The Perfect Frost: 9 Good Reasons To Visit Venice In Winter

Winter, summer, spring, autumn there is always a good reason to visit Venice. This is a unique and inimitable city in the world, which has such a magical and romantic atmosphere that it manages to enter directly into people's hearts.

The Perfect Frost: 9 Good Reasons To Visit Venice In Winter


By Deni Porter | YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) December 4, 2021

Venice   St Marks  St Mark’s Basilica St Mark’s Campanile  Doge’s Palace Columns of San Marco and San Teodoro The Grand Canal Santa Maria della Salute Ca Rezzonico Palazzo Grassi Peggy Guggenheim Accademia Bridge Rialto Bridge Bridge of Sighs Teatro La Fenice Castello Murano Burano

HOW TO TRAVEL VENICE in 2021 | Venice Travel Guide

The Italian city of Venice is a city like no other, rising from the waters of Venice Lagoon. Follow us through the historic streets – and canals – and see why Venice should be firmly on your bucket list! When ready, browse vacation packages to Venice:Begin your #Venice#vacation in the central district of San Marco.

Journey along one of the world’s great aquatic thoroughfares, The Grand Canal. Glide past elegant palazzos; today many of these palaces house important museums and galleries. Known as The City Of Bridges, Venice has hundreds to discover.

The Accademia Bridge offers some of the Grand Canal’s finest views. The oldest of the Grand Canal’s four crossings is the Rialto Bridge, which serves as the gateway to the Rialto Markets. The most famous of all is the Bridge of Sighs, which connects Doge’s Palace to the historic prison.

Venice is a city to get lost in, so put away your map and let her surprise you. Just remember, this city smiles upon those who linger. So stay for a few nights, or #explore for a month, and savor every moment she has to offer. For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel#guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

Venice Vacation Travel Guide  Venice CITY TOUR! - Best Coffee, Delicious Cicchetti, Glass Blowing + MORE!  TOP 10 things to do in VENICE | Travel Guide#HowToTravelVenice #Venice #TravelGuide   Venice Vacation Travel Video Guide  Top 7 Neighborhoods to Visit | Venice Travel  Travel The World  Things to do in VENICE. Are you going to visite Venice? Than you must see this video!  Americans go to Venice Italy for the first time. This was day 1 of our 14 day trip to Italy Things To Do In VENICE, LOS ANGELES

Winter, summer, spring, autumn there is always a good reason to visit Venice. This is a unique and inimitable city in the world, which has such a magical and romantic atmosphere that it manages to enter directly into people's hearts. But let's see and some reasons why it is better to visit it in winter.

Venice is a city in the North of Italy, famous for being built on water, the narrow canals, the Rialto Bridge, St Mark's Square, Doge's

Hotels are cheaper

Unless you go during Festival details or under the carnival, the hotels may have lower costs and also have offers going on. You can find a good hotel at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that sleeping in the city of Venice costs a little more, a little less if you stay in Mestre.

It's less hot

Getting lost in the streets of Venice is one of the most beautiful things you can afford while you are there on vacation. It is one thing to do it in the scorching heat of summer, where it is not so pleasant, another thing is to do it on a pleasant and temperate sunny winter day, where the mythical sea breeze is cold and you can still breathe the brackish air. , walking alongside the canals.

You can experience the real Venice more

Although there are always tourists in Venice, in some particular low season days you come into contact with local life: with the opening of the shops, with people walking down the street to go to work or to running your own errands. Seeing the real Venice is an unforgettable pearl to discover.

Eat typical local things

One of the typical places that you cannot skip is the Pescaria, which is one of the open-air markets of Venice, where you can see all delicious products from the sea, a bit like the name itself implies, which are then transformed into a lot of small snacks. and aperitifs. The stalls themselves offer tastings such as creamed cod or folpetti, which are small, very tasty marinated octopuses. They are certainly delights to taste that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Better take the opportunity while you are here!

Hot chocolate at any time

We reveal a secret hot chocolate in Venice is served at any time: breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. What's better than a steaming cup of tasty and delicious hot chocolate to warm up after a walk through the narrow streets of Venice, perhaps admiring the typical views of this magnificent city in some bars? Are you wondering why chocolate in particular? Here is the answer right away. It is in a Venetian book from 1565 that the first chocolate recipe appears. Although it is not originally from Italy, because the chocolate came from recently discovered America, it soon spread to Venice and this was the first city in Italy to have it. It is therefore a must to drink it.

High water

It could happen to see the high water in Venice submerging the entire floor of Piazza San Marco and therefore having to walk on the piers positioned on purpose or wear the typical Venetian boots. It is probably not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it is certainly a typical Venetian experience and living it will mean doing something unique and unrepeatable that only in this city you can do.

The fog

The effect of the fog between the canals is a very special situation and it is a phenomenon that you will see mainly in winter. In fact, in this season the atmospheric change between night and day creates this phenomenon. The mist then rises, making the whole surrounding landscape almost unreal and you will feel like you are in a muffled, almost intimate environment, showing a very different Venice from the one you could see in the photos or that you have known while walking in a clear one. sunny day. Venice is very romantic and mysterious at the same time shrouded in fog.

Visit the monuments

It is a must to visit the monuments of Venice which are really many and beautiful, both at the external architectural level and at the level of museums. In winter it is ideal because, if you walk outside, you will not be bothered by the heat and the heat. On the other hand, you can alternate the visits inside or outside according to the type of day. If there is a rainy day you will enjoy the beauty and colors of the internal museums, breathing art. On the other hand, if the weather is sunny, the light is clear and the reflections in the channels are even more defined.

Take a gondola ride

Leaving aside the rainy days, taking a gondola ride in winter is much more enjoyable. You will stay on the gondola for at least an hour and it does not have protection from the sun, so if you expose yourself to the winter sun you can enjoy a pleasant benefit while sailing slowly on the waters of the canals, in summer it could actually be against indicated especially for the elderly. and for children.



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Zeina Ian

Italy is literally the most beautiful country I have ever seen every city is just absolutely gorgeous. Italians are so lucky to live there, plus Italian food is also the best in my opinion. I really want to go there some day but I'm a broke 21 year old living in Australia which is on the other side of the world so it's hella expensive at the moment.

Venice I have to say is my most favorite place in Europe I've been to.. I cannot say it's the most beautiful but something about it is just absolutely breathtaking.. They say Paris is the city of love.. But Venice for me is the most romantic. And the fact that the city is built on water makes it the most unique. You'll never see anything like it in the world!

When I travel to a city like Venice, with its glorious past, I try to read a litle bit about its history in order to feel all its emotions. And for a person who is mad about history, I have to say Italy have a special place in my heart. Every piece of this country is extremily linked to a huge part of western culture.

Carlo Defilippi

Even if I live only 4 hours away, or less, I've been in Venice only once, when I was 11. I still have so vivid beautiful memories...35 years after. It's really a magical city where one loses track of time. This video is just perfect, I've seen it a zillion may cause addiction :)


Really Appreciable Work.I really like this video😀😀😀

Liezl Lagrimas

I just visited Venice and it was splendid. What the video has shown is 100 percent accurate. I fell in love with the city. Just be sure to go early and explore the little canals, its priceless.... :D

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Insaf B

I would like to thank whoever made this. This is incredible! I honestly got convinced to change my destination this summer to Venice. You described it so perfectly, I can't wait to go there.


I love that place. I always dreamed of going there and had my fiftieth birthday there with a nine course seafood meal! I even know people who have done the grand tour of Europe and did not even care about seeing Venice but on coming back listed it as a highlight of their trip. The history of the place is amazing too - it was settled by people fleeing Attila the Hun and they invented standard parts - they could build a ship in one day when at that time it took the British nine months - they ended up with a fleet of three thousand boats  and controlled most of the trade in the Mediterranean.


@expedia you should do more italian cities like Milan, Naples and Palermo. You should also do regions like Tuscany, Sicily, and Calabria..... Italy is such a beautiful place so much to do there i love itQQ

First of all, let me tell you I am in absolute love with your videos. There is an royal elegance & panache which has left me mesmerized. Who ever is your DOP or the team which selects a specific locations, please convey it to them that they have an Eye for beauty & detailing. I am wondering , how do you manage to show the cities so clean & precisely so fresh ( because they are not that gleaming in reality ), but I feel that's your biggest accomplishment. Those who must have created all these beautiful cities, must be smiling from heaven, seen how their work is been presented in such an elite methodology.For me, the extra editing & brightness is an icing on the cake. Also, I would love to see certain remote places like Alsace, Colmar, Hallstatt Salzkammergut, strasbourg, Riquewihr, stavanger gamle, etc..

As am an Indian artist, I would appeal you to google about an Indian state called Rajasthan.  I am sure you will be spell bound by its royal architecture.

Further, is it possible to extend the duration from 5 minutes to 30 minutes ? if that happens, I will be the most happiest person on this planet...!!!Read more

olga petruzzi

Hermosa Venecia!! Por suerte estuve ahí y me gustaría volver!!

Lola Garcia

I was in Venice and it is absolutely beautiful. Hope to go there again.


What a magnificant city with a scenery like a fairytale!!

Brenda Brito

omg.  tão lindo..vou morar em veneza ♡♡


5 years ago

A very picturesque and dreamlike city with excellent food and a charming language (Venetian)!

Acostas on the Go

We went here and throughout Italy and the trip itself is something that we will never forget!

I wouldn't just want to visit. My dream would be to settle down and live in Venice permanently. Venice is a city like no other. Its history if fascinating and its architecture outstanding.


I love this magical place.  We were traversing the many narrow streets of Venice after a nighttime gondola ride without maps of course and ended up watching a Vivaldi musical performance in one of the opera houses. Every corner a surprise.  One of the best trips I've had.

namrata sinha

I just left Venice 5hrs ago,  and I couldn't stop myself thinking about the city.  It is an amazing place, Utopia I must say.  Worth the money I spent. And it is also important to get lost in the island to feel what Venice is actually like. So take out some time to get lost in the island and the madness to find oneself again is the glory.

DUBOST Jean-Paul

Magnifique vidéo, très complète sur Venise et les iles de la Lagune : Murano, Burano, Torcello. Et bravo au montage qui a su couper les horribles images de ces horribles navires à x ponts qui détruisent toutes les fondations des beaux palais. Bravo

Carmen Sanchez Ruiz

Espetacular, obrigada!

Bevz Vlog

2 months ago (edited)

Expedia has been the inspiration of all my travels.♥️ And I can't wait to visit Venice.

Kozhin Barznji

I was there for three days in 10th March 2019, and it’s about 2 weeks that I visited there and still I want to go back to Venice.

From the train gate to venice you just amazed by everything.

Love that city 😍😍😍


I've been there at the end of October , it was amazing. Thank you, YEET!I chose my vacation after I see your videos lately!😊


I am expecting to visit Venice in a few days, I am so excited. I will cherish every moment there and I am also looking forward to visit more Italian cities soon. Thanks for the presentation.Greetings from Romania

Roger Dodger

After over forty years of travel, I can easily define my trip to Venice as MAGICAL. The video, and photographs don't do it justice. It was like the land of OZ. Jaw dropping gorgeous views are everywhere. Of any place in the world, this you must visit.

Enock Handsones

could someone please sponsor me so that I can also feel the happiness brought about in this city ?..incredibly  beautiful !

Pescina Indica

Venice is  like a dream, so beautiful and unique in every way. Even after visiting twice in 2002 and again in 2014 I always think when I will go back, its simply fascinating

Sok Sothearith

Europe is beautiful, and this video is so immersive, it makes you feel like you're in Venice

Khurram Nawab

2 years ago

Such a beautiful country its stolen my heart....inshallah one day I will there and feel the beauty of Venice love from India

Anastasija 1111

I was so lucky I got to visit this place three months ago on a school trip. It's the most beautiful city I've ever been...

Mohamad Sofi Abu Hassan

I love when the narrator says Venice is a city to get lost in so let her surprise you. I did lost and she did surprised me. I've done my internship in little Venice, Chioggia but to step foot in real Venice was really overwhelming

mesic khokhar

5 years ago

Beautiful historical and culturel city

hieu nguyen

As for me, Venice is always a worth víiting city around the world, if i had a chance, i would come to Italy to enjoy local cuisine and stunning lansdscape

kenny hickman

1 year ago

A natureza é maravilhosa


Magnifique Venise que j'ai regardée en grand écran...

Pour avoir eu la chance de pouvoir y aller, je suis encore sous le charme de cette ville dont le seul nom évoque l'amour, la romance, le charme et la beauté.

Beauté de la ville aussi, de ses monuments que ce soit à l'extérieur comme à l'intérieur, de ses ponts et de ses canaux.

Ne lésinons pas sur la promenade en gondole. Venise vaut bien cela.

En partant de Venise avec des souvenirs, on n'a qu'une envie, c'est y revenir pour rêver encore et retomber sous le charme.

Quelle magie !

Merci mille fois ma Chère Amie Linja, c'est une vidéo que je garde, une vidéo magnifique.

De tendres bisous, toute mon affection et ma sincère Amitié.

AndréRead more


I've always wanted to visit Venice. It's my long time dream. And because of this video, i'm claiming it. I'm gonna explore Venice very soon!

DN 26

Today I came back from Italy,Venice and others citys and Venice is just breathtaking!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

Mery F.

In love with Venice!!😍 can't wait to go there ☺️

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Nosheen Kanwal

We love this video cz it teaches us about exploring the beauty of the world

Travel Cubed

Just arrived from Venice. It's a great city!

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Deltic_RBLX - Roblox & transport

Europe is filled with awesome countries

Italy, Uk, France, Germany, Belgium and more...


To Expedia: do a video of Poland. I have been few times in Venice and I felt in love with it.I love Venice.Your video is amazing.

World My House

I live near Venice, I was there some times and it's a beautiful city, I can understand why this city like so much...

Lianou Rouault

je suis allée, ado, à Venise et m'en souviens encore ; j'y suis retournée adulte, en voyage de groupe ; nous visitions l'ITALIE.. et j'ai à nouveau aimé ; mais en vieillissant, je me disais "je n'y retournerais jamais" et là, en voyant ce beau film... j'ai à nouveau envie de m'y balader ! merci pour ce beau film.


4 years ago

I'm blown away by how beautiful Venice is...

Pankaj Kumar Singh

Just went there in July and even though it was a 2 days trip , it captured my heart.... glad to have been there :)

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Jallow Boy

I love Venice I have visited there what a beautiful city 🌃


I was twice in Venice in the summertime and I love Venice.Your video and comment is amazing.Everything you show ans say is true.Thanks.

Elena Edith Kvapil

Es una fabulosa publicación y promoción de mi país de origen Chile y de  Eslovaquia el país de mi padre gracias

Future Sam Vlogs

Such a great video! Well done Expedia. This is exactly the sort of film making I aspire to. Do you do videography lessons for wannabe adventure film makers? You should do tutorials!

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An amazing city. I just went there in August and it was a 3 days trip (😞😞😞). But I had an beautiful time. Expedia your video is perfect. Now I am checking all your videos. Great work!!

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Brayden Bronstein

Lucky enough to have visited this city. And, lucky enough to have visited most places in the worlds most beautiful country. Viva La Italia 🇺🇸❤️🇮🇹.

I will return soon again, I promise.

HR Smith

Excellent video! Love the fact that it was narrated by an Italian as I really appreciate the pronounciations of names of places etc. Will be in Venice on 16 April. Travelling from Cairns, Australia.

Ruth Brunet

ah Venise la Bellissima, toujours superbe à parcourir.

On ne s'en lasse jamais.

Linda Ann

Venice takes my breath away I just have to keep going back.  It is so beautiful.

Sydney Smith

I went in May 2017. What a great trip. Very easy to get around, food was great, hotel was great, people where great. If you are thinking of going, do it.

Dương Thanh Tú

Thanks God, I used to be there. Love that amazing moments.


It is a most beautiful city.

Vilma Marcsók

Gratulálok! Remek bemutató :) Köszönöm szépen! Igaz, még nem voltam Velencében, de most még jobban szeretném meglátogatni mint eddig.

The architecture is gorgeous.

Vicky Chen

I visited Venice in1993 · It has been 26 years past,Venice still so beautiful ,I miss this place so much I really hope one day I will go to visit again

Pegasus windows

Man I LOVED Venice. What a magical place especially with a glass of wine at dusk.

Binh Duong Cao

Just read Dan Brown’s novel “Inferno” and come here to see all the locations in real life. Now i am very happy, Venice is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Thanks a lot !

Jeevan Thapa Official

This city is beautiful. I had great time there

Josef Bereneiter

Děkujeme za nádhernou prezentaci , moc chválíme tento dokument ...)

This makes me tear... I visited this place in April 2013 ... Unforgettable place...


omg watching this video brings back so many wonderful memories of when me and my husband went there for a holiday.

i reckamend that if anybody has the chance to go there to go you will not be disapionted


18 years since I went as an 18 year old. Such good memories. But so much more of Italy still to see.

Lilia Elba Carcagno

4 years ago

Un lugar maravilloso. Soñado. Si puedo voy a regresar.

M Corleone

Have been lucky enough to visit this amazing and beautiful city five times so far. To the most beautiful city on Earth - Salute! See you next year!!

Raj Patel

I am lucky to travel to Venice 9 times in my life and as a photographer have been in heaven with more than 45000 photos which l have taken in every mood of Venice .

Enzo Mori Tantavilca

What a beautiful place. Wonderful, I know next year I'll be there.

Jiwon Hwang

3 years ago

What a beautiful city and beautiful music!!!

Lady Shop

God . I want to be here . What a amazing place in every corner . Wish God hear my hope ☺️


Thanks for the posting. You captured the beauty and wonder of this place really well.

Peter Oliver

Was there in May this year for 2 days. It is certainly a unique place. It has it's big negatives, but the positive parts will give you life long memories.

Mary Mahon

Visited Venice in 2002 - closest thing I've ever experienced to stepping back in time.

Sang Tran

I love Venice so much:D

Fia Atatagi

Omg it's beautiful.

Would love to visit there!

Nusrat Promy

3 years ago

We want to see the city of Milan, Italy. ✌✌


Love Venice SOOOOOOOO much. This was our 23rd country

DMN creative minds

the description n picturisation is amazing ! we went there 2 years back n would love to go there again !!

I visited Venice when I was 16, 22 years later I’m taking my daughters next year and I can’t wait till they experience it. We visited Rome, Pisa and Naples last year we love Italy.

Tom Tang

2 years ago


Goff Harr

Have been there before and it's truly amazing that I really want to go there again! Going to Venice is a must, especially for couples.

Sara Belmiro



3 years ago

Hope I can travel to Italy one day. It’s so amazing


3 years ago

I went to Venice a few weeks ago when I was in Europe it’s so pretty!!

Michael Ziggiotto

3 years ago

I love Italy!!

María Laura Torrijos

3 years ago

Q inmenso es el mundo y la creación de Dios;  para tener y admirar tanta belleza. ITALIA ES TODA UNA BELLEZA.

Wenda Thondroyen

4 years ago

Been there last November. Thanks to my sister in law and brother n law..Wonderful city..beautiful...great food...and no pollution .🎭

Fafane Jasmin

5 years ago

Europe is beautiful


When I was there this year it was being renovated and Venice looked way better than in this video. I recomend everybody be there in winter, its way better than in summer

Rimon Sharma

Love to go there!😍

Painter R

Oh I loved it it's So Beautiful city 💜💛💚👍👍👍

Henry Tudor

Cambridge, England is the most beautiful city ive been to. Just prefer it cos its not overdone. but Venice is in ma top list. looks much much better and colorful than brown paris for example. love the video.

Zandile Nogaga

I really like Google +  ,I can seen lots of beautiful countries here  so thank you guys for showing us these places

rohit mali

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Wil Kavanagh

I was in Venice a few days ago and I do think it’s very beautiful, but it’s definitely overrated. The food is way too overpriced and it looks quite shabby in a lot of places. I think Verona and Salzburg are much nicer cities.

Kim Liên Trần Thị

This city Is my dream destination in one day.Thanks for sharing amazing video

Khadhra Hedfi

tres chic et tres beau..Magnifique!!!


God I love European Cities and People. God I wish I could go to EVERY European city, alas one can only dream

Bhagyaraj Raval

please come in india and shoot a video of himachal pradesh , shimla , kulu manali , goa ,div daman, unti and the great chittorgarh also from india to Venice great beautiful city

Sean Gordon

I miss you Venice. Can’t wait to be back!


I'm going there with my family in a month! so excited!!!

Xie Burry

went there last month. will never forget the beauty i saw there.

1 year ago

Wonderful city ❤️

Majid Dada

One day I will go to see this amazing city

Maria Jimenez Padilla

The history of the city is very full


Amazing City!


I'm really grateful for these types of videos, thank you. I most day wish to visit these beautiful places

Shah ktk

I am poor and can't travel, thanks for the amazing videos.

gigi etnam

its my dream place to see..hope i can visit this summer..the videos fascinates me to really visit my dream place

Sukanya Debnath

Oh my god. So beautiful. The city of waters.

Dinara Nabieva

I dream to go in Italia , it is very beautiful country for travel

Langné Regina

Gyönyörű videó. Köszönöm.

Irene Mason

Very beautiful I hope they dont change anything so much history.

Rhino Armor

Went there last summer, and it was amazing

Arthur Morgan

1 year ago

One of the most beautiful cities in the whole world and the best city from Assassin's creed series 😍😍😍

Prasannaa Bhattarai

wow such a beautiful place!

Nikeisha Adine Farras F.

Thanks for this video, I love it! I want go to the Venice Italy, aamiin.. I dream first.. ❤

Janice Alsola

When I was a child I dream to go to Venice until now..hopefully I can go Venice but I’m poor I can’t afford to go that’s place .. thank you for this nice video super nice place


3 years ago

Pour moi, la plus belle ville du Monde.

Solution Services


maria ferreira

Ja visitei é deslumbrante

Orion Lion

I came to know about this city from Aria, one of my favorite anime :)


C'est une merveille !

Anastasia Usatyuk

It's one of the most beautiful and unusual places I've ever seen

pkow meaw

♥ Venice

Maria Brun

Loved our time in Venis

Mabel Nicotra

I saw Venezia so many times and it's always amazing, a Little sad in foggy days.. my advise: don't go there during the Carnival, it's particular and suggestive but you'll find really too many people there, it's hard to walk around! And please, call the things with the italian name, don't traslate everything! it's Piazza San Marco, Ponte dei sospiri, Punta della dogana.. 😉

David cisneros

i love venice

Jackson's Travels

What an awesome experience!

Alex 3_pionterz

Ahh i remember going there in summer its amazing


Very nice I want to go. But now I know it's worth it. Thanks! 🙂

Janet Young

Excellent. Looking forward now to our trip.


the city of my dream!! one day I will visit 😱😱


I don't care how long it takes, I'm going there one day.

Ljerka Njerš

Beautiful Venice