Travel: The 21 Destinations To (re) Discover In 2021

After a trying year, 2021 is synonymous with hope and renewal, with the desire to sail towards other horizons, favoring nature and ecotourism. Discover our selection of destinations, near or far, to awaken the spirit of travel and recharge your batteries.

Travel: The 21 Destinations To (re) Discover In 2021

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By YEET MAGAZINE | Updated 0439 GMT (1239 HKT) October 16, 2021

After a trying year, 2021 is synonymous with hope and renewal, with the desire to sail towards other horizons, favoring nature and ecotourism. Discover our selection of destinations, near or far, to awaken the spirit of travel and recharge your batteries.

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Zambia (Southern Africa)

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Zambia is an unusual and secret Africa , popular with enthusiasts of animal sanctuaries that are still little frequented, which you can immerse yourself in by staying in very high quality lodges. If the striking Victoria Falls , which the country shares with Zimbabwe, are a major highlight, several national parks alone are worth the trip. South Luangwa , in particular, a patchwork of ecosystems renowned for its walking safaris, and Lower Zambezi , which can be traveled by canoe along the Zambezi River , up close to the hippos and elephants basking on its banks. For an extraordinary experience, go to Liuwa Plains National Park in November, when huge herds of wildebeest from neighboring Angola cross the vast green and golden meadows under a sky swollen with clouds. A rising destination in 2021.

  • Best time to travel there: April-November

Getting there: Paris-Lusaka with Emirates ( ), via Dubai

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Palau (Pacific)

A desire for antipodes in 2021? Head for Palau. Blue, endlessly repeated and available in all shades, and an ounce of emerald green, the color of the tropical jungle: this confetti archipelago located in Micronesia, east of the Philippines, gets along there to expand the pupils. The local authorities have also bet everything on "blue tourism", by protecting the seabed. And what seabed! Divers feast on world-class sites in water that rarely drops below 29 ° C. There is a large concentration of corals, abundant fauna (manta rays and sharks, among others), an underwater landscape dotted with vertiginous drop offs, tunnels and sandy valleys, as well as wrecks from the Second World War. . For non-divers, Rock Islands , a collection of large mushroom-shaped limestone formations lined with a vibrant green, is a must see.

  • Best time to travel there: November-May

Getting there: Paris-Koror via Frankfurt and Seoul with Asiana (

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Spitsbergen (Arctic)

Its notoriety is growing, it is time to write this destination on its travel diary in 2021. Spitsbergen , the main island of the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, in the Arctic, resonates loudly in the hearts of adventurers. It is the kingdom of ice, just 1,100 km from the North Pole. And polar bears: the population of these creatures (protected since 1973), which arouse both fear and fascination, is estimated at nearly 2,500. Whales, walruses, seals, reindeer, beluga whales and polar foxes are also part of this collection. Noah's ark from the far north. To observe this rich fauna in optimal conditions, the best way is to cruise aboard a specially equipped boat, supervised by a team of experienced naturalist guides. In the fall, the Northern Lights are part of the game adding a touch of magic to the show.ADVERTISING

  • Best time to travel there: June-September

Getting there: Paris-Longyearbyen via Oslo with Norwegian (

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Malta (Mediterranean)

Malta is the possibility of three islands: Malta proper, the largest, and its two little sisters, Gozo and Comino . Between Sicily and Tunisia , this archipelago is a crossroads of British, Italian and Eastern influences. Valletta, the capital, is an attractive city of art, where every monument bears the mark of the Order of Malta. In the center of the island, the narrow silent alleys of the fortified city of Mdina  give the impression of evolving in a cinema setting: here, a palace; there, a magnificent cathedral; a little further on, arcades and a small square surrounded by cafes. From Malta, a 25-minute ferry crossing is enough to reach Comino. More wild, Gozo captivates with its bucolic and intimate side (the island is only 14 km by 7 km), and its geological curiosity: the Blue Hole, a natural lagoon carved into the limestone and connected to the high seas by an arch. underground. Ideal for decompressing in 2021 without traveling far.

  • Best time to travel: all year round

Getting there: Paris-Malta with Air Malta (

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Switzerland (Alps)

The land of chocolate (and cuckoo clocks, and yodelling, to each their own) cuts a fine figure in any season. In winter, the prestigious resorts of the Swiss Alps, such as Verbier , Saint-Moritz , Gstaad and Davos, delight ski enthusiasts . In summer, the expanses of immaculate powder give way to lush green meadows crisscrossed with hiking trails. It is in the Swiss National Park, located in the canton of Graubünden , in the east of the country, that we find the greatest diversity of landscapes: peaks, glaciers, pastures, waterfalls, lakes and glacial moors. Switzerland is also the land of rail adventures. At the time of slow travel, nothing more in tune with the times than a trip aboard the legendary Glacier Express , a high-altitude train equipped with panoramic wagons, which connects Saint-Moritz to Zermatt , or 290 km in eight hours and… 191 tunnels.

  • Best time to travel: all year round

Getting there: Paris-Geneva or Paris-Zurich aboard the TGV Lyria (

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Costa Rica (Central America)

Green bath, ode to nature and pura vida atmosphere (expression meaning "cool") - this Central American country, bathed by the Pacific Ocean (to the west) and the Caribbean Sea (to the east) ), dressed in green and blue. Get some fresh air in one of the country's 27 national parks (25% of the territory), cited as an example in terms of respect for the environment. You can observe active volcanoes, such as the Arenal or the Irazu , or approach unique species, including the resplendent quetzal, the sacred bird of the Aztecs and Mayans, spotted by its red chest and endless emerald green tail. Surfing and idleness lovers will head for the Pacific coast, lined with immense beaches never crowded. will be a safe bet in 2021.

  • Best time to travel: all year round

Go there: Paris-San José flight with Air France (

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Romania (South Eastern Europe)

Romania has enormous tourist potential, which has not yet been highlighted. A good reason to think outside the box in Dracula's stronghold. Among the nuggets, the fortified villages of the Saxon country. Swarmed between Sighisoara and Sibiu , in the center of the country, these romantic gems are bristling with churches, watchtowers and ramparts that date back to medieval times. For road trip fans, the Transfagarasan brings its share of sensations. Built with dynamite in the 1970s in the heart of the Fagaras mountains , this road winds its way up to more than 2,000 m in altitude, in a mountainous backdrop at the end of the world, and crosses the Carpathians from north to south for 40 km. We continue the adventure in theDanube Delta , a natural paradise made up of a mosaic of lakes, marshes and canals, and a sanctuary for many species of birds. A great discovery for 2021.

  • Best time to travel there: April-October

Go there: Paris-Bucharest flight with Air France (

Greece (Mediterranean)

What if in 2021 we took ourselves for Ulysses, to make a beautiful trip to Greece , to the islands of the Ionian Sea  ? Like the hero of Greek mythology, we crowd Corfu, which captivates with its dazzling landscapes and beaches with crystal clear waters. Tiny and hilly, the island of Paxos , to the south, lends itself to a stroll among olive groves, to bays of white pebbles flanked by chalky cliffs. Another essential stopover in the Ionian Sea: Ithaca , Ulysses' homeland. Wild and romantic, as if frozen in another time, it offers beautiful nature escapes by following mule tracks that wind through the hills. The beaches and translucent waters of the Mediterranean are never far away.

  • Best time to travel: all year round

Go there: Paris-Athens flight with Air France (

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Andalusia (Mediterranean)

Granada the monumental, Málaga the bohemian, exuberant Seville, historic Cordoba… Andalusian cities are popular in Spain. But what if, in 2021, we took a step aside, in the direction of the hinterland, to experience a slice of rural life far from the tumult of the coast? Along the circuit of the pueblos blancos (villages with whitewashed facades) lost in the arid zones of the Alpujarras massif , life hardly seems to have changed since the Bodas de Sangre(Blood Wedding) by playwright Federico García Lorca. We meet peasants with caps screwed on their heads, competing for a game of dominoes, we admire the remains of Moorish castles perched on the hillside, we smell the fragrant scents of olive trees and lemon trees. The very essence of Andalusia.

  • Best time to travel there: April-June and September-October

Go there: Paris-Seville flight with Transavia (

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Singapore (Southeast Asia)

The city state is a jungle… very civilized. This Southeast Asian megalopolis, a bridge between East and West, combines extreme modernity with the cult of traditions, in an environment that is both civilized and wild. This mixture of opposites, taken to its highest degree, justifies exploring this island which plays the tightrope walker between two worlds, just 1 ° north of the Equator. We fell in love with Little India, a colorful and gently dilapidated district, the most popular and multi-ethnic in Singapore where Hindu, Protestant, Buddhist temples, mosques and churches come together in the middle of Indian bazaars, the most famous of which is the Mustafa Center , a huge center commercial open 24 hours a day.

  • Best time to travel there: October-July

Getting there: Paris-Singapore with Singapore Airlines (

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Brazil (South America)

For those looking for nature in its raw state, Brazil is a real promised land, an empire of biodiversity as exceptional as it is fragile. Some experiences to focus on in 2021, away from the crowds and far from the concrete: walk on the sand of the golden dunes of Lençois Maranhenses , follow the meanders of the tributaries of the Amazon aboard a small cruise ship, attend nesting turtles on Praia do Forte beach (September to March), swimming with dolphins around Fernando do Noronha Island , immersing yourself in the symphony of colors in Jalapão Park or along the immense beaches of the Nordeste region aboard a buggy.

  • Best time to travel there: June-November

Getting there: Paris-Sao Paulo with Air France (

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Martinique (Caribbean)

Of all the French overseas territories, Martinique is one of those who are mobilizing the most to boost tourist reception in 2021 with the slogan “Martinique, elle vous M”. It is worth remembering that this welcoming and safe Caribbean island has a rich cultural and natural heritage. Among the paradisiacal beaches, let us quote La Grande Anse des Salines , Anse Michel and Anse Couleuvre , all bathed by turquoise waters. On the cultural side, street art has taken over the cities of Fort-de-France and Schoelcher, enlivened by superb frescoes. For lovers of old stones, the island has 102 buildings classified as historical monuments. Without forgetting 9 exceptional distilleries, open to visits and tasting of agricultural rum. The hotel industry is moving upmarket, with the opening or renovation of several boutique establishments, including the Plein Soleil hotel at Le François.

  • Best time to travel there: December-May

Getting there: Paris-Fort-de-France with Air Caraïbes (

Montenegro (Balkans)

The "pearl of the Balkans" is not limited to the mouths of Kotor, the tourist emblem of the country, a kind of Norwegian fjord that would have been moved to the Mediterranean basin. In 2021, it is advisable to go deep into the hinterland and explore the mountainous interior of Montenegro. For example, push to Durmitor National Park , in the Dinaric Alps. Canyons, glacial lakes, thick coniferous forests and limestone peaks (including Bobotov Kuk , at an altitude of 2,523 m) make it a hiking paradise. From there, you can walk to Sutjetska National Park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A great breath of unexpected air in an unknown sector of Europe.

  • Best time to travel there: April-October

Getting there: Paris-Podgorica with Montenegro Airlines (

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Wyoming (United States)

America of the great outdoors, the Wild West, the myth of the cowboy, the Amerindian tribes, it is here, in Wyoming  ! This state, located in the north of the country, summons all the power of our imaginations and turns out to be a marvelous land of adventure. Among the must visits in 2021, the iconic national park of Yellowstone . Populated by bison, wolves and grizzly bears, it is dotted with colorful hot springs and powerful geysers. Special mention for Grand Teton National Park whose wild and rugged expanses are suitable for hiking and climbing. A welcome return to basics.

Best time to travel there: April-October

Getting there: Paris-Jackson Hole via New York and Salt Lake City with Delta (

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Turks and Caicos (Caribbean)

Playing Robinson Crusoes in an island setting is sure to be a trend in 2021. The Turks and Caicos, an archipelago of around 40 islands near the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic , perfectly meet the specifications: idyllic and wild beaches (some of which are framed by cliffs), deserted islets, beautiful coral reefs, many assets for ecotourism (there are several land and marine nature reserves) and water sports galore. As a bonus, a hotel park that will suit all budgets.

  • Best time to travel there: December-April

Getting there: Paris-Providenciales via New York or Atlanta with Delta (

Yucatan (Mexico)

the Mexico escapes all fashions, that's what makes its charm. To satisfy legitimate cravings for blue (preferably turquoise) in 2021, the island of Cozumel, off Yucatán, in the Caribbean Sea, should satisfy the most demanding. The underwater splendours of this island 48 km long by 16 km wide were revealed in 1961 by Commander Cousteau. Since then, Cozumel has attracted divers from all over the world. The success of the destination has in no way altered the quality and beauty of the dive sites along the coral reef. Cozumel can easily be combined with other places of interest in the Yucatán peninsula, notably Mérida, the cultural capital, whose historic center is worth seeing, not to mention all the rich archaeological and historical heritage of the region.

  • Best time to travel: November-April

Getting there: Paris-Mexico with Aeromexico (

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Saint Helena (South Atlantic)

What if it was the 2021 reveal? This small drop of land anchored in the South Atlantic, 1,856 km east of the coast of Namibia , could make a big entry on the travel scene this year. It is indeed the year of the bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte, exiled to Saint Helena after his defeat at Waterloo in 1815. No doubt history buffs will want to visit the places where the Emperor lived until his death, including the pavilion of Longwood House and Briars. In addition to the Napoleonic sites, this British overseas territory, populated by only 4,300 inhabitants, has an important cultural heritage marked by the presence of the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Zulus and the Boers. As for nature, the steep terrain is an excellent playground for lovers of hiking (hiking and horseback riding), climbing, mountain biking and golf. The magic continues at sea, with the presence of whale sharks (January to March) and dolphins. A stay to combine with a safari in South Africa .

  • Best time to travel: all year round

Go there: Paris-Johannesburg flight with Air France ( ) then Johannesburg-Jamestown via Windhoek with SA Airlink (

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Uganda (East Africa)

The dream of a lifetime: to get close to a family of gorillas in their natural habitat. A dream to be realized in 2021. Three countries are vying for the prize for the best observations of mountain gorillas in Africa: Rwanda , the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda. Three countries with common borders, in the region of the Virunga volcanoes . Uganda skillfully pulls out the game by offering superb face-to-face with these great apes in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forestat reasonable rates; the Gorilla permit, compulsory, is in fact twice cheaper than in Rwanda. As for the security conditions, they are optimal (which is not the case in the DRC). The very supervised observations are part of an ecotourism approach and strict respect for the environment. The little extra: luxury lodges nearby, including the Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge. Combine with a safari in Murchison Falls National Park , home to herds of elephants and buffaloes.

  • Best time to travel there: June-February

Getting there: Paris-Entebbe via Amsterdam with Air France (

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Japan (East Asia)

The Japan should host the Olympics in 2020. Health Crisis forces, they were postponed to 2021. Want to refuel zenitude before (or after) the excitement of this global sporting event? We will opt for the onsen (thermal springs). Taking a bath with family or friends is an ancestral cultural practice rooted in everyday life. It must be said that springs gush from everywhere: in the mountains, on the coast, in the towns, in the countryside… There are more than 27,000 of them. Foreigners are welcome in the onsen , provided they respect the rules. label. For the unconditional ones, it is necessary to go to Beppu, the spa capital, in the south of Japan, renowned for its waters rich in minerals of volcanic origin. To extend the experience of the Japanese art of living, nothing beats a stay in a ryokan (traditional inns). We are greeted by staff in kimono, we put on a yukata (a sort of dressing gown), we walk with geta (traditional wooden clogs) and we sleep on a futon.

  • Best time to travel: March-May and September-November

Go there: Paris-Tokyo with Japan Airlines (

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Kazakhstan (Central Asia)

Long eclipsed by its neighbors, in particular Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan could well create a surprise in 2021. The authorities of the country have undertaken to officially support the promotion of rural tourism and eco-responsible accommodation, by favoring rooms at the hotel. inhabitants (traditional yurts are popular) and stays in local communities. A good opportunity to immerse yourself in the Kazakh culture and to get acquainted with the local culinary, musical and festive traditions of this little-known destination. An intimate tourism, in a way, which should appeal to a good number of visitors in search of authenticity. Among the possible activities, horseback riding in the steppe and hiking in the Tien Shan, a very wild mountain range, dotted with glacial lakes.

  • Best time to travel there: May-September

Getting there: Paris-Almaty via Istanbul with Pegasus (

Nepal (Himalayas)

Trek, nothing but trek! Far from any urban hustle and bustle, in a sumptuous mountainous setting, we breathe deeply… This is the winning formula offered by Nepal in 2021. You don't have to be a seasoned hiker to enjoy the joys of the outdoors and spectacular views. Some easy to intermediate level treks include the three-day loop around the village of Ghorepani, at 3,270 m above sea level, well below the fateful 4,000 m mark. The Annapurna sanctuary does not pose any great difficulties either (allow 8 days). It is possible to modulate the steps and use carriers, which makes the ascent easier. For experienced walkers, the great classic is the Everest base camp, which titillates the world of high mountains, with the crossing of 3 passes over 5,000 m. The reward: breathtaking views over the 8,000 m of the Himalayas, including the iconic Everest.

Best time to travel there: October-March

Go there: Paris-Kathmandu flight via Dubai with Emirates (

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