Chloroquine treatment of Covid-19: "What people say about side effects is ," ridiculous” says Infectious Disease Specialist Didier Raoult

While France is experiencing its 5th day of confinement, Professor Didier Raoult, specialist in infectious and tropical diseases, and director of the Mediterranean University Hospital Institute since 2011, remains convinced that the treatment of Covid-19 with chloroquine, conjugated mass screening of the population is the ultimate solution to control the epidemic.

With his explosive look and his outspokenness, Professor Didier Raoult is today considered one of the most influential scientists on the planet. As he himself said this Saturday in La Provence, he is "a world star in his world".

Recently approved by Donald Trump for the USA, his trials of treatment of Covid-19 with chloroquine, a known antimalarial, combined with another active substance, azithromycin, showed very encouraging results in Marseille, where after 6 days of care, 75% of the patients tested were cured of the virus.

"It's not me who's weird, it's people who are ignorant"

Despite everything, in France, some scientific voices report dangerous side effects, in particular cardiac, and do not seem completely convinced by this treatment with chloroquine. "What we say about side effects is simply delusional, laments Didier Raoult. These are people who have not opened a medical book for years. More than a billion people have eaten it, people who suffer from lupus have been taking it for decades ... I know these drugs very well, I have treated 4,000 people with Plaquénil for 20 years ”, he explains.

"Tracking is common sense"

In addition to the chloroquine treatment, Professor Raoult advocates mass screening, as in South Korea, where despite a strong epidemic, there have been very few deaths (less than 100), and no general confinement . Screening, "it's common sense," says the infectious disease specialist. "For the moment, serious cases are those that are neither detected nor treated and arrive with very serious respiratory failure, he explains. They go directly to intensive care and they will die there. screen and treat people early there is bound to be a better chance of saving them than 48 hours before the terminal phase. " According to him, the lack of generalized screening is not a question of strategy, but of "political choice".

"Right now we're more likely to die from other things than Covid-19"

While France currently has more than 12,000 infected and more than 450 deaths, Didier Raoult denounces the ambient psychosis around the Coronavirus. "For the moment, we are more likely to die from other things than Covid-19, he assures. Old age, comorbidities and late treatment are factors of mortality. maybe unheard of, but that's the reality. The only thing that interests me is the data, the raw data. The data will stay, opinions, they change ... I don't say the future, but I'm absolutely not terrified. "


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