Edgewater Hotel 2411 Alaskan Way (206) 728-7000 https://goo.gl/search/Hotel+Sorrento+900+Madison+St 📍 Hotel Sorrento 900 Madison St (206) 622-6400 https://goo.gl/search/Four+Seasons+Hotel+Seattle+99+Union+St 📍 Four Seasons Hotel Seattle 99 Union St (206) 749-7000 https://goo.gl/search/Fairmont+Olympic+Hotel+-+Seattle+411+University+St 📍 Fairmont Olympic Hotel - Seattle 411 University St (206) 621-1700 https://goo.gl/search/The+Westin+Seattle+1900+5th+Ave 📍 The Westin Seattle 1900 5th Ave (206) 728-1000 https://goo.gl/search/Seattle+Marriott+Waterfront+2100+Alaskan+Way 📍 Seattle Marriott Waterfront 2100 Alaskan Way (206) 443-5000 https://goo.gl/search/Hilton+Seattle+1301+6th+Ave 📍 Hilton Seattle 1301 6th Ave (206) 624-0500 https://goo.gl/search/W(more)

What is the nice and luxury hotel in Bhopal?

Profile photo for Amit Somni

Amit Somni·June 23, 2020 Former Industry AnalystLooking for luxury hotels in Bhopal? Trying to book a hotel in Bhopal? You can always look for it in Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals or Trivago, as it’s now one of the ideal ways to search and book a hotel of your choice. However, I’ve compiled some of the best places for you to stay and enjoy the beauty of Bhopal. MP Nagar is the most popular location for accommodations in Bhopal. Bhopal Railway Station is also beloved by travellers. Courtyard by Marriott Bhopal, Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, Sayaji Hotel and Jehan Numa Palace Hotel are one of the most popular luxury hotels in Bhopal. Marriott Bhopal: The hotel is located in the heart of the city-the prime shopping location adjacent to DB City Mall. It is 5 mins from Habibganj Railway Station and 30 min fro(more)

Which are the best luxury hotels in Tadoba?

Which are the luxury hotels in manali?

Profile photo for Kailas Varma

Kailas Varma·April 22, 2019 Reading, love to music, Information TechnologyManali is an ideal location for a fun vacation. There are many interesting places worth visiting in Manali. Since a good stay marks the beginning of a good vacation, here we have listed out some interesting locations worth staying in Manali: * Snow Valley Resorts * The Holiday Resorts Cottages and Spa * Sandhya Resort and Spa * Victory Resorts * Quality Inn and Suites River Country Resort * Manali Grand * The Orchard Greens * The Anantmaya Resort All the above listed resorts and stay options come with 4-star ratings. They are a bit high end stay options but also offer quality for the price they are taking. Online booking Manali hotels will help you arrange for the room before your visit to Manali. Book from the different travel websites and also enjoy some special discounts for each season. Relax and rejuvenate.

Which is the best luxury hotel in India with more than 100 rooms?

Dhruv SharmaJuly 29, 2015Situated in the heart of Bengaluru just off the Race Course Road, in close proximity to the lush green Bengaluru Race Course-one of the finest in the country, is Fortune Park JP Celestial complementing the modern lifestyle of the city. The hotel is situated in the heart of Bengaluru just 1.5 kms. from the railway station and has a good connectivity to airport. Fortune Park JP Celestial is rightly placed in this happening city, designed to cater to the needs of the discerning business traveller. Our facilities include direct dial STD/ISD, voice mail, daily newspaper, electronic safe and iron along with ironing board. Swimming pool, gym/spa massage treatment and 24 hrs doctor on call are other services that we offer to make your stay a memorable one. The hotels offers an amazing dining expe(more)

What are the best luxury hotels in Islamabad?

Profile photo for Real Estate

Real Estate  December 23, 20191:Marriott Hotels celebrates curiosity, creativity, and new perspectives. We know that when your mind can travel, inspiration follows. That's why we create spaces that allow you to see the world differently with room to think bigger. 2:Ramada hotel: 1. The Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Winter Promotion 2019/2020 (the “Promotion”) is a discount of up to 25% off the Best Available Rate per room per night at participating Wyndham Hotels & Resorts hotels in Europe, the Middle East, Eurasia, and Africa. The Promotion is applicable for bookings made between 15 October 2019 and 29 February 2020 on stays between 01 November 2019 and 06 March 2020 at participating Wyndham Hotels & Resorts hotels.(more)

What are the best luxury hotels in Wales?

How can I become a mystery guest for luxury hotels?

What are the top ten luxury hotels near Orlando, Florida?

Moslem Uddin

August 28, 2018  The 18 Best Luxury Orlando FL Hotels (that link you follow by Muslim religious rules).(more)

What are some of the best luxurious Hotels in Scotland?

Which is the best luxury hotel in Dehradun?

Profile photo for Akarsh Rayu

Akarsh Rayu·October 27, 2020 Lives in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, IndiaCurrently the Hotel that comes closest to a 5 star in Dehradun is Ramada on Chakarata Road (4 star with a pool).

You can also look at 4 Points by Sheraton on Rajpur Road. It is next to the Pacific Mall in a more upmarket area.

If you want to be close to Mussoorie then Jaypee Resorts and Manor should be your choice ( approx 7 kilometres before Mussoorie, 5 star, 40 minutes drive from Doon). The mother of all is the Marriott which is located about 6 kilometres after Mussoorie. (an hour drive from Doon )(more)

What thing do you not like about luxury hotels?

Profile photo for Abelc Macias

Abelc Macias March 27, 2018

In the luxury hotel staffs will be very less, where we will have less staffs and we need t order or book the meals for these staffs and we need to wait for a long time after the order has been done.When we do booking or any other kind of thing for ordering it will take much time in luxury hotel.(more)

What is the best about luxury|hotel booking reservation theme for an online hotel booking websites?

Profile photo for Annette Hill

Annette Hill·July 25, 2019 Content Manager (2019–present)Talking about the best themes for the WordPress websites, nowadays there are so many options to choose from for those who are looking for these themes. Many companies did their best in order to present the most perfectly suited, multifunctional and adaptable themes for any hotel booking website.

And this is very convenient, indeed, with such big themes variety for any type of hotel booking website, customers have nothing to worry about - everything has been already done by themes providers. Almost a perfect picture. Why almost? Because how to understand what exactly the theme you need. Very often people get tricked as they don’t know the exact must-have features for their website, they want everything in one package. But do they need all the stuff that will never be used in the future? I d(more)

Which is the best 5 star luxury hotel in Lucknow?

Profile photo for Swapnil Khandekar

Swapnil Khandekar·April 19, 2019 Love to dance, food, cooking, gkWhen you try to Book lucknow hotels, you are bound to be confused as there are so many options among good Lucknow hotels. A shortlisting will surely prove helpful. You can list out the various factors that you consider while selecting hotels such as: • The housekeeping and laundry • The security • The parking • The room services • The housekeeping and laundry • Rejuvenating facilities like fitness centre or gym and swimming pool • The price You may then make a list of five-star hotels in Lucknow city and rate them based on your judgement of the above: • Radisson, Lucknow City Centre • The Piccadily • Hyatt Regency Lucknow • Renaissance Lucknow Hotel Once the ratings have been allocated to each of the five-star hotels, you can choose your best hotel option easily. Booking can be done(more)

When staying at luxury hotel in the U.S. for multiple days, what is the proper etiquette for tipping the staff?

Profile photo for Geraldine DeRuiter

Geraldine DeRuiter·April 10, 2011 Blogger, travel writer, snack-enthusiast.I travel extensively in the states and overseas, and I've been writing a travel blog for nearly two years (www.everywhereist.com) , so tipping (both domestically and internationally) is something I think about probably more than the average person. This doesn't make me interesting. It does make me qualified to answer your questions. :) Valet: I generally tip the valet once a day, anywhere from $2-5. Most often, I do so when returning the car at the end of the day. If you take your car out several times over the course of the day, it would be completely fine to split up the amount and tip them twice ($2 one time, $3 another). Since there are usually several valet attendants, I try to tip them all at least once. Housekeeping: Again, I tend to tip $2/$3 a day. I read that you should leave th(more)

How can I get deals to stay in luxury hotels?