Greece, Portugal, Turkey, These Are The 25 Cheapest Places In The World To Go On Vacation

The majority of us lead a life that is dictated by a single phrase: “metro, work, sleep”. Working 8 hours a day can become very exhausting both mentally and physically. Fortunately, we are going to relax your mind and body with the cheapest travel destinations in the world!

Greece, Portugal, Turkey, These Are The  25 Cheapest Places In The World To Go On Vacation

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By   Gaurav Inani |  YEET MAGAZINE |  Updated 0339 GMT (1239 HKT) May 16, 2022


The majority of us lead a life that is dictated by a single phrase: “metro, work, sleep”. Working 8 hours a day can become very exhausting both mentally and physically. Fortunately, we are going to relax your mind and body with the cheapest travel destinations in the world!

Whether it's for a weekend or more, these places are so affordable that you might even wonder if moving there would be more profitable. With family or friends, get ready to discover the destinations that will make you spend the most beautiful moments of your life at a mini price! It's time to pack your bags.Advertisement

1. The Cyclades, Greece

Budget required for 7 days: $300*
Average temperatures:   25°

In recent years, Greece has become the dream destination for many people, maybe you are one of them too? If so, we have the solution for you: The Cyclades! The islands of the Cyclades are made up of more than 200 islands, some of which are empty. Advertisement

Les Cyclades, Grece © Patryk Kosmider /

Les Cyclades, Grece © Patryk Kosmider /

The weather there is very good, it is neither too hot nor too cold, perfect for walking through pretty little streets and observing the houses with blue domes which are very famous (you have surely seen some on Instagram). A night at the hotel costs around 40 dollars which is very affordable for the view you will have once there. If you're not a fan of Greek salads, McDonald's also exists there with new recipes because nothing better than a Big Mac on the beach. Advertisement

2. Algarve, Portugal

Budget required for 7 days: $300*
Average temperatures:   30°

The Algarve region is located in the south of Portugal, it is known for its golden sand beaches and its breathtaking landscapes. Algarve is also known for its white villages that can be found in Albufeira or Faro. The view is very soothing and you will quickly forget your job! Advertisement

Algarve, Portugal ©DaLiu/

Algarve, Portugal ©DaLiu/

As far as the weather is concerned, it can be around 30° during the day and it is rather cool at night (20°). But the biggest advantage of this destination is its price: you can find tickets for $40 via Ryanair (return!). So, what do you think ?Keep Watching

3. Budapest, Hongrie

Budget required for 7 days: $700*
Average temperatures:   26°

Budapest is one of the destinations that should be on the top of everyone's bucket list. It is a city that is active day and night. If you are going to spend a week there, you will have a busy schedule every day as there are magnificent monuments to visit and superb tourist activities.Advertisement

Budapest. Hongrie ©Feel good studio/

Budapest. Hongrie ©Feel good studio/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Although the necessary budget is a little higher, you will really get your money's worth. The capital is home to the Parliament of Budapest and it has an incredible neo-Gothic style. If you want to relax, the Hungarian baths can welcome you and cure your body of all kinds of muscle pain while doing good for your morale.

4. Bodrum, Turkey

Budget required for 7 days: $450*
Average temperatures:   27°

Bodrum, or the Turkish ''Saint-Tropez'' is the most popular destination in Turkey for both young and old (who take the opportunity to return to their youth). Bodrum has everything to please: cruises, a very lively nightlife but also the remains of an ancient city for history fans. Advertisement

Bodrum, Turquie ©Hakan Tanak/

Bodrum, Turquie ©Hakan Tanak/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

The budget is quite affordable, you could spend a good week in the city with $500 per person. The weather in Bodrum is ideal and if you decide to go there, you will be treated to full sun throughout the summer. Ideal for tanning your summer body! Also the destination has the merit of being cool in every sense of the word because you can take a getaway in a hot air balloon and your followers on Instagram may be jealous.

5. Phnom Penh, Cambodge

Budget required for 7 days: $550*
Average temperatures: 28°

The cost of living in Cambodia is generally much cheaper than here. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest destinations in Asia. The cheapest hotel room costs about 15 dollars which is a bargain!

Phnom Penh, Cambodge ©Akarat Phasura/

Phnom Penh, Cambodge ©Akarat Phasura/

But this is not the only information that will make you smile because the price of a meal in a restaurant there is 5 dollars, only 5! In summer, you will have no problem enjoying the good weather during the day and a cool wind at night.

6. Delhi, Inde

Budget required for 7 days: $350*
Average temperatures: 32°

If you want to go to India for the first time, we strongly advise you to start in Delhi. New Delhi is known as the gateway to India, its narrow streets and bustling bazaars will quickly immerse you in the city and Indian culture. Advertisement

New Delhi, Inde ©Sean Hsu/

New Delhi, Inde ©Sean Hsu/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

The temperatures are relatively high in India but we are sure that the toughest among you will still want to embark on this exotic journey. The advantage is that you don't need a very big budget to spend a good week there.

7. Lima, Perou

Budget required for 7 days: $300*
Average temperatures: 18°

Lima is the capital of Peru and it unfortunately has a reputation it struggles to break away from, yet it is a city that has a lot to offer tourists and we will explain why. Advertisement

Lima, Perou ©Jess Kraft/

Lima, Perou ©Jess Kraft/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

In addition to its very advantageous cost for travelers, Lima is a city that can please everyone. There are archaeological sites and traditional places in part of the city (archaeology fans, this is for you). For people who want to have fun, there are upscale places and very modern neighborhoods that will allow you to have a good time. For coffee lovers, Peru offers some of the best in the world and it doesn't hurt to do a little cheating on Starbucks from time to time, does it?

8. Lanzarote, Spain

Budget required for 7 days: $600*
Average temperatures: 23°

Lanzarote is a destination that can be relatively expensive in summer, but how about going there at the end of the year? Don't worry about the temperature, during this time of year it is neither too hot nor too cold. But do you know why Lanzarote is so popular with tourists? Advertisement

Lanzarote, Espagne ©Fominayaphoto/

Lanzarote, Espagne ©Fominayaphoto/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Swimming ! It will surprise you but it is totally possible to tan in December in Lanzarote. If you prefer to do another activity, Farmera beach may be for you, agencies present on the beach offer surfing or kayaking sessions. All you have to do is pack your bags and order a swimsuit from Amazon .

9. Valletta, Malta

Budget required for 7 days: $400*
Average temperatures: 25°

Malta, what about this destination which is just sublime and charming. The island of Malta is full of breathtaking landscapes and it would be a shame not to go there even once in your life. Advertisement

Valletta, Malta © Cristian Mircea Balate /

Valletta, Malta © Cristian Mircea Balate / Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Valletta has a very strong history and the different architectures that are present in the city can testify to it. The style of the baroque buildings will seduce you at first sight. For lovers of the sea, Le Grand Port, which plays a central role in the Mediterranean, will certainly give you a change of scenery.

10. Mandalay, Myanmar

Budget required for 7 days: $350*
Average temperatures: 30°

If there is a must in Burma, it is indeed Mandalay. The ancient capital of Burma is magical and when we tell you about all that Mandalay has to offer, you will do everything to buy a plane ticket! Advertisement

Mandalay, Birmanie ©Avigator Fortuner/

Mandalay, Birmanie ©Avigator Fortuner/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Unlike other destinations, Mandalay has a unique asset: a warm environment. The locals are known for their friendliness and generosity. For food fans, you will be served! Mandalay will delight you with its traditional dishes that will make you travel. And the icing on the cake, you can spend a week there for a budget of only 350 dollars.

11. East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Budget required for 7 days: $400*
Average temperatures: 32°

The Nusa Tenggara region in Indonesia is famous for being very hot with an average of 32°. In this region, there are several islands and also an archipelago where it is even possible to go diving. The temperature can become a problem for some but the landscape will quickly change your mind!Advertisement

East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia ©@beautinesia/

East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia ©@beautinesia/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

For a budget of around 460 dollars per person, you could spend a wonderful week in this heavenly region and do all kinds of activities there. The craziest part of all this? It is possible to encounter dragons in the area, well, they are lizards but they are just as impressive.

12. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Budget required for 7 days: $300*
Average temperatures: 27°

Zanzibar is a name that must surely tell you something but few people really know what this archipelago contains. However, it could transport you to a wonderful world where you could stroll through historic alleys or even watch beautiful sunsets. Advertisement

Zanzibar, Tanzanie ©Nick Johanson/

Zanzibar, Tanzanie ©Nick Johanson/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

With a budget of around 300 dollars, you could stay for a great week in Zanzibar. Note that it is also possible to book accommodation at the water's edge for prices that are more than affordable.

13. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Budget required for 7 days: $400*
Average temperatures: 28°

Sri Lanka is a country that has become one of the top tourist destinations in recent years. Whether for its exotic beaches or its full sun, travelers who visit this country fall in love with it at first sight. But we are going to tell you about one link in particular: Colombo.Advertisement

Colombo, Sri Lanka ©TRphotos/

Colombo, Sri Lanka ©TRphotos/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Colombo is the very essence of Sri Lanka, there is so much to do there that a week might not be enough. It's up to you whether you want to sunbathe at the beach or visit the Sri Lanka planetarium.

14. Hammamet, Tunisia

Budget required for 7 days: $320*
Average temperatures: 26°

Africa is such a vast continent that it would be difficult to go around it, but how about visiting one of the most wonderful countries in North Africa? Tunisia is trying to become a tourist country, which is difficult when Morocco already has a tourism monopoly. But Tunisia turns out to be an unsuspected gold mine for tourists! Advertisement

Hammamet, Tunisia ©Zribis/

Hammamet, Tunisia ©Zribis/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

For a very modest budget, you will have the chance to visit the remains of ancient Carthage or even the medina of Tunis. The beaches in Tunisia are unique and also worth a detour. And the best for last: the very famous dunes of the Sahara!

15. Heavy, Albanie

Budget required for 7 days: $200*
Average temperatures: 25°

Albania is probably one of the cheapest countries in Europe. It is therefore a considerable advantage as a tourist because it gives us the opportunity to spend an incredible holiday for a very small budget. To give you an idea, a room costs around ten dollars per night.Advertisement

Heavy, Albanie ©RossHelen/

Heavy, Albanie ©RossHelen/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Berat is a historic city with a past dating back many centuries. Berat is also one of the oldest towns in Albania. Who says history, says museum, so you will be able to visit the Ethnographic Museum of Berat. But that's not all, you could also go trekking in order to reach Mount Tomor.

16. Sofia, Bulgarie

Budget required for 7 days: $200*
Average temperatures: 19°

The capital of Bulgaria is a charming city with its landscape full of contrasts and its very soothing atmosphere. It is a surprising city because it is very lively but also very close to nature. Located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, Sofia could be the ideal destination for you. Advertisement

Sofia, Bulgarie ©naskopi/

Sofia, Bulgarie ©naskopi/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

In summer, the weather is generally cool although it can go up to 25°. Why not take advantage of this good weather to visit the central baths, the public gardens of Sofia or the Saint-Alexandre-Nevski Cathedral? The budget needed to spend a short week in Bulgaria is only 200 dollars!

17. Amman, Jordan

Budget required for 7 days: $300*
Average temperatures: 25°

For those who would like to start traveling through the Middle East, Jordan can be a good starting point. Jordan has a perfect balance between the traditional and cultural aspects of the region within a rather modern atmosphere. Advertisement

Amman, Jordanie ©Georgios Tsichlis/

Amman, Jordanie ©Georgios Tsichlis/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Amman is a city with a history dating back centuries and all of this is visible when visiting the city. Whether through its very diverse architecture or culture, Amman is a gold mine for those who would like to immerse themselves in several universes in the same place!

18. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Budget required for 7 days: $500*
Average temperatures: 35°

Kuwait has not always been the top destination on the list of tourists but in recent years the country has started to attract more and more travelers. The bet that Kuwait has made is to modernize while showing that it is proud of its history. It's a godsend for tourists because Kuwait City has a lot of things for us to discover. Advertisement

Kuwait City, Kuwait ©Anson Fernandez Dionisio/

Kuwait City, Kuwait ©Anson Fernandez Dionisio/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

You will therefore be able to visit the souks, take a trip to the Great Mosque but also eat a good fast-food or even relax on the beach. So many diverse and varied possibilities!

19. Bratislava, Slovakia

Budget required for 7 days: $300*
Average temperatures: 22°

In the line of cities that combine history and modern culture, the capital of Slovakia is quite possibly one of the favorites on our list. The fact is that Bratislava has something for everyone: from monuments to visit to green spaces to relax in, not to mention the gastronomic experience that will turn you upside down, you will get what you pay for.Advertisement

Bratislava, Slovakia © Rasto SK /

Bratislava, Slovakia © Rasto SK / Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

And speaking of money, a week in Bratislava will only cost you a modest $300 per person. What are you waiting for to get yourself a ticket and leave with your loved ones?

20. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Budget required for 7 days: $500*
Average temperatures: 25°

No need to brag about the great aspects of the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona has proven itself over the years and continues to attract tourists every summer. It is a city that is very modern with contemporary architecture. Barcelona is particularly known for its beaches, its heavenly climate and its gastronomy. Advertisement

Barcelone, Espagne ©TTstudio/

Barcelone, Espagne ©TTstudio/

We know that all these advantages have a price but it is possible to spend 7 days in Barcelona for only 500 dollars! We advise you to prepare your sunscreen, swimsuits and sunglasses because Barcelona is waiting for you!

21. Toronto, Canada

Budget required for 7 days: $550*
Average temperatures: 22°

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and we are sure that the latter will charm you. It's a colorful city, so visiting Toronto would be a real adventure for any traveler. One more point is that the neighborhoods that make up Toronto are very different from each other. Get ready to discover another world! Advertisement

Toronto, Canada ©TRphotos/

Toronto, Canada ©TRphotos/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

To spend a week in this multicultural city, you will need a budget of around 550 dollars, Canada is known to be a cold place but if you decide to go there in summer, you will not have to worry because the weather is more than correct.

22. Leicester City, Great Britain

Budget required for 7 days: $450*
Average temperatures: 15°

Leicester is a city in England which has a very rich history (this will please our friends the historians). The architecture of the 18th and 19th century can come to testify to the age of the city. We highly recommend that you take a walk around the city in order to see it all.Advertisement

Leicester City, Grande Bretagne ©trabantos/

Leicester City, Grande Bretagne ©trabantos/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

But Leicester is also the perfect place for those who would like to relax in the countryside. There are farms that can accommodate travelers, allow them to do activities, feed the animals and come back with great memories in their heads!

23. George Town, Malaysia

Budget required for 7 days: $350*
Average temperatures: 28°

George Town is the capital of the Malaysian island of Penang, this place has a gigantic heritage so much so that it is even present in the UNESCO classification. Advertisement

George Town, Malaisie ©littlewormy/

George Town, Malaisie ©littlewormy/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

It is a city full of life where people are modest and very warm. It's good to live there and that's why your week there will pass in the blink of an eye. Average temperatures are around 28 degrees and the budget needed to spend a week in Malaysia is around 350 dollars.

24. Split, Croatia

Budget required for 7 days: $400*
Average temperatures: 26°

When you choose a destination for your vacation, you always think of the most famous places (small dedication to Barcelona). But how about we tell you a bit about Croatia? Split is a city located in Croatia, it is historic, lively and very dynamic. The extra point? It is located by the sea! Advertisement

Split, Croatie ©xbrchx/

Split, Croatie ©xbrchx/Shutterstock.comAdvertisement

Fans of the series “Game Of Thrones” can, for example, take a tour accompanied by a guide to learn more about the filming of the series, which took place partly in the city. For people who prefer nature to TV series, you can admire the breathtaking view of Split from the Marjan hill.

25. Bucharest, Romania

Budget required for 7 days: $250*
Average temperatures: 25°

At first glance, people passing through Bucharest only see traffic jams and (too) many people. It is true that the city is very lively but we assure you that the most patient among you will be rewarded because Bucharest has many surprises in store for you.

Bucharest, Romania © Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu /

Bucharest, Romania © Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu /

Bucharest has several magnificent museums, very chic and popular bars and restaurants, but most importantly: an original architecture that will make you travel at a glance!

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