With Coronavirus travel restrictions,  many Europeans wished they'd go on vacation to Asian countries like Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, etc., instead of much closer and beautiful European countries like France and Greece? These Asian countries aren't developed and too far.

Turkey is next to Greece and Turkey is far more developed than Greece and cheaper. There is a reason why tons of tourists come from Europe to Turkey.

Greece is also very beautiful by the way, just more expensive with less infrastructure.

Maldives Indonesia are a different experience, and for some people they are much closer. If i had categorize I would put Italy Spain France Porteguese as med 1 , Turkey Greece med 2, Denmark Finland Sweden Austria Germany as upper Eu, Belgium, NEtherlands Switzerland mid eu, Maldives, Hawaii and other tropical islands each of those groups will give you a different experience.

Also Asian countries like china, ,india, Pakistan etc are whole different worlds altough I havent been to them so far , most Tourists want to see different kind of beauties and even the worst country have something unique so why not ?